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Private Not all who wander are lost.
Posted 05-21-2018, 06:03 PM |
Male, 3.75
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© Jamie

But some are.

The past months swept behind him in a tumultuous blur. Only his body moved forward through summer's heat and autumn's golden blaze. His mind--his tattered, separated mind--was snagged on memories that held it in place. He was vaguely conscious of the fact that he was reunited with his parents. Tearful embraces, conflicting emotions and deep, deep regret colored the pictures of Vaitan and Ruellia's tormented faces. How he'd missed them, but now that he was finally here, he had no idea how to accept them. The boy, now a man, had no idea how to not miss someone. He lived in the Caverns like a ghost; silent, awarded his space until he could mentally recover and explain where he had been.

But he could not recover. The wilderness was twined in his bones and could not let go. And besides, what he'd lived out there, what he'd been taught, was worse than mere wilderness. He was raised by madness, and it was taking its toll.

Perhaps, if he could find his litter mate, he could remember what it felt like to be unburdened. Perhaps he could remember her, and the smiles they shared, and the earliest days of their youth. His father told him that she lived in the mountains, now, not far from the desert. She had the Wind in her soul, it seemed, maybe she could blow away the fog that clouded his mind. Balaraj searched for Murmura, but found himself off-course, long talons clicking against the uneven stone of the high-walled chasm. He gazed around, turquoise eyes brilliant with curiosity. In all his days outside Doutaini, he had never seen anything like this. Even now, he felt a presence--something powerful, something demanding. He yearned for it, begged for it to make sense of his life.

He just didn't know if it was possible.

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Posted 05-31-2018, 03:25 PM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 3.75
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© Mkohy
She knew, the feeling in the pit of her stomach, someone was there, someone who shouldn't be. Her entrance was one that held power with a loud snarl drizzling down from her lips with spit that fell to the floor with sickness in its splat. Hackles raised, legs apart and bent, ears back eyes narrowed, jaw over her throat, cautious and angry. Who dare trespass so blatantly? Her tail hung high, a display of dominance as her eyes caught the intruder. "Who are you?" Ripping from her tongue, like a serpent's hiss, not meant to be tested. He should be happy she decided to ask questions first, after all, who could really blame her if she struck first? Especially now. She had lost too many she held dear, and she didn't care to lose more.

Code by Sea.

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Posted 06-09-2018, 07:00 PM |
Male, 3.75
36 in, 125 lbs
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© Jamie

The young man's eyes flashed to Murmura's position immediately, absorbing her vicious countenance. She was like a gargoyle poised at the edge of the rock, the eyes of God's Judgement on the walls of Notre Dame: unrelenting, chilling to the core. And Balaraj should have been afraid, but he returned her snarls with an utterly blank stare. His own eyes, seaglass glossy, were empty compared to hers. When he titled his large head upward, his tail hung limp behind him, and his aura was quieter than the wind. "My name is Balaraj, son of Vaitan Tzarani and Ruellia Volos-Scorn." The words poured from his hoarse throat, more than he had intended to say. But he didn't mind. After a moment, the wraith began to see familiarity in the stark visage of this woman. Hidden in her furrowed brow was the grey spot around her eye that he remembered from his childhood. He continued in his scratchy tenor, "I'm looking for my sister. I've...been gone for a very long time..." Never dream of possibilities, or you will be sorely disappointed. Live in the here and now. The broken creature could not assume, and yet, as he stared, there was a whisper of hope in the shambles of his soul.

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