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All Welcome won't you give yourself a try // akuma
Posted 06-07-2018, 02:26 PM |
Earth Alpha
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© ev

after the long trek from the kuro pits, mars' paws hit the grass and soft moss that grew in the gaia. as soon as his paws did, a smile returned to his blackened lips. a soft sigh left them as a relief from the rock, rubble, and dirt was finally given to him. the earthen king navigated his way towards the temple with akuma by his side, if he had followed. he knew the path by now like the back of his hand. mars twisted and winded through the trees and other plants with ease. there was no problem as he hopped over fallen logs that he had once ran into. thankfully, he had been using vines to find where everything was. well, there were still some surprises every now and then. but he barely traveled outside the gaia unless it was to the pits. and from there, he knew his way back. mars' nose found the scent of the temple before either of their eyes did, mars nodded towards the temple. once he reached, he sat against the temple's wall where the moss started to grow. "welcome back home, akuma.. where you belong." he spoke with a smile, head turned out to the forest as if he could see the sights that laid in front of him. he can't, obviously, but he remembered how it used to look. he imagined it as his head was looking out towards the forestry. he imagined the trees still full of leaves since the gaia always stayed warm during the winters- another reason that he loved the gaia temple with a passion. he hoped that the willow tree was doing well- though, he knew it was. with briar's body underneath it, it would be flourishing with life due to the death underneath it. his head turned back to akuma, "what makes you want to be on council?" the question fills the empty air between the two.


searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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