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All Welcome Holly Jolly - Pup Event!
Posted 05-19-2018, 04:00 PM |
Water Pupsitter
Male, 3.50
36 in, 136 lbs
28 ep
© Noon
He was a winter beast in his element, a ghost ship moving among the mounds of snow and hanging icicles. Despite his bearish form, it would be hard to mistake him as a threatening force among the willowy trees of the glade. Even with his mouth stretched around a package of dried leaves, it was easy to see he was grinning. Color spread across his pale form in brush strokes and dreamy streaks; red running pink up his forelimbs, a puff of stark yellow on his brow, a woodsy brown dusting on his chest. His winter surprise was nearly ready, and the hard work he had invested was evident in his colorful disarray.

Wintertime lent its own sort of magic to the world. Outside of the glade it was snowing at a decent but harmless pace. Beneath the shelter of the swaying trees, snowfall broke through in swirling sheaves. Upon the natural charm of the scene, Jenci had begun building days ago. A few young, willowy trees had been bent back, secured in their unnatural bow with vine and stone against a thick, low bow of an older tree. Between the saplings, the gentle bear had packed snow and prayed for the cold snap to hold. When the gaps were filled and secure, he had used Kei's gift, calling just enough gentle rain to wet to top of the slope. Then he waited. And called the rain again. And waited some more. What he saw now was the creative process of a few days and the grace of Doutaini's gods keeping the temperatures low; a slick, icy slope about a foot taller than himself. Stairs of packed snow led to the top of his winter wonderland slide, waiting for little paws and eager pups.

While the most time consuming part of his venture, the slide was not the only entertainment the husky pupsitter had cobbled together. One lovely snow draped tree was surrounded with small snacks, voles and ground squirrels, even a couple of white rabbits. In a fairly flat, snowy area near the slide, Jenci sat down his packages. Sandwiched between broad dried leaves, he slowly revealed small piles of powders he had collected over the last couple seasons. Tools of his trade. He made careful indentations in the snow where he dumped one package at a time. As the powders slowly absorbed melting snow, vibrant colors began to spread through the white. Saffron yellow. Dried and powdered blueberries. Walnut husks for rich browns. Lichen from the Hakai Forest for a stark red.

As he worked, more color bled into Jenci's pale fur, making the usually reserved man a festive sight when he finally sat back from his work with a bright smile. He lifted his heavy muzzle and sent up a bright howl, inviting not only the Water parents and their young ones, but any nearby parents or children. Winter, after all, was a time to come together and celebrate the fruits of another year survived and the promise of young life.

Jenci has organized a winter play date for any pups or parents in Doutaini, complete with snacks, water(snow) painting, and an ice slide!

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Posted 05-21-2018, 09:02 PM | This post was last modified: 05-21-2018, 09:04 PM by Raini
Water Beta
Female, 5.50
28 in, 92 lbs
62 ep
© Stormy101

Raini && Odyssey

She'd eagerly followed the call. Winter was proving to be a challenge; keeping both of her children entertained whilst simaltainously protecting their tiny paws and soft, delicate pelts from the unrelenting bite of cold was nothing short of difficult. Days had passed since their venture down the beach, and as the water lapped wildly against the shore, devouring the beach hungrily, there had been no opportunities to further explore. As a result, both pups had grown restless within the confines of her den. In a desperate attempt to soothe their growing discontentment with their current surroundings, Raini opted for a day of activities. Perhaps this would prove successful, and she could finally acheiev a full night of rest.

Now, the Water beta entered the clearing with a small bundle of fluff clasped between her jaws. Beginning the journey adamant to remain independant, Odyssey had originally refused Raini's assitance. She had travelled quite a way, too, tiny feet slapping the snow with fierce resolve, but her stamina had eventually reached its peak, and the silver maiden found herself carrying her daughter the remainder of the way.

Finally reaching their destination, Raini placed Odyssey upon the snowy ground, gently nudging the small pup forward. "Here we are, Ody. Look around!". Indeed, she was unable to keep the awe from her tone. The ground was littered in a myriad of different colours, bleeding into the stark white of the snow. Snacks had been prepared, and there was even a slide! Gratitude swept through her chest, shuddering through her weary bones, as her daughter drank in everything with wide, wonder-filled eyes. In the next instant, Odyssey was tearing across the clearing, racing for the slide, tail straeming behind her like a fluffy flag. "look, Mother! Ice! Can i slide on it? Please? Pretty please?!".

Weaving her way to the overseer, Raini nodded. "Be careful, okay?". Odyssey didn't deign to reply, and merely scrambled atop the icy slope, shreiking with delight as she slid down. Sighing, Raini settled beside the wolf resposnible, should he allow, and took in his colourful appearance with a chuckle. "Thankyou" she murmured as her daughter whirled and hurried away for a second go. "You're my saviour". Humor laced each word, sapphire pools glinting with laughter. Sitting back, she relished the cool air, content with merely watching over her daughter.

Tagging Jason just in case you wanted to join with Atticus

[Image: 2wg6lg0.png]

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