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June 10, 2018: Site Move
Posted 06-10-2018, 09:33 AM |
Rebel ( Admin )
Rebel Wolf
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© Ly
everything changes

June 10, 2018

As you have all likely noticed, Doutaini's speed has not improved much since the most recent server change. The rest of the site seems to be going slowly haywire in the process: deactived plugins have (seemingly spontaneously) re-activated and caused errors, quick edit no longer works, polls can no longer be created, subaccounts can't be added, and--most problematic--posts can no longer be permanently deleted, only soft deleted. We also had a bout of unexpected downtime last week. As a result of these myriad issues, staff has decided that our present set-up is unsustainable.

Our Paypal was wiped out by the last server change. We can't pay to hire someone who might be able to figure out these issues, and don't want to raise the money just to have to do so again the next time something breaks. Instead, we've decided to move to Jcink. We think, with the recent-ish updates to jcink's functionality, this will be a vast improvement over the current situation.

We hope to complete the move June 15th, in time for the season change on June 16th. The new site will be located here: click, and we'll announce here when it goes online so you can register your characters. The current site will not go anywhere in the near future. It's paid for the next few years, so it will serve as an archive without the ability to create new threads. You will be able to retrieve all of your character information and posts that you wish to--and we will announce well in advance should that eventually change. (We may, at some point in the near future, switch the URL from this site to the New Dout, and change this URL to an archive link. Again, you'll be notified.)

This is a big change, and it comes with some IC changes, too. The result of the poll came in a few days ago, and this time, you voted overwhelmingly to disband:

So, when the new site opens, this vote will be put into effect. We'll have a new, freeform pack creation system, and wolves will be able to pick their own elements independent of what pack they're in by making small offerings at the Doutaini Willows.

Your staff team is working hard to get the new site up as quickly as possible. With the move will come a new skin, an updated guidebook, and a new prize system. We hope you're as excited for these changes as we are!

With love,
Doutaini Staff

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