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Ruins & Fighting Rules
Posted 04-17-2013, 02:47 PM | This post was last modified: 12-27-2017, 03:03 PM by Lyra
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The Laws of the Ruins

No one in Doutaini is entirely sure when or how they originated, but the Laws of Devil's Ruins continue to hold sway over any and all who enter here. The denizens of Doutaini merely chalk it up to holy magic or divinity, and all opponents and bystanders are subconsciously aware and bound to them.

The rules, as quoted from the Rules Page:

  • Spar statistics are required: ie, Move Count, Time Limit, Elemental Use, Wolf Stats. Generally, move counts can be any set of moves from 3 each and up, while time limits can be anywhere from 3-5 days, and 48 hours for Tournament spars. If statistics are not set by the time the spar has begun, a member of staff will post at the fight with a set of general, default statistics that must be followed.
  • While the roleplayers may decide together on move count, time limit and elemental use, the challengee (or, the person being challenged) has the final say on the number of moves and whether elements will apply.
  • During an Alpha Challenge, you are not allowed to fight to the death.
  • Once a spar type is set (dominance, mercy, stealing, etc) it cannot be changed.
  • "Post Comings" are not allowed. Your attack must be posted in full and all at once. Though a time stamp with a relevant link to the thread that is being waited upon is accepted.
  • Bystanders and spectators cannot interfere.
  • OOC comments are discouraged.
  • Judges may be chosen from Staff or other members who offer their time. Anyone can judge a spar so long as they are versed in the methods shown in the Universal Judging System, and in doing so they will earn +4 EP on the account with which they posted the judging. If two judges contain two different verdicts, a third can be chosen as a tie-breaker, but there can be no more than three judges per spar.

  • Before, during, and after fights:

  • Wolves are not allowed to use weapons or 'accessories' in spars unless it is directly created by elemental usage in that spar (such as diamond hide, canopy, supernova, etc).

    This means: no skull or bone armor/affects (masks, etc), no pre-made armors with poisons or other created defensive methods (permanent vine collars, etc).

  • If a character has won the rank of Alpha in a Ruins Spar, they cannot be re-challenged for 1 IC season (6 ooc weeks)

  • If a character has won a Death Match, they cannot be re-challenged for 24 OOC hours (or 2 days IC). However, if the winner of a Death Match decides that they want to desecrate or take the body of the deceased in any fashion, they MAY be challenged on the spot by a single individual (1 vs 1 fight) but it CANNOT be to the death. Spar Statistics would then be named and followed by both parties. Should said individual be beaten and therefore fail in protecting the body, no others may challenge for it. The body becomes open to the victor's whims to do as they please with.

  • Once a wolf has performed elemental attacks equal to their EP total (ex. a wolf with 50 EP uses two 5 EP moves and two 20 EP moves), they cannot make any more elemental attacks. Physical fighting may continue, but they will continue to suffer the side effects of their element, found on their pack's page. Further usage of elemental attacks (even the default power) after exhausting the energy meter will result in death.

  • These amendments and additions were addressed in this staff update.