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guitar for dummies
Posted 06-02-2018, 07:44 AM |
Rogue Wolf
Female, 5.00
38 in, 90 lbs
0 ep
© sorceror
Having suffered the slings and arrows of ignominious defeat, she found herself wandering the mud flats. The lake hadn't worked out for her. Wind was under control of a lunatic. There weren't many other options other than living out her days in the wilderness, trying not to starve to death and dodging stupid thugs who could take things from her without her being able to do anything about it. She needed a magic rock to survive. It was an annoying truth.
The best place to find charity was, of course, out here. She remembered limping around in the mud before, half-dead, confronted with strangers that had spooky powers and annoying opinions. One of them had tried to kidnap her. That, at least, wouldn't happen this time. She was familiar enough with the locals to expect them to start throwing around magic powers to show off, and she wasn't exactly about to drop dead. Yet. Maybe she was a lot skinnier than was typical even for her, and maybe she had frost hanging off her due to the icy wind, but she was still kicking.
The vastness of the familiar dead tree stretched overhead. She sat under it, scowling skyward at the threatening clouds, and sighed. Her living state could be considered good luck, she guessed, but if she was about to die, it might be more convenient. Or less painful. Was she getting frostbite? She flicked her icy ears experimentally and decided that losing one might just be the edge she needed. A one-eared, starving cripple was sure to garner some misplaced pity. Lately, she'd take anything she could get. A winning hand was a winning hand, after all.
The tree behind her felt warmer than the rest of the world. She leaned her shoulder against it, eyes watering. windy. That was all.
She closed them.
If she fell asleep, there was a good chance she might never wake up, but a short break wouldn't kill her.

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Posted 06-11-2018, 04:36 PM |
Enigma Alpha
Female, 5.75
33 in, 115 lbs
371 ep
© Xechi
i've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night

Ruellia moved like clockwork. Tend the borders, visit the packs, check in on the Pits. It was a satisfying routine that helped keep her rampant mind occupied. Vengeance wreaked havoc on her soul, but she held no regret. A friend's blood tasted as sweet as an enemies, and now she knew how little difference there was in the two. Despite this newfound knowledge, she still found herself trekking the deep snow towards the muddied wastes at the edge of Doutaini. Why seek members for a pack as dark and twisted as hers? Simple. It was her purpose. The violet gem served as a test for all who donned it, and who was she to deny Kurai?

A chill took to the air as the piercing winds further disheveled her elegant mess of a mane, and a small voice tempted her to turn back around. Go back to the dark depths that could not be touched by time, light, or cold. She ignored it, instead pressing forward with a grim, resolute frown plastered to her quivering lips. She caught sight of the stranger, huddled against the the solitary tree, and quickened her pace. Rue used the moments it took to reach Yagrum to observe, though her face remained impassive of her inner thoughts. It was clear, whoever the woman was, she was in need. Any without a necklace- without a pack, during these times would be. "Ho, stranger," the pale woman called as she came to a slow stop some paces from Yagrum, "Forgive my bluntness, but-" she grinned a toothy grin that didn't touch even the edges of her eyes, and she wondered, briefly, if this small stick of a girl could handle the dark gem around her neck, "You look like hell. I may be presumptuous, but, you look in need of a home, no?"

Another pause, and she glanced around, expected others to begin climbing in to rally for this stranger's favor. Perhaps she'd gotten lucky today, or, perhaps they were yet to come. Still, Ruellia could only offer the poisoned apple and see if they would bite. "Ah, I'm Ruellia-" she gave a small tilt of her head, the closest thing to respect she'd show some one without pack or rank before continuing. "Ruler of Enigma. There's a home there for you, if you're willing to live in the Caverns and don Kurai's gem."

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

[Image: EinF1lS.jpg]

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