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Borders ties // lunafer
Posted 06-05-2018, 07:53 PM |
Earth Alpha
Male, 4.00
34 in, 118 lbs
513 ep
© ev

it had been awhile since his nose had smelt the sea salt of the cove mixed with fresh grass. his tail flickered as he took in the feel of the wind against his fur with the mists from the waterfalls traveling. it had felt like paradise and for a moment, he wondered what it would have been like if he had stayed here instead of earth. a soft breath comes from those pretty blackened lips as he lifted his head as if he could see the sky. "hotaru.. you've done a beautiful job. you have no one better than lunafer to lead." he murmured to the sky before a summoning call was let out for the leadership of the cove. for he needed to reconnect with everyone that he had pushed out of his life. he had to return to being a good leader- to return earth to a place where everyone could come if they had no other place or just to return home- to kaede, bearer of life. and with that, he needed some allies to train with and hunt to get the pack rallied.


searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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