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the maw of the beast;
Posted 05-31-2018, 11:27 PM |
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I squandered my resistance!

where will you go?
haven't decided.

Or maybe he'd just known all along and a decision didn't have to be made. He'd followed his mother into the unknown wilds around Doutaini; absorbing her recklessness and her grief for Anaxagoras; a sin-eater, a gamora to a shark. Pantaleon had suffered much more than the boy could ever imagine. He was never allowed an inside look at what troubles her. Never her confidant, just an extra protector, and extra pair of eyes against her paranoia and her desperate search for his father. He didn't want to continue onward for him, and so, having come of age under his mother's conflicting, watchful gaze, they'd parted ways. And I found my way back into this dark and cursed land. what he remembered of it was flight and chaos, uncertainty and shame. It was an afterthought that he'd returned. It's with a fluid grace, a predatory walk, and a dangerous ideal that he finds a the dawn hours so fresh and lively. The chill, a mixture of thin and crisp with the rocky smell of the mountains, enriches his prickly demeanor into something more suitable.

He'd planned to head up from the west into the mountainous regions of his childhood in hopes of finding some of his family that might remain. But when he'd gotten into the middle of the mountains and looked upon high peaks of his old home, Apollo found his paws immovable. To what will I return? His acidic, silver gaze runs across the icy landscape, trails the clouds lingering at the top. quiet and still as always. A sigh escapes the young adult, and he moves north, drifting up through the snow and the wind as he ponders what his existence will be beyond today. It's this thought that traps him, it's this thought that nearly makes him fall into the mouth of a cavern. A misstep brings him lurching to his left, his head dipping down and his weight shifted forward to the left to catch himself. The usually tall and imposing figure he cuts is hunched over, eyes glaring, body tense, into the abyss of the cavern nestled into the side of the mountain.

Staring into the darkness, Apollo feels his shoulders relax; internalizing this off-putting sensation running through him. He's never seen a cave entrance this large and ominous before, and as he cups his ears forward, straining to hear what sounds might come from within, he waits, not entering, feeling overwhelmed by its enormity and mystery.

Ianthe - having a little trouble getting back into him<3 wanna do some shorter posts? :D

For a pocket full of mumbles!

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Posted 06-09-2018, 09:08 PM |
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