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Private when you love someone // famine
Posted 05-30-2018, 04:54 PM |
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© Ev

there had been mention of war and even if otto didn't want it, he might as well be prepared. the thought of tearing through wind's territories made him nervous as he sniffed the grounds of the hakai mists forest. a more lively place than he had ever been but he knew it grew many herbs that the mountain lion ridge did not. his red eyes scanned across the plains of green, it was so different from his homelands. his tail wriggled back and forth as he sniffed at different types of herbs that he had learned about from his mother- famine. his eyes lit as he found chervil, a herb that helped surface wounds. he pulled it from the ground and started to make a small pile of it. then an idea rung in his head, he should call his mother, to learn more. to gain knowledge for the upcoming war. a summoning call was made from the forests for his mother- the pale white queen that he treasured further than most possessions. his muzzle lowered when his call ended, sitting beside his proud pile. he waited for the, now, gamma to show.

maybe this interaction would push his mind further from the ever drowning thoughts in his mind. sure they had cleared from his mother and father now to be forced to remember the wind alpha's face when she lost her daughter and the disappearance of aristotle. a soft sigh surpassed his pursed lips. this war seemed wrong. sure, they should conquer, but for different reasons. wind had done nothing... nothing that he had known of anyways. it seemed the fight was over something small. not that otto knew anyways. he barely knew anything about political matters. he always hid his face from the violence, though he would face it head on if it harmed his mother, uncles, grandfather, commander, or sister. his ears flatten back, hoping mother showed before he found more and more reason to press him further into the grounds of the forest.

"speak and be heard."

rethink before you speak.

Famine: surprise, otto wants mommy time :D

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