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Open the spark that lights the fire.
Posted 06-12-2018, 11:30 AM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 7.00
36 in, 125 lbs
591 ep
© Jamie

The blood of the traitor did not sate his thirst.

He could taste it, even now, as his tongue slid along the sharp curves of his fangs. He felt it bubble into his wide-open maw, warm and bitter, reeking of swamp water. It was no worse a stench than the rest of Teneff's rotting body--that fool truly fell apart from the inside out. Killing him was a service performed for the order of the world, for Nature itself. And yet, though his mouth was full of the traitor's flesh, Vaitan was left with nothing but a pervading emptiness. Rushing headlong into the depths of the Mire had not allowed him to escape the wretched, hollow feeling. Reeling from the Magic Blue Gem's effects, rolling and barking in his hidden cove of Lital Isle, had not distracted him from the pain. Instead, memories bombarded him and each one chipped away another piece of his soul.

Alone. Now the beast stood alone at the top of a dune, surveying the kingdom he had promised to protect. But what was he truly protecting? Singer's legacy? Save for a few precious wolves, Doutaini seemed to have forgotten her name. Even the late queen's ghost had ceased appearing in the desert she once called home. Was he protecting Singer's daughters? Sentry had been missing for weeks, broken and destroyed by the death of her children--and oh, how familiar he was with that incurable ache. Lyonesse remained--ever loyal, ever strong--but she did not need his guidance. (No one needed the guidance of a ruthless murderer.) As for the rest of his pack, they dwindled like dying stars in the dawn. No matter how fervently he protected the Torrid, no matter how much he fed them or trained them, the wolves of Fire continued to disperse. They did not believe in a god who slaughtered the innocent. Or, Vaitan realized, perhaps they did not believe in him.

And perhaps they were right. He was never meant to lead. He had never wanted this burden. The Torrid was his home and his prison alike. All this work, all this duty, all this suffering for a god who willed himself into obscurity. Akako. You've damned us all. Everything and nothing...that was what the gods had given Vaitan, what Akako had given him. But since the night of the Stardust Festival, Vaitan leaned toward the latter. He remembered Charlotte's words, how sweet and reasonable they finally sounded: forsake that god. The beast had never been so tempted to abandon knowledge and power. And yet, hadn't he gotten what he came here for? So, so long ago, the beast traveled the world to find this land of the gods, to learn what they had to offer, to see through their eyes.

Now he had. And he was disappointed. Empty.

Wind stirred across the golden sea, bearing a whisper of winter's cold. Vaitan narrowed his amber eyes as flecks of sand brushed his cheeks, as the breeze rustled his coat. How long would he claim dominion over the endless desert? How long would he deny himself the simple pleasures of the earth because of honor and duty? He could feel the absence of those around him: Akako's absence, the absence of Singer, Teneff, Sentry, Vali, Rykerri, Charlotte, Lunaria, Murmura, of...Ruellia. It dug deep into his volcanic core, fueling the spark of eternal rage which burned there. Soon, the demon's anger would be wild and untamed, like the vicious malice of his ancestor.

Vaitan was not sure he cared to hold back any longer.


[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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Posted 06-12-2018, 05:04 PM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
41.35 in in, 102.22 lbs lbs
549 ep
© Sylvirr
gonna toss Merc here][]

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