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Borders In a cloud of marijuana. // MARS.
Posted 05-31-2018, 03:59 PM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 3.75
34 [a]. in, 121 [a]. lbs
129 ep
© Mkohy

schrodinger's revenge

oh dear, is she dead or alive? the obvious becomes irrelevant. Eyes narrowed, she looked as far into the territory of earth as she could. It had been a long time since she had been so near to it. No surprise there, she was not liked by many and quite preferred it that way. But... This was Theo's home for a long time, they were her family. Though with her tail tucked around her, she was tempted to leave. She didn't, she needed resources and... something personal. Something she hoped Mars would understand. So, she called out to him, or anyone really, but he, he was the one she needed. She didn't trust anyone else to share the same strong feelings that were needed for what she wanted.

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Posted 06-04-2018, 03:57 PM |
Earth Alpha
Male, 4.00
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© ev

there is a call from the borders that mars is surprised to even get up from it. recently, he had been down in the dumps from everything. losing theodosia and then his sight so he would never be able to see the gaia develop other than from words. but, nonetheless, there is nothing that he can do about the past. he had to move on, he had to thrive again. to be the giving soul he had once been. he had spent way too much time in the depths of the gaia's plants. he arose from the willow that he spent a lot of his time underneath. all in all, it was briar's willow, so he thought it would grant him wisdom like it had before. he fumbled on his paws for a moment, as it had been a bit since he had found himself moving. animals that once had been close to him, jumped and ran as he started to walk. maybe they thought he was dead, but no. he was just asleep, in a coma of sadness. his ears perked as he started to find his way towards where the call had come from. it had been a voice that he had heard before, but it had been quite awhile. he glides through the forest with a pretty good idea of where everything was unless there had been another tree that had sprouted from wolves practicing their magics, but he highly doubted that. mars arrived at the border with his nostrils full of the scent of wind's territory. a small smiled worked it's way onto his lips, she smelled of theo's old scent. he sat on his rump as his head turned her way. "murmura, is that you?" he asked, licking over his pretty blackened lips. "i thought i would never hear from you, queen." he purred out, giving a head bow to her.


searching to find myself but all i see is you,
i can hardly stand myself so, what am i to you?

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