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gimme danger
Posted 06-01-2018, 12:25 PM |
Female, 2
32 in, 92 lbs
0 ep
© Dee
She had been there before – she was growing more and more certain of this fact as the kuro pits began to unfurl before her. Possessed, ghosts of familiarity hung in the air. They coiled into her lungs with every breath and she recalled the last season she’d been present in this province. It delighted her, a pleasant surprise – the road she took had led her back into Doutaini once again.

Serendipitous, something had guided her there; she had been meant to re-enter this place of magic and politics. Her eyes glistened with amusement, pausing as she came upon the place of muck. It was strange to think their atrium would be so dowdy and grim. Not a very good first impression. She stood, rather than sit in the muck, and regarded her surroundings with ample curiosity. Perhaps more than what Kuro Pits deserved. Her lips did not curl upwards in dislike, but nor did her smile beam as one does when discovering a new joy.

She squelched the muck between the spread of her toes in quiet indifference, head tilting as she weighed her options. She knew what this slice of Doutaini had represented; now, the only question was, would she travel onwards alone, or await the arrival of an ambassador? The night air was still, the black broken by paleness of falling snowflakes. Vapours spilled with every exhale, as the lone stranger appreciated the vacuum of a wintry night.

The decision was made, she'd wait and see what Kuro Pit would offer her.

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Posted 06-02-2018, 09:41 AM |
Divine Alpha
Intersex, 6.50
35.00 in in, 114.00 lbs lbs
459 ep
© Sylvirr
Winters chill hangs in the air, pale flakes beginning to dust the ground. Even the mud of the pit is chilled and hard, the snow beginning to stick and frosting the ground over in a soft sheet of white. The snow travels slowly, lazily, and this is a contrast that is sharp, for Lunafer travels with a strength and composure that rivals the lazy complacence of the snow. It gathers on his pelt--whiter even that the snow on the ground, glittering slightly in the light as silvery hairs glimmer with the tiny ice crystals that cling, now, to his coat.
He moves with grace and elegance, pausing a respectable distance away from the stone-still woman, and from his own jaws there swings a pale, plump rabbit. Winters' bounty, it seems, still moist and soft with the freshness of the kill, and he sets it down before him, between his forepaws and dips his head gingerly in greeting,"Merry Meet, Miss. I am Lunafer, of Divine. How may I assist you? If you are hungry, please feel free to help yourself." He carries the extra food with him now, for those who wander the pits are often hungry and lost and a small token of kindness and food oft goes a long way to bring comfort and to foster hope. "If there is anything you seek, I'm willing to assist. Regardless, the winter will be harsher this season, and so I offer you some solace at my home in the Cove. You are under no obligation to join us in Divine, but you may find safety within our confines, and stay if you wish."


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Posted 06-09-2018, 06:35 PM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 7.00
36 in, 125 lbs
591 ep
© Jamie

"Although," a voice purred in the dark, "the desert would offer better warmth for the winter." The gently amused tone was followed by the feral, thunderous rumble of Vaitan Tzarani's laughter, a sound that permeated and surrounded. His eyes, beacons of brazen fire, were the second signal that gave away his position; although, his large, rugged form was not difficult to spot as he crossed the snowy moor. There was something truly intense about the beast's aura as he approached the pair, but it was difficult to discern why. His large head was held at a comfortable position, thick fur smooth against his neck and shoulders. His tail swung low and languid behind him, and every step was placed with a certain tranquil preciseness. Outwardly, the Alpha of Fire appeared quite calm. It was inside that the rage burned, that the power of Akako's gift consumed him, that life and death were nothing but the toss of a coin. He stopped several feet away, grinning thoughtfully at the unknown female. She was quite striking, in her own way. However, it didn't take the beast long to address the friendly Divine Alpha: "Lunafer, correct? Pleasure to see you again." Vaitan never forgot a name. After nodding to both wolves, he lifted his head and addressed the stranger. "I would like to know your name, if you'd be so kind to offer it. I'm Vaitan, Alpha of the Fire pack. We also have need of wolves seeking support and purpose."

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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Posted 06-09-2018, 06:54 PM |
Earth Alpha
Male, 4.00
34 in, 118 lbs
513 ep
© ev
it had been a very long time since he had visited the pits. mars entered them for the first time without fear or his vines leading him. all mars needed was the wind to guide him to where ever it took him. he had faith that the gods would not lead him into trouble. and sure enough, his paws lead him to the familiar voices of lunafer and vaitan- the fire alpha who he had yet to see in awhile. mars made his way, sightless, but listening to their voices before he sits beside, what he is pretty sure is lunafer, and gave a bow of his head towards the rogue. "and i am mars, of the earth pack. the grounds there are always pretty warm. welcome to doutaini, darling." his voice is the gentle purr of a panther as his head tilted to the side, ready to catch her name along with her responses to their offers. "do not fret either, we are all good here." he hummed as he shifted on his rump, getting comfortable. there is an ache in him to see what the rogue looked like. it sucked being blinded. his ears tilt, eager to hear her voice and make up a face to go with it.


searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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