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winter's berries // aster
Posted 05-30-2018, 06:49 PM |
Rebel Healer
Male, 1.25
37 in, 133 lbs
24 ep
© Ev
[Image: eSn63Xc.png]

far and wide, otto traveled for more information and skills for the upcoming date that was burned into his mind. the teenager with the weight of the world on his shoulders. a soft sigh leaves those pretty blackened lips as he moved into the willows, a place that he had never truly been for a long time. his eyes flicker from side to side as he looked for the herbs that he came here for. his nose was pressed to the ground, trying to find the distinct scent of fruit. but it was hard with all this snow in the way. a soft grunt left his lips as he nipped at the white stuff that made this place look more magical than any other place he had been. he wandered further and further until his nose was found pressed against one of the carved trees. his eyes follow to see which tree and of course, akako's. a soft snarl left his lips as he sat back up and turned a little, a soft grunt leaving his lips as he leaned back against the tree, determined to take a rest.

speak and be heard.

Aster: short sorry!

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