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Private i got heart for you [Raj]
Posted 05-26-2018, 09:51 PM |
Enigma Healer
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© Xechi

"Darling, come, come here." Momma left the festival a different woman. She tried hard to hide it, and, perhaps, had Aster been the confused, broken girl of her youth, perhaps it would have gone right over her head. The subtle change in her Mother's, in her Queen's, psyche. There was a war broiling inside her, and even though Aster could sense it (an accomplishment she prided herself upon) she could do nothing. Save, of course, be at her beck and call- as always. The girl- young woman- stepped forward, ever timid in her movements even as Ruellia sought to encircle her in a wolfish embrace. Wordless, Aster fell into place, her own neck wrapping around Ruellia's, catching the scent of the Naveen, of Papa, and, of another- a foreign scent with familiar air, the smell of coming home after everything has changed. Yet she doesn't speak, doesn't dare interject a single thought into this rare moment of her Momma's vulnerability. She would speak in time, and if not, then it was not for her to hear- simple as that.

After a long, long while of silence, Ruellia finally spoke, her voice void of the turmoil that she hid beneath stoicism. "Do you recall the boy-" her voice breaks, and for a split second that stoic mask falls to reveal hurt, "that man I came home with?" It mattered little that Aster hadn't been there to see Ruellia return from the festival, for Aster, as she grew, too became intimately connected to the dark halls that birthed her. She hadn't seen the man, and yet, she knew his presence. The girl nodded, face still buried in her mother's soft fur, still the child that let's silence speak for itself. "He's your brother." Aster stiffened, brows furrowing in confusion for the only brother she's ever known was Valyn, and that was little, at best. "Remember Murmura?" How could she forget? Her mad sister that showed her at such an early age what hate did to some one. "He is her littermate. My firstborn who was lost for so, so long." Aster didn't respond, didn't know how. Her siblings had been, since birth, her greatest enemies, her greatest risk of life and though she loved them, like any good, sweet princess ought to, she, too, loathed them.

Ruellia didn't notice the silence in her ever-quiet daughter, didn't note the stiffness in the girl's bones as she continued. "He's had an ordeal. Time and space will be what truly brings him home to us, and you will love what steps from the shadows." There's hopeful sincerity in her warbling voice, and Aster wonders what visions pass across those sea-foam eyes. Perhaps once-upon-a-time dreams of her and Uncle Szymon, Auntie Ianthe. It didn't cross Rue's mind that Aster felt nothing but nervousness and inadequacy when she thought of her siblings, but who was she, lowly thing, to deny her Momma's hopes and dreams? She knew what was expected of her, the unspoken demand that was displayed in the tightness of Rue's grip. You will be his shoulder, you will be his rock, and you will love him.

“Yes, Momma. I love him already."

And time she gave him, time enough, for there was a fine line to be had when one foot is still in the shadows. Too short and he may flee from her advances. Too long and the darkness may again swallow him up. Not that Aster had even a modicum of confidence in her timing, but, and she'd not admit this aloud, it was curiosity that finally pressed her deeper into the underground. Aster had little experience with siblings. From the very beginning of her life they'd caused nothing but pain. Her shining, god-touched brother had stolen from Aster her very essence, while he grew fat on her sustenance. Even as mewling pups, Lunaria and Valyn pawed her aside from the ample milk, rejecting her from the start as one of them. She'd been kept, mostly, in quarantine. Her siblings were rambunctious, healthy children, whereas Aster was sickly and fragile. Then, they'd vanished wholly, barely leaving a mark of their presence on Aster. Even knowledge of Lunaria's death couldn't touch Aster's ambivalence. It wasn't that she didn't care for them, simply, she did not know them.

'Resentment is a funny sentiment, but here you go!- resenting away!' A foolish, cruel spirit giggled maliciously in her ear, and she responded by flicking the black shadow from her aud with irritation. 'Not today,' she hissed, surprising even herself with the voracity of her words- 'meek thing, meek thing, wherever have you gone?' The pale woman shook clear the spirits that scrambled about the edges of her mind, instead focusing on keeping her breath even, hiding the look of terror that surely contorted her face. Momma had tasked her with saving Raj's mortal soul. Simple.

She gulped, pausing momentarily as the scent of another assaulted her. Aster licked her lips, holding stock-still in the dim glowlight, eyes wide and auds perked forward seeking the slightest sight or sound. After a moment, after her frantic heartbeat settled to only a rapid pitter-patter, Aster cleared her throat loudly. "Hel-hello? Mister, uhm, Balaraj, sir?" She hated herself. "If-if you need space I can just, uh,-" Aster cut herself off, gulping once more with a grimace.


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Posted 06-09-2018, 07:19 PM |
Male, 3.75
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© Jamie

Dark. Endless darkness. Pulsating in the distance, in his peripheral, in the back of his mind. Such a long, long way into shadows, into nothingness, into the wilderness beyond. Such a dark, deep dark monster at the end of that path. An endless spiral from grey, to black, to obsidian, sucking him down, down, down.

Down. Down. Down.

A fragile voice broke the deafening silence, and Balaraj's head snapped in Aster's direction. Lips parted, a sudden breath filling his lungs with relief. At first, he thought the girl was Murmura, but that was impossible. Besides, she was too quiet, too meek to be his litter-mate. And yet, upon further inspection, the man realized that this tiny creature was his sister--another sister. His father had pointed her out to him from a distance, but at the time, the knowledge passed through his conscious mind like the wind. Most words spoken to him left behind nothing but debris. Still, even in his unstable state, it felt obvious that they were related: the mottled fur belonged to his mother, the one amber, burning eye belonged to his father, and he could smell his family's blood running through her vessels.

He was a broken wraith of a man, but his observant senses were honed to precision.

"N...no," he managed finally, his voice the ragged husk of enthusiasm. "Please, stay." He was merely standing there, at the entry to some lesser-known tunnel in the depths of the Cavern. His head was the only thing turned to the girl; the rest of his body continued to face the horrible emptiness. Even his turquoise eyes, icy and shimmering in the dark, seemed expressionless. "You're my sister...? I'm sorry, please tell me your name."

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