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Hunting get 'em - rebs
Posted 05-27-2018, 01:20 AM | This post was last modified: 05-27-2018, 01:20 AM by Althea
Rebel Hunter
Female, 4.50
120 in, 33 lbs
0 ep
© Lou
She hadn't really been that productive lately, waltzing around rebel and checking the borders, sure, but beyond that she had simply been working on her own physical advances instead of what she should have been doing. Day in and day out, she was growing older by the second and still her life meant nothing, she could only pledge herself to rebel and hope one day something would happen that she could live up to. When her mother had declared war, she hadn't known how to feel or where to look. She hadn't felt comforted by the idea of Gorgon training the younger of the flock to fight either, who knew how many wolves actually resided in Wind, or how skilled they were. Either way, it wasn't her job to worry about such things, she would stand in the front lines if her mother asked her to, and fight for rebel no matter the circumstance.

But for now, she had the ability to help feed them, and she'd only need a few helping hands to do so. She rises in the early morning, sending a call out over the ridge for those who wanted to join her on her way out over the borders. It's only a short walk around the torrid to the meadows, but she stops and waits by the outskirts for others to arrive. Perhaps they'd take something glorious home for the winter.

Kynaios or Vahagn, Nicharion Elsinor Gorgon Famine Otto @[Thatch] Badr Verona Lyra @[Vaskor] Dracarys Malach and any other rebels <3

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Posted 05-27-2018, 08:59 AM |
Rebel ( Admin )
Rebel Wolf
Female, 4.00
30 in, 105 lbs
264 ep
© Ly
the principles of hunting had always somewhat eluded her; first as a child, in the wasteland of her father's kingdom, where nature itself had turned against them--and later as a member of doutaini's packs, forced to rely on wolves with whom she had little more than passing familiarity. to act as part of a unit and forgo individual violence in favor of the whole. and yet she's no stranger to the hunt--to the strange contortion of spirit it demanded of her; and maybe some part of her relished her ability to defy even her own expectations. finding new ways to challenge herself in the mundane. and to observe how the other members of the pack acted under pressure, that she might better know her place among them. she had hunted with wind, and with enigma, and so when althea's call goes up she does not hestitate to join the rebel force.

a brisk jog to the meadows serves to warm her muscles. her breath fogs the air when she arrives, a bone-white cloud scarcely distinguishable against her ivory fur, pale eyes quickly fixating on althea among the grasses. she's not immediately sure if she can place the woman in her memory, and the uncertainty discomforts her. rebel is a much larger pack than any of her previous homes. "hello." it's a soft greeting, unexpectedly chiming in the january chill.

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Posted 05-27-2018, 01:52 PM |
Divine Scout
Male, 2.25
31 in, 107 lbs
74 ep
© Sylvirr
Coming. <3

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Posted 05-27-2018, 09:04 PM |
Rebel Wolf
Male, 2.50
34 inches in, 132 lb lbs
0 ep
© Matt
In the early rays of the sunlight he was sitting looking out observing while he was deep in thought when he heard althea call out. His ears twitch as he stands and stretches. "Why not join the hunt" he thought to himself. It had been a while since he had hunted and it was his chance to prove himself to the pack that was his new family that he won't let them down. He sets off at a trot for the meadows to see who else has answered the call.

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Posted 05-28-2018, 12:35 PM | This post was last modified: 05-28-2018, 01:34 PM by Kynaios
Rebel Scout
Male, 3.25
35 in, 125 lbs
50 ep
© vik
Kynaios arrived half-a-minute behind Malach.
He couldn't place the male from the meeting and assumed he was supposed to be fresh cannon fodder. A likely thought. How many witless scoundrels were going to be lured into the outfit by a hot meal and a place to stay, Kynaios wondered distantly. Or promises of fame and glory? How many were going to be thrown at Wind and face death for some idiotic reason? He couldn't help being cynical. He knew what Rebel was when he joined. Too bad he'd been coasting on the idea Charlotte would never do this.

But the grin on his muzzle never suggested his opinion. In the scheme of things, his opinion didn't matter. He had merely to do what he'd always done - play his part. And play it well. He padded into the loose group easily, having been up and about already by the time Althea called the hunt. He looked from the scarred stranger to the ivory woman he vaguely recognized from the meeting.. and Juno's death, he realized, then to Althea. He assumed a position closer to the huntress simply out of familiarity. The expression he lent the others was mildly curious, friendly, but hardly warmer than his breath on the winter air.
"Kynaios," he introduced himself to the pair, smart red gaze traveling between them. He nodded to each. "Nice day for a hunt, hm?" He swept his eyes toward Althea. "What's on the menu today, Allie?"

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Posted 05-28-2018, 07:36 PM |
Rebel Healer
Male, 1.25
37 in, 133 lbs
24 ep
© Ev
[Image: eSn63Xc.png]

there is a call from the meadows, a place that he hadn't been. a place that held bloodshed and joy of newborns walking among the fields. but right now, it would be covered in snow and the pawprints of the wolves who showed. the male moves himself towards the meadows, for he was called and he will come no matter what. his tail flickered back and forth as he saw his uncle already there. he nodded to him as he moved to his side, bumping their shoulders as he looks over the one that called, a small bow to her. otto valentine. he murmured to the girl as he looked over the others who had showed, scanning over their body form and height before he looked back to althea, waiting, intent.

kiss the ring.


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