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SDF Feb/March 2017: Christmas in July
February 25, 2017

Snow covers the fields. The weather outside is frightful, but here it's peaceful and the Stardust Festival is in full swing. The clouds overhead have gone and a light layer of stardust has drifted to cover the snow in silver dust. It's beginning to feel a lot like..
..a different time of year.
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Vote Now!
February 22nd 2017

Voting is now available for the SDF Layout Contest! We are only a few days away, so be sure to cast your votes before February 24th! There is also still time to enter the Summer Layout Contest, which closes on March 1st. Best of luck to all the participants!

Simplified Aging
February 16th 2017

Hey guys, you will all be pleased to know that the biology page has been changed to accommodate a more simplified ageing. As was discussed by you guys, people were finding it a bit frustrating to understand, so what I've done is added an extra tab in the ageing bit so now it goes in seasons (1-3 months, 4-6 months etc) until, as before, it reached 2 years (those tabs have stayed the same). So instead of having .3 of a season (always made my head hurt) you now have nothing until 1 season and anything younger should be placed in months rather than decimal points of a season. Hopefully that all made sense to you all. As always, any questions don't hesitate to ask a member of the staff team. Ta ta for now fellow dout peeps.

Graphics of the Gods Results
February 14th 2017

The results are in for the GotG's. Check out each board to see the winners. Congrats everyone, and thanks for your entries!

Season of Love
February 14th 2017

Hello fellow Douts, good news! Season of Love has started as of today. You may notice a small change in the usual way we do things. As stated in the start post, any breedings during this time have a choice of either a miscarriage or up to 2 pups per litter. The reason we have done this is so that the flood of SOL pups are easier to adopt out to players. The (other bc its a win win) plus side of this for you guys is that you now have a guaranteed successful breeding for your couple! Plus as usual, you get EP for having threads with couples or among family members. Enjoy!

Pack land Sub-forums
February 11th 2017

Hi guys, so we have added a sub-forum to each pack territory. This is called the 'borders' of that pack land. Here wolves may explore the edges without actually stepping a paw into the pack-lands. This way there is a place for all those threads that 'take place upon the border'. Now they can without technically being in the pack territories. This will be a trial to see how this works out so if you have any concerns or questions don't hesitate to send them to a member of staff or the staff account. Happy role-playing Dout!

Graphics of the Gods Votes!
February 6th 2017

So we gave a little extra time to submit your last minute entries for the Graphics of the Gods, and now the voting has officially started! Head over to the Contests board to vote for the main Gods, then go to each packland to vote for the Elemental Gods! Enjoy all of the lovely entries from the members that contributed. Voting will end on February 13th at 12:00am so make sure to get over and vote before it ends!

The Alpha Quota page has a facelift!
February 1st 2017

So on the heels of changing the requirements for earning back a strike, the page itself has had a bit of a re-vamp. This will hopefully make things clear as to when strikes were given and of course, allows staff an easy glance at when those strike have been earned back. If anyone has any questions regarding this, then please don't hesitate to ask myself (Kim) or any of the other staff team. ~ Kim
Close to death, the Divine Healer Mystery, called to those she loved to say her goodbyes. Her call reached the ever alert ears of the child Goddess, Hotaru. She descended from up high to heal Mystery, but found that her work had already been done by Mystery's son, Asher. Granted a while longer to live, Hotaru left those gathered with nothing but love, promising to return when it was time for Mystery to cross over.
Updated 02-25-2017

Ezra has snuck away from Enigma and has arrived in the Lightning Valley where tensions between the packs was high. Injured and starving, she has met Hydra in her journey. Ezra has come to Lightning Valley because she does not want to reside in Enigma. What will this mean for the two packs who are already on the edge with one another?
Updated 02-16-2017

As the ruins fell quiet in the aftermath of Briar's challenge for the Earth pack, neither combatant was crowned the victor; the match had resulted in a draw. In the weeks following their fight, Endymion seems to have disappeared and Briar has capitalized on the opportunity: without further adieu, he has laid claim to the Gaia Temple. Will his actions spur Endymion's ire or is the matriarch of Earth truly gone? Only time will tell. ( read more here )
Updated 02-10-2017

Rebel's infamous leader, Nox, has fallen in the ridge, stricken by age and the toll her pack and powers have done on the blessed Queen; dedicated to the last, her wife-to-be Rykerri is among the first few to arrive, but those wolves who surrounded her were consumed with their grief and their fury at the gods. Among the gathered was Finch Valentine who, dismayed by the death of Nox, cast away his Storm amulet and shunned the gods for the final time - but those clamoring children were quieted when, summoned by the commotion and the passing of one of their chosen, Hiroshi and Hoshiko descended upon the ridge. They offered to Nox and Rykerri a dual-edged proposal: remain alive together to serve out their days or enter the afterlife, now, together and abandon this mortal plane. The choice is theirs. ( read more here )
Updated 02-10-2017

The tides have changed in Hotaru's Firefly Cove: from the fight for sub-alpha, Venus Bellum has arisen victorious over her opponent, the blessed Lypso'ru, and after two years of successful reign, Asher Dame has been dethroned by his challenger, Bhaltair Dalmasca. The unorthodox dual-challenge has succeeded in shaking the very foundation of Divine, but will the new leadership bring fortune or destruction upon the wolves of the Cove? Is this existential change happening in Doutaini's youngest pack? ( read more here and here )
Updated 02-10-2017

Birthed and abandoned in Kuro Pit, a lone pup was adopted by Velia. In an explosive entrance to Lightning Valley, wherein an Enigma wolf, Maneris, tried to steal the pup away, both child and adoptive mother were accepted into Storm. Finch, Storm's Beta, took her to experience her first fight in the Devil's Ruins (a Fire challenge by Vaitan for the Beta rank recently vacated by Rykerri) when she was only days old. However, after beginning to develop a close bond with Finch, the fickle male has left Storm, and the pup. Now, after having spent the majority of her life alone, and naming herself with her first spoken word, Nahkriin seeks comfort from the one wolf she hopes will be reliable: the Storm Alpha, Svana.
Updated 01-30-2017

There is a mountain lion on the loose in Xyntanza's Hill! Philippa encountered the feline and was on the receiving end of some injuries, when she sought out Tyrus to help heal her up. The injuries prompt suspicion from Tyrus due to the similarity of his recent encounter with Akako, and the two try to digest what it all means as their relationship develops.
Updated 01-30-2017

Davida challenged Loretta for Wind Alpha when the incumbent grew scarce on the Hill. Loretta showed and gave up the rank with the compromise of becoming Wind Sub-Alpha.
Updated 01-30-2017

Divines' long time Scion, Venus, has made an appearance in the ruins' with a challenge in mind. She hopes to rise and stake her claim to the title her mother up and left so long ago, Divine sub-alpha. Though it seems fitting, another has risen to the challenge with her own claims for the title, Divines' hunter Lypso'ru. The girls will fight it out, loser rising to Beta alongside Kaleddin and winner receiving the title they both want. Will it cause an even larger rift between the two newly adults? Meanwhile, Bhaltair has arrived with a challenge of his own in mind; a fight for Divine Alpha! Will Divine see severe changes in the coming days, or will their King rise and show them he still has what it takes?
Updated 01-30-2017

Deciding to break with what everyone has expected, Singer and Finch have decided to give their love one last chance. With their lives in different directions, they need to work hard to give each other the time and the commitment they need to make their relationship work. With the courting going on, how will their families react? How will Fire, and Vali, react? Will Finch get cold paws and run away from Singer once again, breaking her heart for the final time?
Updated 01-30-2017

After the birth of Aerys' children, she never saw the face of the criminal Yoljunrahgol again, but things changed when she found her son Malachite talking to the brute. In a try to protect her kid, Yoljun's mind was lost and he began an attack, stopped only by Mercury and Ramona, his packmates from Enigma. Is his desnity sealed with death or torture?
Updated 01-30-2017

A new family has taken up residence in Doutaini, citing divinity as the reason for their coming. Upon entry, the wolves of Dalmasca have split up, looking to each join separate packs. As of yet, their intentions are unknown, but Anaxagoras, the family's second-in-command, is already making waves. He's challenged for Pantaleon's favor and freedom to opt out of the betrothal that she, herself, arranged to Enigma heir, Szymon. Pantaleon and Szymon have both answered the challenge, ready to fight, but what will become of the mending relationship between Earth and Enigma should the intended marriage of their houses be dissolved?
Updated 01-01-2017

Vaitan has wasted no time in attempting to close the gap in Fire's ranks, challenging for the open Beta position. Singer answered his call, but became quickly overwhelmed when her son Mace began to verbally attack her from the sidelines, and Vali stepped in to take her place. Meanwhile, Rykerri was growing restless about Mace's treatment of Singer, and decided to challenge him to fight in the Ruins.
Updated 01-01-2017

After finally being released from Yoljunrahgol's clutches after several months, Aerys limps to Water's border pregnant and with a broken leg, where she is found by members of Water who tend to her and her young. Unbeknownst to the wolves of Water, she may carry a secret that could spell trouble for Enigma in the future. All the while, Divine's well known healer, Mystery, becomes more and more frail as cancer rips through her body a little more, leaving Divine with a dying healer.
Updated 01-01-2017

At long last, Rykerri has fulfilled her promise to Nox. She called her friends to join her in celebration of her time in Fire, hosting a leaving party for the whole pack. However, several wolves were truly shaken by her departure - none more so than Singer, who has yet again lost one of her closest friends. The next morning, Rykerri sought out Nox at the Ridge. The two met in a lover's embrace, their joy unrivalled at finally being united once and for all. Nox asked Rykerri to join at her side as an Alpha of the Ridge, and Rykerri asked Nox to marry her!
Updated 12-28-2016

Aventurine and Morganite are involved with yet more conflict at the Ridge. They stumbled upon Atticus, speaking with Azelie about her plans to burn Rebel to the ground out of vengeance. A fight followed. Soon after, the pair sought out Charlotte to warn her - but walked in on a conversation with Singer about an altercation the twins had with Penance at the Pit. Can the pair regain Charlotte's trust despite Singer's accusations - and just whose side are they on?
Updated 12-28-2016

After Maneris was refused entry to Ice, she turned to Enigma for shelter, along with her new-born pups. She has appealed to Kurai himself, determined to devote herself to him. Meanwhile Spiridion, former heir of Enigma, is changing the course of his life by requesting to join Fire and Ruellia has now taken over the main leadership of Enigma! Enigma is booming with new members and is currently thriving under her guidance.
Updated 12-28-2016

After Lavender denounced Akako while trying to convince Lilith to join her pack, the wrathful God appeared before her and cursed her, removing her necklace and barring her from Fire. Intrigued by Lilith and another wolf named Rorc, Akako claimed them both to Fire, preventing them from leaving without his permission. Sullivan, a descendant of Liam Lioncourt, was also present. Recalling Liam's legendary deeds, Akako gifted Sullivan with knowledge of his ancestor's legacy, and he was painlessly branded with the mark of a lion's claws as memory. Akako briefly questioned Tyrus Valentine about his own family's legacy, before disappearing.
Updated 12-28-2016

Charlotte's position as sub-Alpha of the Ridge was short-lived. Nox swiftly demanded a re-match, eventually beating Charlotte. She removed Charlotte from her rank. However, as a reward for the hard-fought battle, Charlotte was asked to stay at Nox's side as Beta instead.
Updated 12-28-2016

Canela lost his fight for Rebel, receiving severe wounds. Nox issued a death penalty, which Aventurine has promised to carry out. Endymion and Basil were called to heal Nox, but Rykerri refused to allow any healing to be spared for Canela - not even when a third healer, Mystery, offered her services. Will he survive long enough to meet Aventurine's challenge?
Updated 12-28-2016

Briar, heir to Earth's long-held crown, has called Endymion to face him in the Ruins. The long-time Queen answers with dignity, proud of his passion and hopeful of his place as a worthy champion.
Updated 12-18-2016

After Sabriel and Kobrin's death, a niece of Singer was kidnapped by one of the Sildunah's brothers, Yoljunrhagol. Now, while she finds out that she bares kids from him, Maneris returns to Ice borders asking for shelter to the man once banned her, Athos, wanting home for her own kids, whose father still unknown.
Updated 11-30-2016

Kobrin has died among his family, joining his wife Miach in the heavens, having lived just long enough to see his son secure the Ice pack and the future of the Thors in Doutaini. His children have travelled to the packs to spread news of his passing to his close friends. This came soon after the Enigma pack experienced their own loss, saying goodbye to the beloved and renowned Sabriel Volos.
Updated 11-21-2016

The ever-ambitious Canela has made another bid for power, turning his eye back to the Rebel pack. After a failed attempt at recruiting Charlotte to his cause, which left him running for his life and stirred doubts within Nox about Charlotte's loyalty, he turned to the authority of the lawful Ruins to try to secure the pack once and for all. However, the response of several wolves has proven that his path won't be an easy one: Finch hinted at a wish to rise to the challenge, and both Nox and Rykerri issued death threats, while Athos stripped Canela of his necklace where he stood. Even Charlotte offered little support, leaving everyone asking: Who will back him if he wins?
Updated 11-21-2016

There was a surprising turn at the Festival of Champions final: no sooner had Rykerri been crowned champion, than she renounced the title and stated they were "barbarians", claiming the contest had become no more than a grab for power that divided the wolves who competed. Seacca stood beside her in a show of solidarity, and the two wolves called upon the Gods to be held accountable for what they had created.
Updated 11-21-2016

Lypso'ru has proven herself to dissent from the stereotype of a peaceful and quiet Divine wolf, possibly spurred on by her recent blessing and the support of Hoshiko. She has summoned Sullivan to the Ruins, hungry for revenge and with intent to maim.
Updated 11-21-2016

Finch has been making waves in Storm, challenging for the Beta position following the birth of his children with the Alpha, Svana. These are not the only royal children recently born: Water's Alpha, Elizaveta, has also just given birth.
Updated 11-21-2016

Maneris and Greg are set to make Athos’ life hell. Bitter for their dismissal from the pack they have made it their life’s work to bring the Ice Alpha down. What better way to do this than to start a rumour that his ex-love was back? Maneris has elicited the help of an unsuspecting Fire wolf, a young girl named Tethys. Adopting the name of Athos’ ex-love ,Mania, she will visit packs around Doutaini to spread the word. Will this plan work? Will Athos lose his drive when he thinks Mania is back? Will Greg and Maneris finally get their revenge?
Updated 10-5-2016

After being banished from Storm by an angry Svana, Sildunah challenged the Storm Alpha to a death match. Svana ended up victorious, but Sildunah wasn't done yet! She vowed to haunt Svana until she, too, died. What will become of the Storm pack when everything seems so broken?
Updated 10-5-2016

Finally, there is some good news for fire when Wærnyss the lost daughter of Váli returns in the company of Tyrus, a wind wolf who found the young fire girl being held captive by Axelle. Tyrus fought Axelle for Wærnyss’ freedom which turned ugly when Tyrus and Wærnyss pushed her captor over a cliff resulting in the rogue’s death. However, will Wærnyss ever be able to rid herself of the guilt that has plagued her since? And will the wolves of Fire be able to move on peacefully from this incident?
Updated 10-5-2016

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Unclaimed Land
North of the unsightly Pit is a lush thicket that, at first, seems like any other forest. However, once inside there is an overwhelming sense of peace. A thick canopy filters ribbons of light to the soft, mossy floor and even in the dead of winter the trees are always in full bloom. At the heart of this forest a clearing opens up, revealing a circle of willow trees surrounding a solitary stump. They are tall, wide, and crowned with a plum of drooping branches. Each tree has a carving for its pack; a deep etching so clear that no earthly creature could have made it. Tongues of flame for Fire; a leaf for Earth; drop for Water; Curled lines for Wind; Snowflake for Ice; Bolt for Storm; Swirl for Enigma; Small star for Divine. Wolves who already know what pack they'd like to join normally come and sit beneath the Willow of their choice, waiting for an alpha or council member to come and accept them.

Note -- You can get the Alpha's attention by tagging them using @[Alphas Name]
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02-27-2017, 05:03 AM
by Bhaltair
One of two entrances into Doutaini, Kuro Pit is a wasteland of mud and shadows that stretches far into a mountainous horizon. Here the ground is a mixture of packed earth, watery soil, and thick mud that worsens or betters with the weather. Very little life grows here; only weeds, broken trees, and dried grass far as the eye can see. While it appears flat, the land actually slopes toward a large central pit with steep walls. Beside this crater stands a lonely Landmark; a black skeleton tree, taller than all the others, that seems to cast a dark shadow no matter the time or day. This unwelcoming land is where all packs come to recruit newcomers, or even claim unsuspecting females and pups against their will.

Reminder -- 'Post comings' are not allowed in the Pit.
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return to darkness
Yesterday, 02:56 PM
by Dismay

Claimed Land
At the heart of Doutaini's mountain range sits Gelid Sierra, home to the Ice Wolves. Frosted fields and conifer forests clamor at the foothills, rising into bare, snow covered peaks. Glaciers that never recede cover most of the northern territory, feeding water into the river and housing a network of ice tunnels. Overhead the skies are nearly always cloudy and threaten the wolves beneath with regular snowfall and blizzards. Deep ravines hidden beneath the snow, and avalanches, are a constant threat in the frozen territory with no relief from the chill and frost even in Summer months (only the outskirts ever seem to thaw). Yet, Gelid Sierra is one of the most picturesque territories. One Landmark sits at the bottom of a ravine, where an unfortunate wolf who fell to her death lies eternally frozen in the ice. Another is made from sheets of frozen water cascading down a mountain side. Here, Ice necklaces trapped in icicles can be retrieved for new members.

Ruling Alpha(s): Athos
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[Meeting] Ice cold burns [Mand...
Yesterday, 01:17 PM
by Kearnal
Tucked away in Crystalline Caverns are the halls of Enigma; the Caliginous Cavern, home to the Enigma pack. Winding passages bristle with speleothems (mineral deposits of lime and crystal that form stalactites and stalagmites) thanks to a bed of natural gas and oil. Insects and worms feeding off fungus clinging to the walls glow a fantastic blue and green, providing illumination in an otherwise dark world. The Greater Hall is one of two caves with high, spiked ceilings and a wide flat floor. Fed by a waterfall overhead, a lake stretches along the back wall. It's black depths are home to only a few sightless fish and opaque crustaceans, although surprisingly water lilies grow here. A stone pillar rises from the lake where Enigma necklaces can be retrieved. The Lesser Hall is a small grotto illuminated by a wide skylight. Sunlight and rainfall from this opening has filled the cave with small trees, shrubs, and mossy ground cover. But hiding at the rear of this greenery is a dreary Landmark; a sinkhole so deep the bottom cannot be seen. Enigma often lay their dead here.

Ruling Alpha(s): Ramona, Ruellia
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[P] Don't abandon our lo...
3 hours ago
by Ant
The highest peak in Doutaini, Xyntanza's Hill, is home of the Wind pack. Winds from the frigid inland and warm coast combine to make a blustery range that only the most sure footed can ascend. A patchwork of open grassland, rocky crags, and sparse woodland form the base of this expansive territory. On the southern slope, cliffs rise sharply from desert flatland, creating a precipice of stone and hanging foliage. Greenery stretches up the mountain, growing thinner toward the apex into bare stone peaks that are often obscured by clouds. Hanging valleys eroded by the river provide lush rolling fields of plant life in a primarily vertical world, yet not all of it is beautiful. Rock slides are a daily threat, if the winds don't topple you first. A network of caves and tunnels digs into the eastern range, although rushing winds often buffet travelers. One of these passages however, leads to a hidden valley that sits high in the peaks of Xyntanza's Hill. Bare stone rises out of a grassy hollow where, nestled in a large cluster of boulders, Wind necklaces can be retrieved.

Ruling Alpha(s): Davida, Loretta
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[Meeting] the test of warriors
02-25-2017, 05:32 AM
by Dandelion
Sitting south of Styx Heights is Mountain Lion Ridge, home to the Rebels. This dramatic territory is made of a wide gorge carved by the Naveen River through sandstone summits. Walls of shale and red rock stagger up from the ground to mile wide plateaus and even taller monoliths. A branch of Aitou Pass cuts through the western hills, creating a thin ravine of jagged bluffs and loose rock. Though Winter brings cool winds and even snowfall, the Ridge is primarily a warm, arid place with sparse plants, reptiles and game. A network of ravines turns to tunnels that lead to an in-ground lake that acts as a hot spring for weary wolves. It's betrayed by an opening in the cave ceiling that spans several feet around and drops straight to the water below. Mountain Lions living near the Styx are a constant threat to the wolves along with falling rocks, slides, and hidden drop offs. In spite of the danger, there are few places so awe inspiring. Bizarre rock formations, carvings, and mineral-colored stones are just some of the attractions, along with two distinct Landmarks. Used for generations, a large boulder split vertically marks the Rebel meeting place, while the other, a spiral of lacy rock in the heartland, honors a fallen Emperor.

Ruling Alpha(s): Rykerri
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[P] [L] Cursed Bloodline...
11 hours ago
by Dismay
Legend says Lightning Valley, home of the Storm pack, was created by tornadoes ripping through the land. Whether or not that's true, the Vale has remained the same for generations. Towering rock walls plunge toward each other, creating a deep center passage. Several tributaries race down the sloping hills where they merge into a fast moving branch of the Naveen River. On the Valley floor the terrain is made of mountain and creek sediments, creating a sandy shore. Up from the rift rise sloping meadows of mixed grass and forest, with bare limestone peaks forming a jagged edge along the sky. More cliffs frame the back of the Valley, while the mouth opens up into sprawling lowland. Gray clouds often gather overhead, doling out storms to the inhabitants below on a regular basis. At the heart of the Valley basin sits its Landmark; an ageless tree with golden leaves and a hollow in the trunk where Storm necklaces may be found.

Ruling Alpha(s): Svana
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Yesterday, 06:47 AM
by Cavae
Since the Tsunami, Cerulean Waters, home to the Water pack, has become the largest arcuate river delta in Doutaini, fed by the ocean and two converging branches of the Naveen River. The territory sits on expansive wetlands dominated by grass, rushes, reeds, and low growing shrubs and supports a variety of semi-aquatic life. Near the mouth of the delta sit several small-medium islands, some made of grass and some made of sediment and sand. Even in high tide, there is always at least one refuge above water. The southern tip of the shoreline stretches out into a small sandy beach complete with bluffs. This coastal pack has two distinct Landmarks, the first located in the heart of the marsh. A lone stump with a flat top amid a field of water so clear reeds can be seen billowing beneath the glassy surface. The second landmark sits along the coast itself; a cave to the north that sits half on the beach and half in the sea. Within this cave, illuminated by a skylight, is a stone alter where Water necklaces may be retrieved.

Ruling Alpha(s): Elizaveta
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30 minutes ago
by Thresh
No land is as rich with life as Gaia Temple, home to the Earth pack. A jungle-like forest, nearly every type of conifer and broad leafed tree grows in these woods, along with several species of flowering and fruit-baring plants. Although not nearly as dense as it once was, this land has begun to flourish again after many fires. The forest floor, rippling with roots and stones, is a mixture of burnt trees, vegetation, and creeping vines making it difficult to navigate at times. Fortunately years of travel have carved paths into the underbrush. Many of the young trees have grown considerably and form a thick canopy that lets very little light to the floor below. Such density keeps the forest humid and warm in every season with little fluctuation. Deep in the wood, protected by a sapling bamboo forest, a half crumbled temple sits overrun with moss and creeping vines. Many of the inner halls have remained intact, and at the end of one hall is an alter of stone where Earth necklaces rest. Recent events have caused a branch of the Naveen to cut through the western part of the forest, creating one of the pack's Landmarks; a moat surrounding a small raised island, home to an impressive, timeless willow tree. The second Landmark - a towering, lilac-leafed tree - sits in one of the decrepit rooms of the temple, surrounded by rubble. Every fruit found in Doutaini grows seasonally on this one tree.

Ruling Alpha(s): Briar, Endymion
Threads: 21 Posts: 164

every, rose.
Yesterday, 12:50 PM
by Briar
At the heart of Doutaini is Torrid Desert, home to the Fire pack. A harsh, unforgiving land of year-round heat, the desert offers little comfort to its inhabitants. Besides prickly plants and reptiles, few animals can endure this barren land of scarce rainfall and frequent dust storms. Mountains frame the west half of the territory with sprawling meadows to the east. Only the outskirts of the desert - flat lands of clay and sediment - ever see the smallest temperature changes, but the center of the desert suffers unending heat beneath a usually cloudless sky; he desert only sees two seasons of rainfall. . Here, golden sand dunes stretch up to the sky, making navigation difficult on every level. Trudging through deep sand can wear on inexperienced travelers, and almost no plant life can be found in the central region of Torrid Desert. The only refuge from such heat is one small oasis framed in lush plant life and a few tropical trees for shade. Fire necklaces can be found hidden among the foliage, poking from the sand.

Ruling Alpha(s): Singer
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[P] [L] My Beloved (Aaro...
Yesterday, 09:57 AM
by Veronica
Positioned in the rocky norther coast of Doutaini is Firefly Cove, home of the Divine pack. This diverse territory is made of two parts - the Bay and the Meadow. Separating them is a small network of coastal caves that act as a 'hiway' between the coast, meadow, and the borders. There is only one way in and out of Firefly Cove, and that is through this cave which is situated south of the meadow and west of Para Siempre. Steep vertical cliffs and jagged granite peaks rise for miles surrounding the meadow. Renowned for its beauty, the valley boasts forests babbling brooks, and a large, open meadow with a galaxy of plant life. The same mountains surrounding the field also form the horseshoe-arched cove. Protected on all sides by cliffs and monoliths, the golden c-shaped beach is home to giant boulders and a wealth of marine life. North of this sheltered inlet is Divine's Landmark; a tidefall that cascades water down onto the beach from a mountain precipice. Behind these falls is a small cave where Divine necklaces can be found. While day has its own beauty, night in Firefly Cove is just as spectacular, with hundreds of fireflies filling the fields and coast, bringing light wherever they go.

Ruling Alpha(s): Bhaltair
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[Mandatory] இ -- fate loves the ...
8 hours ago
by Lypso'ru

North of the frozen Gelid Sierra, an ancient stratovolcano collapsed into an empty crater. Over time with snow and glacial melt as well as rain water, Lacrima Lake was formed. Reaching several feet at its deepest, this is one of the largest bodies of water in all the land and the birthplace of Naveen River. Although the rim is quite steep on most sides, erosion has worn away at the southern face allowing the river to flow freely, and for curious wolves to venture inside. Gray banks of igneous rock and sediment frame the waterfront with a fringe of sparse woodland climbing up the ridge. Various fish and trout have made this lake their home, along with other large predators and even eagles that have been known to snatch pups. Since the volcanoes death, Lacrima Lake has become a place of peace and serenity with pristine opal waters just right for swimming or ice-fishing in the winter months.
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[Mature] [SOL] Threes' a Crow...
9 hours ago
by Ruellia
Birthed by the caldera of Lacrima Lake, Naveen River is made of three freshwater channels that flow throughout Doutaini. In some places the river can span several feet to a mile wide with rapidly rushing waters, but there are places where the watercourse is narrow and calm and easy to swim across. Several smaller streams, brooks, and creeks, some seasonal, have split from the main rivers to wind their way through neutral and claimed territories alike, bringing water to every part of the land. The banks of these rivers and streams are normally rich with plant life thanks to the water-fed soil, and small fish and crustaceans are a common sight below the cool surface. Flowing south, Naveen River ends its journey in the southeastern shoreline where it warms and empties into the sea.
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Although this is by no means a young forest, Iridescent Glade is open rather than dense, with frail trees growing in sparse clusters. Such a meager canopy allows for a wealth of sunlight to reach into the wood, highlighting trees and causing light to flash on every satin leaf. Fallen trees from a recent disaster stretch across the Glade floor but, thanks to an open layout, are hidden by stalks of grass tall enough to conceal even an adult wolf. Some shrubs and perennials can be found hidden amid the undergrowth, but it takes a keen eye to spot them. When the wind blows the entire woodland seems to come alive; trees whisper and bend while waves of jade billow and gleam under the sun. At dusk the glade is painted in a golden wash, adding to its mystery and beauty while morning mists from the neighboring forest and nearby sea hovers through the trees like wandering spirits.
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[P] [SOL] I Remember Tou...
Yesterday, 12:35 PM
by Lunafer
Plunging into the ocean and forming Doutaini's northeastern border is Grave Summit. A gradually sloping mid-elevation peak, the mountainous terrain is hilly with a blanket of low laying grass and brambles but very few trees. Some flowering plants blossom seasonally thanks to warm winds and moisture from the nearby ocean, peppering an otherwise drab landscape. Despite its seemingly harmless elevation, loose rocks can spell trouble for any traveler. One misstep can cause sprains or broken bones, and with a rough coastline forming the base of this peak drowning is certainly a risk. Thankfully there are no ravines, but rock-slides have been known to occur. Over time the wildcats have moved on, replaced instead by a population of wolverines that prey on pups and litter the ridge with waste and old bones. Overhead, hawks and eagles can be seen circling, completing this grim landscape.
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Falling from the Rebel territory into a lush copse of trees is Jinsyn Waterfall. This complex waterway is actually a series of smaller falls, roughly the same size, cascading down a rocky steppe before branching off into separate smaller brooks. These narrow, softly flowing canals weave through a field of geysers. Jet-like eruptions are infrequent but threaten to burn unsuspecting travelers with scalding hot water. Even the steam rising in the aftermath can cause uncomfortable heat. When not erupting, the geyser surface is a glassy combination of ivory foam and turquoise, creating a peaceful contradiction. A lush thicket frames the border of this territory thanks to the warm moisture-rich climate, with some plots of bare stone making up the banks. Moss grows more readily than grass here, although some flowering plants also make their home waterside.
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[P] dear fellow traveler...
02-27-2017, 06:53 AM
by Vim
Well known throughout Doutaini as the sparring grounds, Devil's Ruins is the place wolves come to fight. In ancient times a temple stood here, large enough to rival the one in Gaia Temple, but for reasons unknown this once proud shrine has collapsed into the sandstone floor beneath it. Almost nothing grows here - save for a few rugged plants creeping through cracks in the ground - but trees and forests make up the perimeter. Within the boundary of the Ruins are several 'arenas'; open, flat areas of different sizes surrounded by clusters of degenerating stone structures. In some areas the temple has crumbled to nothing but piles of rubble, but a few columns and stadiums have remained partially intact. Ambitious wolves may spar atop the unsteady formations, but many choose to fight on the more level ground of the arenas. Recently, an earthquake caused a narrow section of Naveen River to cut through the western part of Devil's Ruins, splitting the fighting grounds roughly in half.
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Stygain Flats
Also known as the 'mountain of fire', Mt. Pyralis is a small, active volcano framing the northwestern border of Doutaini. Although it doesn't erupt often, this conical mountain has been the cause of many disasters over the generations. The most recent eruption further changed the landscape, widening the summit crater, sealing off tunnels and caves, and destroying the hot springs near the base with a field of magma. Today this composite volcano made of cinders, ash, and dried lava is still quite active. Plants seldom grow here, and only a few sparse trees and rugged shrubs manage to gather on the western-most slopes. The overall appearance of the volcano is one of loose gray debris and rocks that are quite warm to the touch. While venturing to the top is not advised, those who do will be exposed to staggering heat and the strong smell of sulfur. Though the summit appears solid, hot magma still bubbles beneath the surface.
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[SOL] Rebel Yell (Ch...
Yesterday, 11:54 AM
by Mercury
Once belonging to the Devout pack, Aureate Plateau is a high plain that seems almost on top of the world. Visible across most of Doutaini, this piedmont plateau rises from the surrounding mountains into flat terrain that is primarily covered in a sweeping field of golden grass. Patches of emerald and clusters of flowering plants sprout throughout the area to contrast the gilded plains. Seen from the borders, but much further inland, are a strange compilation of rock formations - granite monoliths and pillars shaped and arranged in thought provoking positions - believed to be created by the gods when the territory was shaped. Just east of these structures the grass gives way to a smooth, pale gray stone floor bleached white by the sun in some places, and stretching to the far end of the territory. Clouds rarely make an appearance in the endless blue sky, making this a prime spot for sun bathing or star gazing.
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et tu, brute? [l]
02-27-2017, 09:44 AM
by Athos
Nestled in the arms of two conjoined peaks, Para Siempre has been Doutaini's Cemetery since the beginning of time. A grove of dew laden grass and creeping ivy, this peaceful vale has few other plants or trees beside one distinct Landmark. At the head of the cemetery is an aged, gnarled willow tree that is almost beyond recognition. It stands as a vigil in this unnaturally quiet place of reverence and mourning, frozen in time. Grave markers are strewn across the territory; some are simple mounds of dirt, while others used stones to mark burial sites. Mist from the nearby ocean only adds to the wonderment of the unknown deceased. Those coming to mourn or visit past loved ones may enjoy a sunset over the sea, which is said to rival the sights of Shoshana Shore and bring comfort to weary hearts. During the Day of the Dead, ghosts often gather here to revisit the living.

If you have had a character die in Doutaini, feel free to create a board for them, decorate it as you wish and describe the tombstone or marking they have over their corpse. Wolves may gather here simply to visit the dead, spirit wolves sometimes acting as a guide in hopes to conjure those last words from the deceased on to their family.
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oh, to be a ghost
10 hours ago
by Nezzera
Land pours down into the gaping entrance of Crystalline Caverns, which sits against the sloping side of a mountain similar to Grave Summit. An impressive sight, but not when compared to the labyrinth within. Created by gas and mineral deposits, selenite crystals have formed along limestone walls, jutting from all angles. Light from the outside world is reflected off these gems, creating a luminous glow several feet beyond the entrance. But deeper in the caves, darkness and shadows play tricks on the mind of travelers, and the winding tunnels make it easy to get turned around. Dead ends, narrow corridors, and hidden chasms are just a few of the dangers these caverns hide. There is only one cave deep beneath the surface that opens up to an underground lake. Selenite gypsum crystals that have broken off and fallen to the bottom glisten in the dull light of glow worms living on the cave walls, creating a kaleidoscope effect.
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[P] Shape of You; I'm In...
02-27-2017, 02:21 PM
by Theodosia
lital isle
Recent flooding has turned Malignant Mire into an extensive brackish swamp fed by streams and ocean tides. Surrounding woods and fields form a dry fringe which is easy to navigate and much safer than the inland bog. Semi-dry ground gives way to chest high water that can change from shallow to deep at a moments notice. Dead foliage and trees unable to fully decompose thanks to waterlogged soil combine to create unstable strips of acidic peat moss where other hardy plants manage to bloom. The water itself is murky with a layer of algae that hides snakes, crocodiles, and various fish beneath the surface. Caution is an absolute necessity when swimming through these treacherous waters. Slender trees with submerged roots scantly litter the mire, creating a sickly swamp forest. In the early morning hours, heavy mist shrouds the bog making vision difficult while evening high tides threaten to drown unsuspecting souls in quicksand-like mud.
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02-27-2017, 02:23 PM
by Lilah
Aitou Pass
As one of the largest mountain ranges within Doutaini, Styx Heights has earned it's hellish name. This broad belt encompasses almost the entire northern region, and is the backbone of several pack territories. Trenches and steep divides segment the mountain into numerous peaks of argillite, limestone, and metamorphic rock, but none are passable. Navigation through the steep mountains is dangerous even to the most skilled climbers; thin atmosphere, loose rocks, and a network of passages and narrow land bridges are only a few of the challenges faced by curious visitors. Big cats have also been known to frequent these cliffs such as Puma and Lynx while buzzards circle the sky. Prey such as mountain goats and horned sheep are yet, another temptation for predators including wolves. This dangerous, precarious range of mountains also sees a variety of weather from blustery winds to cracking thunderstorms. Some shrubs and weeds may grow along the lower altitudes, but the saw-like cliffs are made of exposed rock. Only the swift, or the foolish, dare to traverse these peaks.
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02-27-2017, 01:24 PM
by Cavae
Shrouded in mist rising out of the sea, Hakai Mists Forest is the largest woody forest in Doutaini. A wealth of conifers - cedars, evergreens, firs, pines, etc. - crowd this densely populated territory alongside deciduous trees. Bristling branches often interlock to create a prickly canopy that lets in almost no sunlight, yet there is a thriving undergrowth of flowering and fruit-baring plants that clusters near the bank of two streams twisting through the wood. Fallen needles have helped to foster a semi-acidic soil in which lichens and various moss also thrive in abundance. Intense humidity fostered by these close-growing plants combined with cool ocean winds has created an eternal veil of mist that floats through the trees. At the heart of this forest lies an old Landmark; an underground temple destroyed from the inside, sits as a mound of rubble within a crater surrounded by trees. Besides the threat of getting lost there are no large predators, only birds and critters, making it a good place for young wolves to come play.
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[P] Inner Demons
Yesterday, 02:24 PM
by Nokummus
Teaming with life, the southern beach of Shoshana Shore is far from ordinary. Golden sands from the fringe of nearby Water pack lands overwhelm the coast line, driving back marsh and meadow alike. Made of rhyolite and quartz deposits accumulated over time, the shoreline is a dazzling white gold that plunges into an ocean of cobalt blue and aquamarine. Strange and beautiful fish populate the underwater world, but on land a wealth of animals - shorebirds, gulls, sea otters and crustaceans - call this beach home. Recent flooding has altered the shoreline, uprooting much of the old flora and creating a haven for sea loving wolves to sunbathe, swim, fish, or gather to watch one of the most spectacular sunsets in all of Doutaini. Dusk seems to transform the beach into a tranquil paradise of still waters and a galaxy of colors from the setting sun as it's reflected off the ocean surface. Such a beautiful sight often attracts lonely or love-struck souls.
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[P] [L] to know and be k...
10 minutes ago
by Dracarys
Once part of Torrid Desert, the soul mirrors serve now as a reminder of those who died during the Fire mutiny. Left over from a casting of Magma Manciple by former Rebels Vexx and Rat Valentine, two crystal plates stare out of a golden landscape, reflecting the daylight sun and night moon in pairs. Surrounding them is a land of packed dry sandstone with hardy vegetation as the only form of life. The clear glass pools shimmer eternally from fragments of necklaces that burst in the extreme heat. Made of stardust, their color and glow never fades and seems to pulse with the essence of those who perished here, trapped forever in the frozen, swirled vault. At the height of day these connected graves can be hot to the touch, but come midnight are a cool refuge for desert-worn paws. Wolves who remember the battle see this as a place of reverence, but for many these pools are as mysterious as the gods themselves.
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[l] scio
02-26-2017, 07:22 AM
by Divayth
With rolling hills of plenty, Crimson Meadows has become a frequent hub for deer, hare, and other prey. Now mainly used for hunting, wolves come to form parties with their pack or strangers in hopes of making a kill. Young wolves also come here to learn, but almost always with a watchful teacher. Such bountiful game has been known to attract other predators as well, like bears and even cougars who are not afraid to steal a hard earned meal or prey on the wolves themselves! Tall, free growing grass makes for ample cover and the undulating terrain allows skilled hunters to get the advantage over their quarry. Beside the abundance of grass, nearly every kind of low growing perennial and fruit-baring bush in Doutaini can be found here, creating a medley of colors and smells. Ruddy tipped reeds poking from the grass level add a crimson sheen to the green meadow, earning the land its gruesome namesake.
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[Hunting] IN GEAR. [Fire]
9 hours ago
by Lyonesse
An open, sunny meadow, Serene Fields supports a wide array of flowers and fruit-bearing plants amid a sea of emerald grass. It's a safe haven for pups and adults alike, with plenty of room for games, relaxing, or gathering supplies for a healer's cache. Endless blue skies are usually calm with rolling clouds ushered by warm winds from the eastern coast. And with a western border framed by mountains and desert flatland, it's easy to feel like Serene Fields is the center of the world. Despite its great beauty and tranquility, this land is most well known for the celebrations hosted here. During one such event, a shrine of stone wolves was erected by the gods. However, not two festivals later, this symbol of unity was swallowed up by the earth leaving only a fissure of churned soil and rocks. A branch of the Naveen bends through the grass, with seasonal streams branching off and bringing water to all ends of this magical prairie.
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[SDF] painting greys [aw]
51 minutes ago
by Thresh

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