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Hunting the knight of the cart
Posted 06-02-2018, 06:58 AM |
Divine Warrior
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© sorceror
all welcome but tagging a few people who might b interested
Akuma Icarus Alistar Quilla Lunafer
He'd done all the necessary preparations for this on his own, mostly. At least, all the ones he could think of. Fasting, meditation, figuring out what a ram was and where they lived and, finally, arriving at the required location. It was cold under the blue skies; the cliffs cracked slightly with ice. Dangerous. They could use magic, though. He had thought about it and nobody had ever said he had to either kill a ram on his own or do it without using magic.
Granted, it was probably more knightly to complete the task on his own, or at least to not cheat, but he was starting to find that the older he got, the better he could think about such philosophical questions. The rules of chivalry, obviously, didn't preclude other people helping him with things - as long as they were also brave. He summoned all the friends he could think of, because he was pretty sure all of them embodied most or all of the knightly rules he'd spent his youth studying, sat down on the rocky path, and stared up at the top of the mountain.
No rams yet, but there would be some. He had total faith in the possibility. This was, after all, where rams lived, and therefore a ram would indeed turn up. All he had to do was wait long enough.
Or, once the rest of his hunting party arrived - it never crossed his mind that they might not - they could go look for one.
It was a fair day, at least: little wind, no clouds, and the cold didn't bother him. It was a fine time to try and kill something.
And then, probably, figure out somehow where wind was and how to get there. Near the mountains? A mountain? Murmura hadn't really been very clear, and he was still vaguely uncomfortable with the idea of approaching the place. He always had been.

His pale eyes caught movement on a far-off point on the pathway; he stood up, lanky frame still, to see what it was.

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Posted 06-02-2018, 09:51 AM |
Divine Alpha
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© Sylvirr
He arrive sin short order. Apparently, he feels refreshed and clean, perhaps the most recent celebration of Hotaru and Hoshiko has revived some of his energy, and while his nearing the end of his prime years, it does not show. Not yet. Perhaps it is a testament to the strength of his convictions, to his holy practice and his priesthood. Regardless, he meets Rascal with an honest smile, sincere in its warmth and familiarity."
Rascal. I have not had a chance to ask you, how has your quest gone?"
From the memories of the last Stardust Festival, and Rascal's plea to the gods, they had responded kinder than he thought-- actually, Lunafer hadn't meant for Rascal to simply wander up to them and ask. But, of course, there was still time in his life for surprises.
"What do you have planned for today?" Rascal may have been slow, but he was kind and good, and as a result, Lunafer treats him with the respect and love he would any other of his fold. A black knight must be treated with the love they are deserving of, and Rascal is deserving of a lot.

[][] gonna tag Lypso'ru and Badr and Alia iffin' they want. [][]

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Posted 06-03-2018, 05:01 PM |
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© Belethi

baby don't cry cause everybody's gotta die sometime

“and then there were three” overtly smooth, the chiding sarcasm of the Lathotep broad seemed to filter into the sad little gathering of divine. The little pitter of her feet, the vying scrutiny of her. The sort of condescending sense of dread that seemed to emanate from her every being. The cold of the weather and its municipal personification bathed in dawn. Wasn’t that always the way. She’d pause for a moment, knowing full well the extent of Lunafer of whom she seemed to view on their last meeting as a bumbling imbecile. A part of her wondering if it was two late to absolve herself and backwalk away from the both of these men and their seemingly churlish attempts at communing. But of course that would be petty and she had always been a good and honest giver to charity. Popping her tongue with a sideways glance towards the man she’d utter “I can vouch for the fun we’ll have here.” She’d flit over to the other male, a dark one. “its not my first time at the rodeo” She wasnt exactly sure what was taking place here, ritual occultism maybe? Ancient Aliens? Witchcraft? Whatever it was she was involved in it know. She hadn’t been to this patch of Doutaini before. The memories of arriving and befriending the local undead fresh in her mind.

bingo boingo

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Posted 06-04-2018, 01:22 PM |
Earth Scout
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© Tae

Adopt one today!

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Posted 06-05-2018, 08:22 PM |
Male, 3.50
35 in, 117 lbs
102 ep
© ev

icarus' ears perked from the ridge that he had been resting on since his leave of kiyoshi. he knew that his friend was calling and that he should answer, it was just, he did not have the courage to do so. he had been seen so weak upon the gelid. his ears tucked back as he let out a long sigh before he pushed himself up. his bangs had been cut by himself against rock and he had pulled himself between brush and trees to thin his hair. he was looking more and more rugged, but he was still the same princess he had always been. that would never change. the trek to the sytx wasn't too long. it took him no time at all to see the gathering of wolves for the hunt. a soft grunt left his lips that it was all elemental wolves. he slowly moved himself where he was noticeable but stayed to the side, only giving a nod to rascal to let the man know he was there, otherwise, he wanted to only be there for the hunt. he could learn a thing or two about hunting anyways.

"speak and be heard."

rethink before you speak.


rated M for M A T U R E.

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Posted 06-06-2018, 11:28 AM |
Earth Scout
Male, 4.50
36 in, 133 lbs
68 ep
© Tae
The snow had finally let up; its downward descent from the clouds had ceased. Even the clouds themselves seemed to have disappeared for the time being. However, the cold was unrelenting. If he wasn't constantly moving or huddled up in his burrow within the Gaia, then the cold would begin to seep through his fur, into his skin, and stake claim upon his bones. That's why he made it a point to never not be busy. He was always scouring the Gaia's borders, and hunting small mammals to regain his lost weight for when he had been held captive.
His bones no longer peeked out beneath his shaggy coat, and his fur had been cleaned of all the dirt and grime. His throat had been healed thanks to Mars', but his vocals had suffered permanent damage. The type of damage that couldn't be healed with Earth's external healing properties. This, unfortunately, left him with a rather raspy voice. One that made you cringe; like nails on a chalkboard. He would often clear his throat in an attempt to get rid of the constant rasp, but it did provide any relief whatsoever. Besides a slight decrease in the discomfort of course.
He was scouring the pits for the first time since he had returned. He could feel paranoia creeping up within his mind. Each time he would hear something he would freeze, nostrils flaring in an attempt to catch any scents that would be carried his way. Although each time he would realize that no one was around him and it was simply his mind creating false sounds. His single ear fell flat against his head as he pushed on again.He was walking along the border of the pits, sticking close to the treeline. By what he could tell from his surroundings, he was nearing the Willows. A sigh fell from his lips. This was enough for today. Mars would be proud of him.
He turned around, and not even two steps into his trip home he heard the howl. His ear perked, head turning from the direction it had come from. The voice sounded familiar, and a few moment later a face appeared in his mind. Dark fur, silver eyes.
Ah, Rascal.
Without much more hesitation he broke out into a steady sprint. He made sure not to push himself too hard, he didn't need to be spent before he arrived. He safely crossed Aitou Pass before arriving at the mountainous land. He had never been here before; there was a reason for him to be cautious. A little nervous even.
Still he pushed on. He picked his way carefully through the terrains. Until finally muffled voices reached his ear-- and what remained of the other (which was nothing) --and he picked up his speed.He rounded a corner, careful not to slip on the icy ground. His tail wagged softly at the sight of Rascal. He attempted to yip a greeting, but all that escaped was a garbled bark. His eye bounced upon the others that were present. He took note of the rouge first, the one from before.
"You again?" he commented-- the rasp effecting his voice-- in slight surprise before he smiled warmly. "A pleasure. Do I get a gold star for attending this too?"
His eyes slid over to the other divine, Lunafer if he remembered correctly. He offered a head dip in greeting. Finally his eyes landed on the white male and-
"Oh" it was a scratchy rasp, his eyes boring into Icarus. He remembered the male, back from when he had been infected with that plague. When they had fought. When he had lost. When he had been much different, in his state of mind. Mentally and emotionally. So instead of starting to fume with anger, he simply nodded stoically.
His eyes returned to Rascal, his grin forming upon his lips. A grin that almost seemed to reach his eyes.
"What's up Rascal?" he inquired in his rough voice.

ooc; no table cause im a big lazy piece of poo

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Posted 06-06-2018, 06:38 PM |
Divine Hunter
Female, 3.50
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© Noon
Ever one to roll with the punches, Quilla did not often find herself as surprised as she was when the dark knight's call echoed away from the rocky heights. It wasn't the call itself. No, this Doutaini was full of her kind, and Quilla had quickly grown accustomed to the distant echoes of voices calling out to one another. It was the caller who stuttered her breath and brought a smile immediately to her lips. The natural course was forward, always moving on to new faces and new adventures, but in this the natural course was lost. She was eager to return, wanted to see him after their journeying apart. His call had stopped her in her wandering path, honey eyes blinking into focus. She was not entirely sure where she had been going, just that she was going, but now her course was set.

“Late to the party?” she guessed, cantering into the group wearing an excited grin. Her gaze bounced around the group, and she felt suddenly conspicuous among so many pale forms. She slipped beside Rascal, bumping her nose against his shoulder in a warm greeting, and felt more at home beside his darkness. A questioning expression wandered from Rascal to Lunafer and back as her curiosity mounted.

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