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Posted 06-01-2018, 09:47 PM |
Rogue Pup
Male, 0.25
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© Captain.

The thunder clashed the sky milliseconds after the lightning would strike. The rains were heavy, but not heavy enough to dampen the fires as they started. Wounded, his sister would scoop the boy while his father and mother gathered their brothers. In the commotion, the family ended up split. The pack running for safety with as much as they could. Panic was all that the forest had known that night. Hours would blend into days as the pair wandered aimlessly. His sister knew if she didn't find help soon it would spell the end for both of them. She worried for the rest of her family, but she knew her brother was fine; her only choice was to make sure he would stay fine. She pushed onward, praying for the strength to deliever him to safety before she succumbed to her wounds. It wasn't until the pair found their way into the Pit of Doutini that the boy would find salvation at least. His sister knew her time was coming fast, and even though the pit looked as if it rained more then the storm they faced scents were fresh. Someone would find him here. A soft whisper to be good and wait for an adult was all he was given. Nikos was so tired that all he could, and wanted to, do was sleep. And so he did.

It wasn't until the next morning that Nikos had realized his sister wasn't back yet. It didn't really both him, he was sure his sister was just out looking for the rest of their family. Instead of worry needlessly he chose to explore a bit. The disaster that was the Pit proved to be quite the playing ground. Nikos took to kicking over rock and other debris on the ground just to watch the bugs under squirm and creep away. He would giggle at the panic of the critters under the chaos he was creating for them. Watching worm burrow back into the Earth, ants try to flee from him as he squished in paws onto their former home. He was being quite the troublemaker for the creature he deemed insignificant. His giggles could be heard at a decent distance; he was having the time of his life after all. “You can't 'scape me!”

rebel preferred but open to anything ;)

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Posted 06-02-2018, 06:36 AM |
Divine Warrior
Male, 3.75
37 in, 135 lbs
93 ep
© sorceror
He'd been holed up in a cave on the cliffside he liked so much; it overlooked Divine, so he could keep an eye on what was going on, but was far enough away that nobody bothered him. Maybe Quilla could have found him up there, but she didn't. Which was fine. The black knight hadn't wanted to be found. It had crossed his mind that he'd been neglecting the more spiritual aspect of his calling. Which was fine; between girls and quests one couldn't always be expected to also remember to fast and meditate. Right? Right. Still, after a week or two of it, he'd decided that if he spent too much longer, he was going to waste away. The universe couldn't possibly have that in mind for him.
So he'd descended, feeling somewhat holier, and on a midnight whim, headed west. He'd scored a rabbit sometime during the early morning hours, which he carried triumphantly in his teeth. He might eat it later. Or he could give it away.
He was looking almost noble - leaner, at least; the last few weeks had hardly starved him, but the muscles in his outside frame stood out. His head was high. He carried the rabbit with casual abandon. He strolled along, feet squelching slightly and silver eyes squinting skyward, tripped, and stumbled. The rabbit plopped down into the mud. So did the front half of his body.
He picked himself up again without rancor, glanced around, decided nobody had seen him, and collected his rabbit. A few hundred yards on, he spotted something small moving around in the endless mud, struck out for it, and eventually stood near the squirming youth with a muddy smile on his face.
The rabbit; he spat it out again. It flopped pathetically into the muck.
"Hey there, what you doing?"
Had it been eating something? He wanted to get closer and squint at the ground to see what was so entertaining, but it was better to stay where he was. He didn't want to scare anyone off. Including himself.
"My name's Rascal."

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