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Out of Character Updates/News In Character Updates — ( submit update )
September 14th, 2017

As some of you may have already noticed, there are some new faces joining the site helper team. I will not be announcing them in full on this update until everyone gets back to me on whether they wish to join still after the tryouts and the long wait period after they had finished, or not. So once I have figured all of that out, I will come out with another update, and in that one, I will also announce those that will be moving up from a site helper position to a mod position. Until then, I am glad to announce that Mega is joining Hobs and I on the admin team, so please congratulate her when you get a chance. We are also sad to announce that Penn has stepped down from staff, as a lot of you were already aware of, and we will definitely be sad not to have her with us anymore. <3 - Kristi
September 12th, 2017

Smol update here. With the SDF coming up fast we have blessing nominations up and we need your guys's input for who should be blessed next! We've only got 1 candidate so far and it would be great to have a nice healthy selection of candidates! So get your nominations in today! There is 5 days left to get those nominations in guys!

September 10th, 2017

My fellow Doutainians, this is a friendly reminder that you now have 7 days to finish getting all your old EP updates taken care of before you can no longer claim for EP using the old 2016 EP system, this means that any EP before May 31st, 2017 will no longer be claimable by the 2016 method and you will have to use the new updated EP system to claim any EP. (You have until September 17, 2017 to complete EP updates prior to May 31st, 2017.) Also please note that the Kei and Hotaru plots are ending, with a new resolution portion to the plot being up and active (we need those spirits to help placate angry gods!) and Kurai's conundrum falling across Doutaini to wreak a bit of havoc and stir up some fun! Stay classy, Doutaini, and get involved as the plot comes to an end. <3

September 5th, 2017

Hey everyone! We hope your week is going well, so far! If you haven't sent us your vote yet, we'd like to let you all know that you have two more days to vote for our site helpers. Thank you, so much, to all of you who have voted already, your voice is making the progress a lot easier! Also, if you've ever thought about serving your community, check out the staff tryouts going on for another four days! We'd love to have you join the team :D As we wind down in our staffing process, please be on the look-out for a new site update towards the end of this week that will announce Doutaini's new Moderators as well as address some changes and updates for the site. Stay golden, Doutaini. Stay golden <3

August 31st, 2017

Hello, hello, Doutaini! As we get closer to the sdf, we've decided to do some inventorying of staff. Please head on over to vote for which of our current site helpers who you would like to see made a moderator! You can find the link listed below under the important links for Member Consultation. You have one week to send us your vote for that<3 Be on the look out for staff tryouts coming up here in the next day or so! We would love to have some extra help, and we look forward to your participation in that!

Two Maintenance Notices
August 24th, 2017

Hey everyone! We have two small announcements for you. First, while we tweak the new layout, Rexy's Spirit skin is available for use! We will let you all know when the Inferno layout is ready. Thank you so much for your patience! <3 Second, as we applied the age script, it may have changed your ooc name to your character's age! The script has been fixed and the only thing you will need to do is edit your ooc name back to what it is ^^

Hoshiko has Appeared, Again!
August 23rd, 2017

The fog and shadows that usually cling to the cemetery have been cleared away as Hoshiko calls on the citizens of Doutaini to appeal to Kaede and Haya. Get your characters over there to see how they might help Hoshiko bring Kaede and Haya to an accord. As of now, Kaede's and Haya's plots have stopped.

New Admin!
August 11th, 2017

Please help us in welcoming back Hobs to the admin team while we say our goodbyes to Megaman. We hate to see her go, but wish her all the luck in her future endeavors. <3

August 7th, 2017

Penn and I are proud to announce that Haeli has once again joined us on the site helper team. We are glad to have her back, and I hope all of you will be as well. Please congratulate her when/if you speak to her. <3 -Kristi

Hoshiko Calls!
August 2nd, 2017

Hey guys, this is just a quick update to let you know that the plot for Akako has ended, so any plot threads created with the effects of that part after this update are no longer vaild for claiming points. Kiyoshi's plot is still in effect, so have at it! There is also a new post up with Hoshiko calling for help from the wolves and spirits of Doutaini to help her calm the feud between Akako and Kiyoshi, you have until August 6th to get your wolves there if you wish to participate in it. Hope you guys enjoy! EDIT: Sorry guys, my bad, the Kiyoshi plot has ended as well, with Haruko's beginning! Don't mind my own confusion x3

- Kristi

Activity Check!
July 30th, 2017

Very short update to announce the FINAL 24 HOURS of our ongoing Activity Check. If your character does not meet the requirements (proper format for age, seven sentence minimum on personality/appearance, as well as a proper height/weight for an identified body type), your account will be deleted in tomorrow's update! Please, please, please do a glance-over of the names still listed on our Activity Check board, as anyone still listed will not be with us moving forward. You have tomorrow and tomorrow only to save your accounts - or, if you prefer, simply their information for a reintroduction at a later time - as, again, anyone left on the list will be deleted. We appreciate your patience and your compliance in this venture!

Thank you,
Activity Check!
July 26th, 2017

Hey guys, this is just a reminder that the Activity Check we currently have running will be ending in FIVE days. There are a lot of accounts still listed on there that are active accounts with active players, so if you don't want to risk your accounts being deleted, please head over there and post. Please make sure you are following everything that the AC lists, as this one is different than the ones we've ran in the past. Even if you have posted on there as well, please make sure that all of your characters you posted with have been deleted from the AC list, and if they haven't, feel free to message any of the staff members in regards to it, or post again with the character on the board itself. This is important if you wish to keep your characters, as once it is over, EVERY account still listed there will be deleted.

Thanks, Kristi.

Sitewide Plot!
July 21st, 2017

In addition to the official start of our sitewide Spirit Island plot, we have posted a site update in the updates forum (click me!) to give a little bit of information concerning the plot and how it will proceed, including info on how to lure Mother Nature to your boards. In order to participate in the plot, you will need to post with your character in one of the affected territories designated in the Weather Update with the prefix [plot] in the thread title. As this is an ongoing plot, characters created after the official start can participate until the plot ends, so long as it is still ongoing when they are created. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Finally, we would like to remind everyone of our ongoing Activity Check, the remaining Festival of Champions spars, as well as our July CC vote! There's a lot of stuff going on around Doutaini all at once right now, so keep your eyes peeled and remember to check the Important Links section of the index regularly, so that you don't miss out on any of the fun!

Enjoy the adventure, Doutaini!
Profile Fields
July 16th, 2017

Hey! So some of you may have already noticed a change that we made to the profiles and application process. We now have a plugin that helps us make sure that everyone keeps the minimum 7 sentences in both their appearance and personalities, this way it helps both staff, and yourself so you don't have to get passed over on an activity check or edit it because it didn't meet the site requirements. So now if you go to edit your profile and save it, and it comes up with an error for either the age format, or the appearance or personality fields, then you need to edit those before it will accept any changes made to the profile. In regards to the appearance and personality with the 7 sentences, it needs to be 7 sentences with at least four words per sentence, to be accepted by the plugin. If you do not have this, it will not accept any edits made until you do so. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM any of us, and we'd be more than happy to explain a little better or further into the process. <3 Kristi
Itty Bitty Update
July 15th, 2017

Super small update to announce that the EP requirement for becoming a Spirit, upon death, has been updated from 250 to 350. We also would like to remind everyone of our newest layout contest, the theme of which is Demi-Gods, so throw your favorite pack god into a beautiful graphic and let it be known! Also, a small reminder that we need everyone to pay close attention to this Activity Check's rules, so that we can get our auto-aging script in place. <3

Much love,

OOC Boards & Activity Check
July 10th, 2017

Hey guys, per the results of the OOC Boards poll, the OOC section is now located at the bottom of the boards. We may have quick access to it soon in another place, but until then, please bear with us!

In other news, we have a new Activity Check up and running, and yes we know it is super soon since the other one just ended a little while ago, but this one is to help us bring in our new Auto-Age automation that we will be having soon! Please make sure and read the first staff note on there, as it will be mainly the thing we are checking for this check, as well as the site requirements as per usual. Your age NEEDS TO BE set by seasons in .25 increments before you post there. A character that is 3 years and 3 seasons old would be 3.75. If you have posted already with your character on there, but have not done this with their age, please go through and do so, or your name WON'T be taken off of the list. - Kristi
Server & Design Info
July 8th, 2017

We'd just like to thank Julie for her many years of service to this site, keeping it running in the background through plenty of challenges! She has now decided to step down from her role due to her busy and exciting IRL schedule. Sparrow and Tig now make up our new design team, so if you have any technical issues related to use of the site, or bugs that appear, you can contact them or post on the forums as usual.

Having investigated the costs of the server we initially wanted to move to, we believe there might be cheaper and more sustainable options, so for now we have resumed the search for a new server. We will still be prioritizing this move so we can be rid of Doutaini's lag and errors as soon as possible!

Thanks lovelies!
Graphic Related Update
July 5th, 2017

Hey guys, just so you are all aware, and aren't wondering where everything went - the 'Graphic Storage' and 'Testing' sub forums are now a sub forum of 'Personal Studios' newly named 'Graphic Studios'. Also, the FoC is officially open to anyone and everyone for the adult and pup divisions starting tomorrow to fill all the remaining spots!
Festival of Champions
July 3rd, 2017

As a reminder, the adult division of the Festival of Champions is currently open for characters with a Guaranteed Space Pass - there are still 5 available slots in this division! Both the teen and pup divisions are completely open for anyone to join (no pass required) and both divisions still need participants, so please sign up!

Thanks guys!
New Staff Additions
July 1st, 2017

We are happy to announce that Seacca, Intricate, Rae & Jamie have joined us on the staff team as Site Helpers! Also, Sparrow & Tig have joined Julie on the Designer team, so hopefully we can get some new and awesome things here on Dout to help make our lives simpler! So please congratulate them the next time you see/talk with them.
<3 Kristi
Staff Votes
July 1st, 2017

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in both of the staff related votes we did, as well as everyone that applied for the new site helper positions available in the tryouts. Now that the voting process for the new staff is over, we will be making our decision on who we will be bringing on with us here very soon and will be letting you all know as soon as we do it! Thanks again, everyone, you're all amazing!
weather update!

Expect light showers of pigeon droppings followed by a heavy storm of lemmings...

Kurai's been feeling left out of the fun, and now he just has no fox left to give. Ever the trickster, he's certainly got the right koalafications to play Doutaini's greatest prank on the Wind pack, sending hordes of animals right past their doorstep! He's desperate to get the last laugh - but for now, it's pure panda-monium in Doutaini. Your forecast today:

Xyntanza's Hill is experiencing Kurai's shenanigans in full force, with herds of animals being driven up the hill on all sides, practically blocking the wolves in and forcing them to get to higher ground. Even the seemingly empty paths are fraught with hidden dangers: the only reason the herds are staying away, is because predators lurk round every corner! Some may be no match for the elemental wolves, but are they willing to take the risk just to avoid fighting their way through mobs of mostly-harmless fauna?

All the animals across Doutaini are behaving strangely, with the strongest effects closest to the Hill. Only the other pack lands seem to be protected from the brunt of this force - everywhere else, animals are struck with the mighty need to move towards the Hill, or towards the Shore - whichever is closest - and they are grouping together in large herds.

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread that uses the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!
Updated 09-10-2017

weather update!

It's sun, sun, sun all across the shoreline!

Hotaru was not at all de-lighted by Kei's endangerment of her wolves, and she's trying to rays her profile to make sure everyone knows how unhappy she is! But will it finally dawn on her that she's doing just as much damage? For now, at least, she's the star of the show. Your forecast today:

Cerulean Waters is the target of Hotaru's display, and anyone who tries to look out to sea is in danger of gaining permanent eye damage. Wolves who stay are likely to suffer painful sunburn and possible permanent skin damage around the face and ears.

Shoshana Shore is in close enough proximity to suffer almost as badly, with the white sand and the open sea reflecting the light heavily. All the bodies of water here are also powerfully reflecting her light, so it's uncomfortable to stay for long.

Serene Fields, Crimson Meadows, Para Siempre and Malignant Mire all have a front-row seat to the show, and looking out to sea from any of these places is likely to be uncomfortable. It will also be perpetually light, even at night time - but the farther you go from the source, the less bright it will be, with the northwestern areas not affected at all.

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!
Updated 08-24-2017

weather update!

Inland tsunamis are hitting all along the cost this week!

The storms have quietened down - water relief that is! But with all the flooding of the mainland, Kei is really making waves now. Kei's waves are travelling inland in thin tendrils that seek out any rogue meltwater, flooding, or even innocent puddles, to make sure all that water returns safely to the ocean. Doutaini didn't sea that one coming!

Gaia Temple will see its terrain returning to normal as Kei's forces help remove any leftover water, undoing the flooding that plagued it just days ago.

Firefly Cove is facing the brunt of Kei's energy - unlike the Gaia, there is little here in the way of flooding, and the waves are recklessly blocking off the tunnel that goes out towards the shoreline. They are even spilling in the meadow, threatening to force the wolves from their sheltered home if this goes on much longer!

• Everywhere along the coast is now being battered by heavy waves, with mini tsunamis working their way as far inland as Malignant Mire and Lital Isle. While Grave Summit may be well elevated, the restless waves are crashing relentlessly into the cliffs, causing accelerated erosion. Shoshana Shore is hardly a safe place to be, as the water-sprites have a clear path up the beach; and Hakai Mists' foggy copses pose a danger, as you might not see the waves coming until it's already too late.

• Kei has taken special care to avoid harming her own wolves, but the Cerulean Waters might be more difficult than usual to access at high tide, as the waves in other areas cut off many entrance points, and the delta that the Cerulean sits on will be fit to burst!

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!
Updated 08-24-2017

weather update!

Heavy storms and flooding are expected in the south-west this week!

Haya did not take kindly to Kaede's sudden interest in gardening right on her land. She quickly retaliated, storming over to her neighbour's back yard to do what she does best - making it rain! Kaede may think she needs a little "lightning" up, but Haya has proved that she certainly isn't joking... Your forecast today:

Gaia Temple seems to have a permanent black cloud hanging overhead, with constant thunderstorms and torrential rain. The lightning is also causing small fires to spring up in places, though these soon burn themselves out amongst the wet vegetation.

• Unfortunate strong winds are pushing the ever-growing storm northeast, and now the Devil's Ruins have also been caught out by Haya's wrath! This usually desert-like environment is now under threat of flash floods and mudslides, with the hard-packed ground struggling to accept any more rain. Standing out in the open is a bad idea here, in case lightning strikes. All spars held during this time will take place in these rainy, stormy conditions - fighting on ground covered with an inch of water poses an extra challenge, for those who want to try - or those who have no choice!

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!
Updated 08-15-2017

weather update!

The North-East has been hit again this week, this time by some botanical bedlam!

Kaede is delighted by all the new soil that's been whipped up, and has gone straight to the source: the Valley is home to Doutaini's most fertile river banks! However, he took a lichen to the power at his fingertips, and his gift soon grew beyond the bounds of reason. Haya's wolves will be re-leaved when this is over... Your forecast today:

Lightning Valley is overrun with plants! The entire lowland area is harder than ever to navigate, with vegetation reaching well above head-hight and stretching in every direction. The place is a maze, with none of the usual markers to guide any passers-by. Even scents will be harder than normal to pick up, due to floral bouquets sprouting from every crevice.

The cemetery (Para Siempre) is also overgrown, with the graves covered in vines. Be careful passing through, as these vines are keen to grab hold of an unsuspecting ankle and trip you over!

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!
Updated 08-10-2017

weather update!

High winds are on the horizon today, with a chance of cave-ins towards the North-East.

In the quest to fill out Spirit Island with new terrain, Haruko was convinced that finding some spare dirt to transport would be a breeze. Unfortunately, he seemed to overestimate the structural integrity of the Caverns. When they began to collapse, he retreated and left his tornadoes to do their work, hoping it would all blow over soon... Your forecast today:

• The Caliginous Caverns are facing frequent tornadoes above ground, and high winds elsewhere. Picking up loose soil, small flora and fauna, and even the odd entire tree from the ground, makes these twisters particularly unpleasant to encounter. Leaving the caverns may be hazardous, but staying inside is little better! With so much foliage being uprooted, the caverns are collapsing in multiple places. From small-scale falling debris, all the way up to ceiling collapse that reveals holes going straight to the surface - the caverns are not a friendly place to be right now!

• The Crystalline Caverns are also feeling the brunt of Haruko's mistake, and will experience similar issues.

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous!
Updated 08-03-2017

weather update!

Icy temperatures will hit the midlands this week, with unexpected snowfall and high winds.

Kiyoshi has retaliated after Akako's recklessness left his mountaintop heartland crumbling and ruined! It seems he's chosen to give the Akako the cold shoulder... Your forecast today:

• The Torrid Desert and Spiritus Speculum have been completely buried by snow! There will be frequent further snowfalls, and temperatures will be consistently frosty, especially at night. Staying warm may prove difficult for residents of this usually-sunny paradise. Dens are likely to be buried and difficult to uncover, making shelter hard to find, and the sun's reflection from the snow is uncomfortably bright during the day.

• The Crimson Meadows have also been hit by snow, driving prey out of the area. No hunts can currently be made, however there will be special Mother Nature hunting events, where success will be based on teamwork, and you can earn extra EP for these.

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous! ( read more )

Image credit.
Updated 07-25-2017

weather update!

Expect approaching magma streams, smoke plumes, and fire tornadoes across the North-West this week!

In a fit of rage, Akako has drawn on the power of Mt Pyralis, to bring down his wrath upon the wolves of Rebel. However, the Ice pack and other nearby areas have gotten caught in the crossfire. Your forecast today:

• Cracks and chasms are appearing across the lower areas of Mountain Lion Ridge, some of which are filled with magma. The ground across many areas will be too hot to walk on. Surface lava streams will also be common, as will geysers of hot water.

• The Styx Heights, Mt Pyralis, and Aitou Pass will also be affected, and will experience the same effects as the Ridge.

• The heat has also reached the Gelid Sierra, but most of it is underground. Snow at the foothills will melt rapidly, and the ground there will be hot to touch. Most of the mountainside will experience patchy snowmelt, geysers, and waterfalls of freezing surface runoff. As the water melts beneath the snow, expect entire ice shelves to break clean off, and avalanches as a daily occurrence.

For incorporating any of these effects in a thread in the territories mentioned, as well as using the thread prefix [Plot], you can claim 2EP (you must have 2+ posts personally). You might also qualify for a special Mother Nature event - but watch out, as these could be dangerous! ( read more )
Updated 07-20-2017

Svana threw a massive celebration for Storm in Haya's honor! Many members of allied packs, potential allies, and other friends came to join the feasting. Many came bearing great gifts from their homes, though the greatest gift yet might have been the return of Svana's wanderer daughter, Beretta! Not long after her daughter arrived, Svana announced that a tournament and a game of capture the flag would be held in Haya's honor, marking the first time when festivities beyond just a meeting were held to celebrate a god's holiday. The tournament is in full swing and the winner will bring home a special trophy carved from lightning itself. Who will win? Will Haya ever show herself to her devoted pack? What team will win capture the flag? ( read more )
Updated 07-09-2017

The Festival of Champions is fast approaching, but this year Jiro has issued a slightly different decree: each pack is to nominate one champion for the adult division. The packs are getting ready, preparing to choose their best fighter to represent them in the tournament. Curiously, Jiro has demanded that Rykerri and Seacca must be present at the Festival, after they defied him last year - but is this new change a sign that their words struck a chord with him after all? ( read more )
Updated 06-22-2017

Tensions in Rebel finally hit a breaking point after Rykerri tried to send Valerian to live with Wind, in an effort to teach him humility towards elementals, which backfired spectacularly. Charlotte struck out, first putting out a challenge for the Alpha's rank, and then agreeing to talk with Rykerri - but their 'peace talks' quickly turned into a war of words, while the pack waited outside with mixed emotions. One wolf who had reason to be especially reactive (other than Valerian) was Roswell, who'd had an earlier confrontation with Charlotte when his mother came to visit the Ridge, and the topic of his father's death was raised. This turned into a spar against Ketamine, another wolf of the Ridge. After nearly coming to blows with her elder, Charlotte finally offered to switch roles with Rykerri, to which the woman gruffly agreed. With her dream of fully leading Rebel finally realized, what direction will she lead the pack in? Only time can tell. ( read more here and here )
Updated 06-22-2017

When Ryu tried to protect Murmura from Vaitan's wrath, the situation became rather heated - quite literally. Vaitan produced a formidable flame torrent directed straight at Ryu - a punishment which he boldly endured, but his good looks did not. Murmura fled to Storm as soon as her pups were old enough, and Ryu followed - with a promise of further punishment to come if they should ever return to Enigma. ( read more here and here )
Updated 06-22-2017

Kaede's celebration went off without a hitch, with friends and visitors attending from far and wide to pay their respects to Earth's deity. Many wolves brought gifts to add to the feast and decorations Briar had prepared. Truly pleased with their offerings, Kaede himself attended to show his approval, showering them all with gifts of lotus flowers before leaving them to their celebrations. ( read more )
Updated 06-22-2017

Anaxagoras, the Divine Alpha's son, has issued a challenge for the leadership of the Ice pack! A mass of spectators have gathered to witness the outcome. Will the Thor family retain their control of the Sierras, which has spanned at least three generations almost uninterrupted? Or will Anaxagoras prove himself capable of defeating Athos, and lead Kiyoshi's wolves in a different direction? It's a battle between old tradition and new opportunities, and is sure to have far-reaching effects across the whole of Doutaini. ( read more )
Updated 06-14-2017

Kearnal, Ice's hunter and brother to the Alpha, took it upon himself to begin a pack hunt when another came along and put paid to his plans. Aggravated, Kearnal retaliated and attacked the woman though he would eventually come off worse! Near to death, Kearnal lay mortally wounded and blinded by the ferocious attack that had befell him. In the wake of this tragedy, it was clear just how many friends Ice had as Wind, Divine and Earth wolves all did their part to save him. Unbeknown to most, Vodka, Kearnal's younger sister, has sought revenge upon her brothers attacker. Would she prevail? Would Kearnal truly be saved? And what would that mean for the Thor family should either one perish? ( read more )
Updated 05-08-2017

Despite her tender age, Murmura has given birth to her first litter - although Ryu fathered the pups, she claims they are true children of Kurai. Her father Vaitan was enraged by her recklessness, and scolded her angrily. As Ryu swore his allegiance to Murmura and the pups, the caverns began to shake, and a crystal shattered overhead, aiming straight for Vaitan. Was this mere coincidence, the caverns awakened by the loud voices, or was Kurai expressing his displeasure towards the Fire wolf's actions? ( read more )
Updated 05-08-2017

There is sadness across the lands as packs say goodbye to several beloved wolves. Ramona, who had never quite recovered from Sabriel's death, had deteriorated alone in the cavern until finally her body gave out. Kurai appeared, putting her spirit to rest and erecting a monolith in her honor. Not long after, Singer passed away alone in the Desert, after losing several of her most loyal pack members. Vaitan has rallied the pack, calling for Akako to let them pay tribute to their fallen queen. The Wind pack is experiencing a different type of tragedy - their young healer Kaley has been discovered, roaming the hills rabid. Ryu was the first to find her, attempting to end her life swiftly, before she can suffer any more. ( read more here, here, & here )
Updated 05-08-2017

Panik finally grew tired of Venus' absence, and challenged for her position as Sub-Alpha - but Song took up the reigns and tried to beat her, for the same position. Panik eventually came out on top - but soon after, Orestes put out a challenge for the position of Heir. Despite being in Wind, Anaxagoras took this personally, feeling that it was his rightful place to be heir to Bhaltair's legacy, no matter which pack he may be in. With Divine's ranks undergoing this significant reshuffle, who will come out on top. ( read more )
Updated 05-08-2017

Rebel continues to seek out their revenge on Canela, trying to sniff him out. Meanwhile, Rykerri's plan for Valerian proved far more interesting than she'd planned, when she found out Canela was in fact living in Wind - the very place she'd planned to send Valerian to teach him some manners! This could be fortuitous for the vengeance-driven pack, or it could spell disaster if their budding alliance turns sour.
( read more here )
Updated 05-08-2017

Fire seems to suffer loss after loss. The death of Alpha Singer's beloved mate, Finch Valentine, whom died by the hands of Vitalia Drago, leaves her worn and crippled -- yet the aging warrior queen continues to fight and protect Fire despite her broken heart. Not many moons afterwards, a longtime member of Fire named Oberyn Verien, Singer's own nephew, has a fatal accident regarding his powers that leads to his death. Fire, already in great grievance, mourns the death of their fallen member. What will become of the Fire pack as the days continue on? ( read more here & here )
Updated 04-01-2017

Lypso'ru and Kaleddin were set to become parents when Lypso'ru became pregnant - but it all ended in disaster when the pups came early, all four of them stillborn. The young blessed wolf struggled with the loss, calling her friends in Divine to grieve with her, and there was a special visit from an old Divine spirit named Leiley, who promised to bring home the lost souls of the four unborn children. Briar, with a new-found appreciation for pups after his litter with Lunafer, was also grief-stricken, and desperately tried to use his powers to save the underdeveloped stillborns. He was soon joined by Bhaltair, who did likewise in an attempt to save his pack from the pain of their loss. But Lunafer warned that there was nothing to be done - will he be proved right, or will there be any salvation for the grieving wolves of Divine?
( read more here )
Updated 04-01-2017

When Rykerri tried to hold a meeting at the Stardust Festival for Rebels to air their religious grievances, it nearly all went south when Bjorn tried to start a fight with his brother Valerian, who had insulted the elementals one too many times - including Bjorn's mate Claymore, a former Storm wolf. Rykerri and Charlotte quickly stepped in, but the situation was far from ideal. In an attempt to reform Valerian, Rykerri planned to send him to another pack to learn from them. Meanwhile, Bjorn asked once again for the rank of Gamma, but was swiftly turned down by Rykerri, as she believed he hadn't proved his worth any more than the other members of her pack. ( read more here )
Updated 03-28-2017

Tyrus recently became Alpha during the Stardust Festival and Haruko came down in the form of a ram. After which, Loretta found him and, after provocation, their conversation quickly became a battle. She quickly over-exerted herself and fainted, which lead him to bring her to his den... When she awakens, she will learn of her punishment. Kolzak also brought Vitalia's broken body to the mountain, giving the last of his strength to die by her side within his home.
Updated 03-25-2017

A newborn babe was discovered in the pit by the Enigma scion, Murmura. Others appeared to assist the young Murmura, before the pup was taken by the earth alpha, Briar, without further discussion. Murmura and the Ice wolf Artemis pursued Briar to the Gaia Temple, where tensions quickly arose as wolves appeared to defend each side of the mounting argument. Conflict seemed inevitable, until Murmura finally backed down and left. The Earth god Kaede appeared as she left, to cement Earth's claim on the pup and to warn Murmura and her band against returning to the Gaia. Some Earth wolves found fault with this judgement, turning to and, in some cases, against Briar. Will this sow doubt into the minds of Earth's members? And how will the fallout effect Enigma's relations with Briar and his pack? ( read more here )
Updated 03-23-2017

After a heated interaction with Finch, Vitalia called him to the Ruins for a deathmatch, driven by her passion. Many wolves came to watch, including Singer - the very woman for whom Finch had spurned Vitalia in the first place! But a bloody battle led to the death of both the wolves, and everyone was left wondering how Singer would fare after her short-lived love faded away. ( read more here )
Updated 03-17-2017

Keitaro has appeared at the feast, but not to give a blessing. Satan's words didn't go unpunished as he cursed the man to feel extreme pain if he tried to talk. However, as Kurai took form at the feast to bless his beloved queen, Ruellia, he decided that he wouldn't give Satan the benefit of his wolves ever hearing him either. ( read more here )
Updated 03-10-2017

Dax, an Engima pup, was brutally attacked by a gang of crows while playing around the Enigma's territory. Now, with the vision of her left eye lost by the cruel birds, she can only hope for her life while waiting for her adoptive father Mercury, or anyone, to arrive and save her poor young life. ( read more here )
Updated 03-01-2017

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Unclaimed Land
North of the unsightly Pit is a lush thicket that, at first, seems like any other forest. However, once inside there is an overwhelming sense of peace. A thick canopy filters ribbons of light to the soft, mossy floor and even in the dead of winter the trees are always in full bloom. At the heart of this forest a clearing opens up, revealing a circle of willow trees surrounding a solitary stump. They are tall, wide, and crowned with a plum of drooping branches. Each tree has a carving for its pack; a deep etching so clear that no earthly creature could have made it. Tongues of flame for Fire; a leaf for Earth; drop for Water; Curled lines for Wind; Snowflake for Ice; Bolt for Storm; Swirl for Enigma; Small star for Divine. Wolves who already know what pack they'd like to join normally come and sit beneath the Willow of their choice, waiting for an alpha or council member to come and accept them.

Note -- You can get the Alpha's attention by tagging them using @[Alphas Name]
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Head in the clouds
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One of two entrances into Doutaini, Kuro Pit is a wasteland of mud and shadows that stretches far into a mountainous horizon. Here the ground is a mixture of packed earth, watery soil, and thick mud that worsens or betters with the weather. Very little life grows here; only weeds, broken trees, and dried grass far as the eye can see. While it appears flat, the land actually slopes toward a large central pit with steep walls. Beside this crater stands a lonely Landmark; a black skeleton tree, taller than all the others, that seems to cast a dark shadow no matter the time or day. This unwelcoming land is where all packs come to recruit newcomers, or even claim unsuspecting females and pups against their will.

Reminder -- 'Post comings' are not allowed in the Pit.
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by Bjorn

Claimed Land
At the heart of Doutaini's mountain range sits Gelid Sierra, home to the Ice Wolves. Frosted fields and conifer forests clamor at the foothills, rising into bare, snow covered peaks. Glaciers that never recede cover most of the northern territory, feeding water into the river and housing a network of ice tunnels. Overhead the skies are nearly always cloudy and threaten the wolves beneath with regular snowfall and blizzards. Deep ravines hidden beneath the snow, and avalanches, are a constant threat in the frozen territory with no relief from the chill and frost even in Summer months (only the outskirts ever seem to thaw). Yet, Gelid Sierra is one of the most picturesque territories. One Landmark sits at the bottom of a ravine, where an unfortunate wolf who fell to her death lies eternally frozen in the ice. Another is made from sheets of frozen water cascading down a mountain side. Here, Ice necklaces trapped in icicles can be retrieved for new members.

Ruling Alpha(s): Anaxagoras, Pantaleon
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into the void
3 hours ago
by Anaxagoras
Tucked away in Crystalline Caverns are the halls of Enigma; the Caliginous Cavern, home to the Enigma pack. Winding passages bristle with speleothems (mineral deposits of lime and crystal that form stalactites and stalagmites) thanks to a bed of natural gas and oil. Insects and worms feeding off fungus clinging to the walls glow a fantastic blue and green, providing illumination in an otherwise dark world. The Greater Hall is one of two caves with high, spiked ceilings and a wide flat floor. Fed by a waterfall overhead, a lake stretches along the back wall. It's black depths are home to only a few sightless fish and opaque crustaceans, although surprisingly water lilies grow here. A stone pillar rises from the lake where Enigma necklaces can be retrieved. The Lesser Hall is a small grotto illuminated by a wide skylight. Sunlight and rainfall from this opening has filled the cave with small trees, shrubs, and mossy ground cover. But hiding at the rear of this greenery is a dreary Landmark; a sinkhole so deep the bottom cannot be seen. Enigma often lay their dead here.

Ruling Alpha(s): Mercury, Ruellia
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[P] The Fallen
Yesterday, 07:56 PM
by Mercury
The highest peak in Doutaini, Xyntanza's Hill, is home of the Wind pack. Winds from the frigid inland and warm coast combine to make a blustery range that only the most sure footed can ascend. A patchwork of open grassland, rocky crags, and sparse woodland form the base of this expansive territory. On the southern slope, cliffs rise sharply from desert flatland, creating a precipice of stone and hanging foliage. Greenery stretches up the mountain, growing thinner toward the apex into bare stone peaks that are often obscured by clouds. Hanging valleys eroded by the river provide lush rolling fields of plant life in a primarily vertical world, yet not all of it is beautiful. Rock slides are a daily threat, if the winds don't topple you first. A network of caves and tunnels digs into the eastern range, although rushing winds often buffet travelers. One of these passages however, leads to a hidden valley that sits high in the peaks of Xyntanza's Hill. Bare stone rises out of a grassy hollow where, nestled in a large cluster of boulders, Wind necklaces can be retrieved.

Ruling Alpha(s): Lyra, Niyole
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[Border] επιστρέφω, old frien...
09-17-2017, 11:52 AM
by Lyra
Sitting south of Styx Heights is Mountain Lion Ridge, home to the Rebels. This dramatic territory is made of a wide gorge carved by the Naveen River through sandstone summits. Walls of shale and red rock stagger up from the ground to mile wide plateaus and even taller monoliths. A branch of Aitou Pass cuts through the western hills, creating a thin ravine of jagged bluffs and loose rock. Though Winter brings cool winds and even snowfall, the Ridge is primarily a warm, arid place with sparse plants, reptiles and game. A network of ravines turns to tunnels that lead to an in-ground lake that acts as a hot spring for weary wolves. It's betrayed by an opening in the cave ceiling that spans several feet around and drops straight to the water below. Mountain Lions living near the Styx are a constant threat to the wolves along with falling rocks, slides, and hidden drop offs. In spite of the danger, there are few places so awe inspiring. Bizarre rock formations, carvings, and mineral-colored stones are just some of the attractions, along with two distinct Landmarks. Used for generations, a large boulder split vertically marks the Rebel meeting place, while the other, a spiral of lacy rock in the heartland, honors a fallen Emperor.

Ruling Alpha(s): Asclepius, Charlotte
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[Meeting] Ubermensch
Yesterday, 12:13 PM
by Bjorn
Legend says Lightning Valley, home of the Storm pack, was created by tornadoes ripping through the land. Whether or not that's true, the Vale has remained the same for generations. Towering rock walls plunge toward each other, creating a deep center passage. Several tributaries race down the sloping hills where they merge into a fast moving branch of the Naveen River. On the Valley floor the terrain is made of mountain and creek sediments, creating a sandy shore. Up from the rift rise sloping meadows of mixed grass and forest, with bare limestone peaks forming a jagged edge along the sky. More cliffs frame the back of the Valley, while the mouth opens up into sprawling lowland. Gray clouds often gather overhead, doling out storms to the inhabitants below on a regular basis. At the heart of the Valley basin sits its Landmark; an ageless tree with golden leaves and a hollow in the trunk where Storm necklaces may be found.

Ruling Alpha(s): Seacca
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to valhalla. [funera...
Yesterday, 08:31 AM
by Damini
Since the Tsunami, Cerulean Waters, home to the Water pack, has become the largest arcuate river delta in Doutaini, fed by the ocean and two converging branches of the Naveen River. The territory sits on expansive wetlands dominated by grass, rushes, reeds, and low growing shrubs and supports a variety of semi-aquatic life. Near the mouth of the delta sit several small-medium islands, some made of grass and some made of sediment and sand. Even in high tide, there is always at least one refuge above water. The southern tip of the shoreline stretches out into a small sandy beach complete with bluffs. This coastal pack has two distinct Landmarks, the first located in the heart of the marsh. A lone stump with a flat top amid a field of water so clear reeds can be seen billowing beneath the glassy surface. The second landmark sits along the coast itself; a cave to the north that sits half on the beach and half in the sea. Within this cave, illuminated by a skylight, is a stone alter where Water necklaces may be retrieved.

Ruling Alpha(s): Keston
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[Training] | to the top!
09-16-2017, 01:03 PM
by Keston
No land is as rich with life as Gaia Temple, home to the Earth pack. A jungle-like forest, nearly every type of conifer and broad leafed tree grows in these woods, along with several species of flowering and fruit-baring plants. Although not nearly as dense as it once was, this land has begun to flourish again after many fires. The forest floor, rippling with roots and stones, is a mixture of burnt trees, vegetation, and creeping vines making it difficult to navigate at times. Fortunately years of travel have carved paths into the underbrush. Many of the young trees have grown considerably and form a thick canopy that lets very little light to the floor below. Such density keeps the forest humid and warm in every season with little fluctuation. Deep in the wood, protected by a sapling bamboo forest, a half crumbled temple sits overrun with moss and creeping vines. Many of the inner halls have remained intact, and at the end of one hall is an alter of stone where Earth necklaces rest. Recent events have caused a branch of the Naveen to cut through the western part of the forest, creating one of the pack's Landmarks; a moat surrounding a small raised island, home to an impressive, timeless willow tree. The second Landmark - a towering, lilac-leafed tree - sits in one of the decrepit rooms of the temple, surrounded by rubble. Every fruit found in Doutaini grows seasonally on this one tree.

Ruling Alpha(s): Mars
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[Meeting] roots hold the fores...
9 hours ago
by Lypso'ru
At the heart of Doutaini is Torrid Desert, home to the Fire pack. A harsh, unforgiving land of year-round heat, the desert offers little comfort to its inhabitants. Besides prickly plants and reptiles, few animals can endure this barren land of scarce rainfall and frequent dust storms. Mountains frame the west half of the territory with sprawling meadows to the east. Only the outskirts of the desert - flat lands of clay and sediment - ever see the smallest temperature changes, but the center of the desert suffers unending heat beneath a usually cloudless sky; he desert only sees two seasons of rainfall. . Here, golden sand dunes stretch up to the sky, making navigation difficult on every level. Trudging through deep sand can wear on inexperienced travelers, and almost no plant life can be found in the central region of Torrid Desert. The only refuge from such heat is one small oasis framed in lush plant life and a few tropical trees for shade. Fire necklaces can be found hidden among the foliage, poking from the sand.

Ruling Alpha(s): Lyonesse, Vaitan
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[Open] Spin-Off Welcome To ...
09-17-2017, 06:47 PM
by Vaitan
Positioned in the rocky norther coast of Doutaini is Firefly Cove, home of the Divine pack. This diverse territory is made of two parts - the Bay and the Meadow. Separating them is a small network of coastal caves that act as a 'highway' between the coast, meadow, and the borders. There is only one way in and out of Firefly Cove, and that is through this cave which is situated south of the meadow and west of Para Siempre. Steep vertical cliffs and jagged granite peaks rise for miles surrounding the meadow. Renowned for its beauty, the valley boasts forests babbling brooks, and a large, open meadow with a galaxy of plant life. The same mountains surrounding the field also form the horseshoe-arched cove. Protected on all sides by cliffs and monoliths, the golden c-shaped beach is home to giant boulders and a wealth of marine life. North of this sheltered inlet is Divine's Landmark; a tidefall that cascades water down onto the beach from a mountain precipice. Behind these falls is a small cave where Divine necklaces can be found. While day has its own beauty, night in Firefly Cove is just as spectacular, with hundreds of fireflies filling the fields and coast, bringing light wherever they go.
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[AW] death valley.
Yesterday, 09:09 AM
by Icarus

North of the frozen Gelid Sierra, an ancient stratovolcano collapsed into an empty crater. Over time with snow and glacial melt as well as rain water, Lacrima Lake was formed. Reaching several feet at its deepest, this is one of the largest bodies of water in all the land and the birthplace of Naveen River. Although the rim is quite steep on most sides, erosion has worn away at the southern face allowing the river to flow freely, and for curious wolves to venture inside. Gray banks of igneous rock and sediment frame the waterfront with a fringe of sparse woodland climbing up the ridge. Various fish and trout have made this lake their home, along with other large predators and even eagles that have been known to snatch pups. Since the volcanoes death, Lacrima Lake has become a place of peace and serenity with pristine opal waters just right for swimming or ice-fishing in the winter months.
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[aw] there's always ...
Yesterday, 06:31 PM
by Atticus
Birthed by the caldera of Lacrima Lake, Naveen River is made of three freshwater channels that flow throughout Doutaini. In some places the river can span several feet to a mile wide with rapidly rushing waters, but there are places where the watercourse is narrow and calm and easy to swim across. Several smaller streams, brooks, and creeks, some seasonal, have split from the main rivers to wind their way through neutral and claimed territories alike, bringing water to every part of the land. The banks of these rivers and streams are normally rich with plant life thanks to the water-fed soil, and small fish and crustaceans are a common sight below the cool surface. Flowing south, Naveen River ends its journey in the southeastern shoreline where it warms and empties into the sea.
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[P] & angels guard me th...
09-14-2017, 03:36 PM
by Loretta
Although this is by no means a young forest, Iridescent Glade is open rather than dense, with frail trees growing in sparse clusters. Such a meager canopy allows for a wealth of sunlight to reach into the wood, highlighting trees and causing light to flash on every satin leaf. Fallen trees from a recent disaster stretch across the Glade floor but, thanks to an open layout, are hidden by stalks of grass tall enough to conceal even an adult wolf. Some shrubs and perennials can be found hidden amid the undergrowth, but it takes a keen eye to spot them. When the wind blows the entire woodland seems to come alive; trees whisper and bend while waves of jade billow and gleam under the sun. At dusk the glade is painted in a golden wash, adding to its mystery and beauty while morning mists from the neighboring forest and nearby sea hovers through the trees like wandering spirits.
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so i'll fight sleep ...
09-14-2017, 05:40 PM
by Silas
Plunging into the ocean and forming Doutaini's northeastern border is Grave Summit. A gradually sloping mid-elevation peak, the mountainous terrain is hilly with a blanket of low laying grass and brambles but very few trees. Some flowering plants blossom seasonally thanks to warm winds and moisture from the nearby ocean, peppering an otherwise drab landscape. Despite its seemingly harmless elevation, loose rocks can spell trouble for any traveler. One misstep can cause sprains or broken bones, and with a rough coastline forming the base of this peak drowning is certainly a risk. Thankfully there are no ravines, but rock-slides have been known to occur. Over time the wildcats have moved on, replaced instead by a population of wolverines that prey on pups and litter the ridge with waste and old bones. Overhead, hawks and eagles can be seen circling, completing this grim landscape.
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i held my breath
09-08-2017, 02:40 PM
by Seacca
Falling from the Rebel territory into a lush copse of trees is Jinsyn Waterfall. This complex waterway is actually a series of smaller falls, roughly the same size, cascading down a rocky steppe before branching off into separate smaller brooks. These narrow, softly flowing canals weave through a field of geysers. Jet-like eruptions are infrequent but threaten to burn unsuspecting travelers with scalding hot water. Even the steam rising in the aftermath can cause uncomfortable heat. When not erupting, the geyser surface is a glassy combination of ivory foam and turquoise, creating a peaceful contradiction. A lush thicket frames the border of this territory thanks to the warm moisture-rich climate, with some plots of bare stone making up the banks. Moss grows more readily than grass here, although some flowering plants also make their home waterside.
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[P] come with me into th...
Yesterday, 10:15 PM
by Lypso'ru
Well known throughout Doutaini as the sparring grounds, Devil's Ruins is the place wolves come to fight. In ancient times a temple stood here, large enough to rival the one in Gaia Temple, but for reasons unknown this once proud shrine has collapsed into the sandstone floor beneath it. Almost nothing grows here - save for a few rugged plants creeping through cracks in the ground - but trees and forests make up the perimeter. Within the boundary of the Ruins are several 'arenas'; open, flat areas of different sizes surrounded by clusters of degenerating stone structures. In some areas the temple has crumbled to nothing but piles of rubble, but a few columns and stadiums have remained partially intact. Ambitious wolves may spar atop the unsteady formations, but many choose to fight on the more level ground of the arenas. Recently, an earthquake caused a narrow section of Naveen River to cut through the western part of Devil's Ruins, splitting the fighting grounds roughly in half.
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madden 2k17
1 hour ago
by Teagan
Stygain Flats
Also known as the 'mountain of fire', Mt. Pyralis is a small, active volcano framing the northwestern border of Doutaini. Although it doesn't erupt often, this conical mountain has been the cause of many disasters over the generations. The most recent eruption further changed the landscape, widening the summit crater, sealing off tunnels and caves, and destroying the hot springs near the base with a field of magma. Today this composite volcano made of cinders, ash, and dried lava is still quite active. Plants seldom grow here, and only a few sparse trees and rugged shrubs manage to gather on the western-most slopes. The overall appearance of the volcano is one of loose gray debris and rocks that are quite warm to the touch. While venturing to the top is not advised, those who do will be exposed to staggering heat and the strong smell of sulfur. Though the summit appears solid, hot magma still bubbles beneath the surface.
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smoking gun. open.
09-08-2017, 07:26 AM
by Yagrum
Once belonging to the Devout pack, Aureate Plateau is a high plain that seems almost on top of the world. Visible across most of Doutaini, this piedmont plateau rises from the surrounding mountains into flat terrain that is primarily covered in a sweeping field of golden grass. Patches of emerald and clusters of flowering plants sprout throughout the area to contrast the gilded plains. Seen from the borders, but much further inland, are a strange compilation of rock formations - granite monoliths and pillars shaped and arranged in thought provoking positions - believed to be created by the gods when the territory was shaped. Just east of these structures the grass gives way to a smooth, pale gray stone floor bleached white by the sun in some places, and stretching to the far end of the territory. Clouds rarely make an appearance in the endless blue sky, making this a prime spot for sun bathing or star gazing.
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[P] [m] awake
09-09-2017, 10:56 AM
by Axel
Nestled in the arms of two conjoined peaks, Para Siempre has been Doutaini's Cemetery since the beginning of time. A grove of dew laden grass and creeping ivy, this peaceful vale has few other plants or trees beside one distinct Landmark. At the head of the cemetery is an aged, gnarled willow tree that is almost beyond recognition. It stands as a vigil in this unnaturally quiet place of reverence and mourning, frozen in time. Grave markers are strewn across the territory; some are simple mounds of dirt, while others used stones to mark burial sites. Mist from the nearby ocean only adds to the wonderment of the unknown deceased. Those coming to mourn or visit past loved ones may enjoy a sunset over the sea, which is said to rival the sights of Shoshana Shore and bring comfort to weary hearts. During the Day of the Dead, ghosts often gather here to revisit the living.

If you have had a character die in Doutaini, feel free to create a board for them, decorate it as you wish and describe the tombstone or marking they have over their corpse. Wolves may gather here simply to visit the dead, spirit wolves sometimes acting as a guide in hopes to conjure those last words from the deceased on to their family.
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Ťåĸē Mɘ Hȯmə
09-17-2017, 06:33 PM
by Vaitan
Land pours down into the gaping entrance of Crystalline Caverns, which sits against the sloping side of a mountain similar to Grave Summit. An impressive sight, but not when compared to the labyrinth within. Created by gas and mineral deposits, selenite crystals have formed along limestone walls, jutting from all angles. Light from the outside world is reflected off these gems, creating a luminous glow several feet beyond the entrance. But deeper in the caves, darkness and shadows play tricks on the mind of travelers, and the winding tunnels make it easy to get turned around. Dead ends, narrow corridors, and hidden chasms are just a few of the dangers these caverns hide. There is only one cave deep beneath the surface that opens up to an underground lake. Selenite gypsum crystals that have broken off and fallen to the bottom glisten in the dull light of glow worms living on the cave walls, creating a kaleidoscope effect.
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[MN] [PLOT] Follow
9 hours ago
by Lypso'ru
lital isle
Recent flooding has turned Malignant Mire into an extensive brackish swamp fed by streams and ocean tides. Surrounding woods and fields form a dry fringe which is easy to navigate and much safer than the inland bog. Semi-dry ground gives way to chest high water that can change from shallow to deep at a moments notice. Dead foliage and trees unable to fully decompose thanks to waterlogged soil combine to create unstable strips of acidic peat moss where other hardy plants manage to bloom. The water itself is murky with a layer of algae that hides snakes, crocodiles, and various fish beneath the surface. Caution is an absolute necessity when swimming through these treacherous waters. Slender trees with submerged roots scantly litter the mire, creating a sickly swamp forest. In the early morning hours, heavy mist shrouds the bog making vision difficult while evening high tides threaten to drown unsuspecting souls in quicksand-like mud.
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[P] hold on, here we go ...
09-15-2017, 06:14 PM
by Ruellia
Aitou Pass
As one of the largest mountain ranges within Doutaini, Styx Heights has earned it's hellish name. This broad belt encompasses almost the entire northern region, and is the backbone of several pack territories. Trenches and steep divides segment the mountain into numerous peaks of argillite, limestone, and metamorphic rock, but none are passable. Navigation through the steep mountains is dangerous even to the most skilled climbers; thin atmosphere, loose rocks, and a network of passages and narrow land bridges are only a few of the challenges faced by curious visitors. Big cats have also been known to frequent these cliffs such as Puma and Lynx while buzzards circle the sky. Prey such as mountain goats and horned sheep are yet, another temptation for predators including wolves. This dangerous, precarious range of mountains also sees a variety of weather from blustery winds to cracking thunderstorms. Some shrubs and weeds may grow along the lower altitudes, but the saw-like cliffs are made of exposed rock. Only the swift, or the foolish, dare to traverse these peaks.
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09-14-2017, 11:44 AM
by Roswell
Shrouded in mist rising out of the sea, Hakai Mists Forest is the largest woody forest in Doutaini. A wealth of conifers - cedars, evergreens, firs, pines, etc. - crowd this densely populated territory alongside deciduous trees. Bristling branches often interlock to create a prickly canopy that lets in almost no sunlight, yet there is a thriving undergrowth of flowering and fruit-baring plants that clusters near the bank of two streams twisting through the wood. Fallen needles have helped to foster a semi-acidic soil in which lichens and various moss also thrive in abundance. Intense humidity fostered by these close-growing plants combined with cool ocean winds has created an eternal veil of mist that floats through the trees. At the heart of this forest lies an old Landmark; an underground temple destroyed from the inside, sits as a mound of rubble within a crater surrounded by trees. Besides the threat of getting lost there are no large predators, only birds and critters, making it a good place for young wolves to come play.
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[AW] [plot] the blue in y...
Yesterday, 08:52 AM
by Mars
Teaming with life, the southern beach of Shoshana Shore is far from ordinary. Golden sands from the fringe of nearby Water pack lands overwhelm the coast line, driving back marsh and meadow alike. Made of rhyolite and quartz deposits accumulated over time, the shoreline is a dazzling white gold that plunges into an ocean of cobalt blue and aquamarine. Strange and beautiful fish populate the underwater world, but on land a wealth of animals - shorebirds, gulls, sea otters and crustaceans - call this beach home. Recent flooding has altered the shoreline, uprooting much of the old flora and creating a haven for sea loving wolves to sunbathe, swim, fish, or gather to watch one of the most spectacular sunsets in all of Doutaini. Dusk seems to transform the beach into a tranquil paradise of still waters and a galaxy of colors from the setting sun as it's reflected off the ocean surface. Such a beautiful sight often attracts lonely or love-struck souls.
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[plot] absolve me
Yesterday, 12:43 PM
by Mars
Once part of Torrid Desert, the soul mirrors serve now as a reminder of those who died during the Fire mutiny. Left over from a casting of Magma Manciple by former Rebels Vexx and Rat Valentine, two crystal plates stare out of a golden landscape, reflecting the daylight sun and night moon in pairs. Surrounding them is a land of packed dry sandstone with hardy vegetation as the only form of life. The clear glass pools shimmer eternally from fragments of necklaces that burst in the extreme heat. Made of stardust, their color and glow never fades and seems to pulse with the essence of those who perished here, trapped forever in the frozen, swirled vault. At the height of day these connected graves can be hot to the touch, but come midnight are a cool refuge for desert-worn paws. Wolves who remember the battle see this as a place of reverence, but for many these pools are as mysterious as the gods themselves.
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[P] wading through my da...
09-14-2017, 06:07 PM
by Silas
With rolling hills of plenty, Crimson Meadows has become a frequent hub for deer, hare, and other prey. Now mainly used for hunting, wolves come to form parties with their pack or strangers in hopes of making a kill. Young wolves also come here to learn, but almost always with a watchful teacher. Such bountiful game has been known to attract other predators as well, like bears and even cougars who are not afraid to steal a hard earned meal or prey on the wolves themselves! Tall, free growing grass makes for ample cover and the undulating terrain allows skilled hunters to get the advantage over their quarry. Beside the abundance of grass, nearly every kind of low growing perennial and fruit-baring bush in Doutaini can be found here, creating a medley of colors and smells. Ruddy tipped reeds poking from the grass level add a crimson sheen to the green meadow, earning the land its gruesome namesake.
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[P] they'll never know
Yesterday, 08:24 PM
by Mercury
An open, sunny meadow, Serene Fields supports a wide array of flowers and fruit-bearing plants amid a sea of emerald grass. It's a safe haven for pups and adults alike, with plenty of room for games, relaxing, or gathering supplies for a healer's cache. Endless blue skies are usually calm with rolling clouds ushered by warm winds from the eastern coast. And with a western border framed by mountains and desert flatland, it's easy to feel like Serene Fields is the center of the world. Despite its great beauty and tranquility, this land is most well known for the celebrations hosted here. During one such event, a shrine of stone wolves was erected by the gods. However, not two festivals later, this symbol of unity was swallowed up by the earth leaving only a fissure of churned soil and rocks. A branch of the Naveen bends through the grass, with seasonal streams branching off and bringing water to all ends of this magical prairie.
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All updates concerning the site will be posted here. Their titles will consist of the date they were posted. Comments from members are not allowed, so as to avoid topics being bumped. Please check here often to see if a new update has been posted.
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[09/16/2017] Ch-ch-c...
09-16-2017, 10:58 PM
by Megaman
Here you will find nearly everything to keep your roleplay and characters organized!

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Have you just had a litter of pups that you need to auction off? Have an amazing bloodline that you need to get adopted into Doutaini? Post their information here and start begging.
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of rime and stars,
26 minutes ago
by Anaxagoras
Omg, a post has died. Come mourn.

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Up and up the mounta...
09-01-2017, 03:41 AM
by Zinna
A guest friendly board where users can come to advertise their sites! Whether this is a link back or a first-time post, everything goes in this board! You'll also find our affiliation request forum within.
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[First Time] Baraenor - semi-fant...
08-30-2017, 10:00 PM
by Venus

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