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Sanity's Edge
Posted 06-10-2018, 08:09 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
41.35 in in, 102.22 lbs lbs
549 ep
© Sylvirr
Inhale. Exhale. His body remains at rest, and while he cannot see the madman tear flesh from his own bone, he can hear it, he can smell it. His muzzle wrinkles, moreso in vexation than in disgust, for he is not above his own mutiliation and pain to prove a point, a fact which Vaitan had experienced fully once before. And yet, he is not without action. The buildup is released now, the heavy shadows of the mire growing even heavier--heavier, and peeling themselves away from both the earth and the water and even themselves, darklings springing forth from the ether to wrap their gnarled fingers around Teneff's four limbs, even around his mouth to hold his jaws fast, shut tight. And then he to, surges forward, long limbs carrying his fast, closing the small distance without hesitation. He closes in upon the bound man, the doomed man, the man unworthy of even the presence of this rage. Ruellia's pain and anguish rocks through him with enough force to near stagger him, but it is magnified, perhaps, by his empathetic nature, the rage and suffering that Vaitan, too, feels. And all it does is drive him forward. Shadow Hold holds him steady-- more then enough time for the trio to do what they so desire.
As Ruellia goes for his eyes and Vaitan moves in for the kill, Mercury himself goes for the soft, fleshy underbelly, unprotected. With tooth and nail alike, it is his intent to spill his insides, allow them their escape from the confines of his body to be bared to the world so that if he were truly intent on showing himself to them all, then he could do it wholly and completely.

Ruellia&Vaitan&Mercury vs. Teneff
to the death
move 01 of 03
elements: ON

102 lbs
41.35 in
549 ep
Shadow hold = 350
199 EP Remaining
health: good
full dodge: unused

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 06-15-2018, 05:42 PM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 7.00
36 in, 125 lbs
591 ep
© Jamie
ooc. (with permission from Sylv) Since Kimi no longer has any accounts on Doutaini, this is her final post for Teneff from Discord:

'Yes....YES!' Teneff's eyes now wide in excitement as he lifted his head towards his comrade. Though, it wasn't by his own will. Vaitan had sucessfully smacked his jaw upward as to strike his neck and bite. But it was an unfortuante waste of a move. The wolf would have presented his neck if all Vaitan had done was asked. He would have still done anything for that man. Even in his decrepid state; if Vaitan asked him to run to the ends of the Earth, Teneff would have run miles further. Yet, neither man would have conciously known such a fact. As his teeth sank into his skin, the bitten would relax, tears forming in his eyes. 'YES....yes.'
Yet, his body would become rigid unaturally. Something forced him still--darkness. It was cold and unmoving, much like himself. He was trapped and like a trapped animal he was, he screamed in rage. What was this holding him down? Why could he not die in peace? Who was so heartless to belittle the little? Yet, it did not matter as his focused turned to a bright white beast before him. Its beautiful wings beat as his beak hit its mark. Each eye...over and over again...until there was nothing left of his site. Nothing left for him to see. His last images of the world would be the sparkling specks of the white feathered beast. Its glimmering feathers stamping his demise.

No sight left, the beast would easily lose any will to fight back. His end was written in stone the day he entered the marsh with no reason to exit. The day his little girl followed unknowingly and carelessly to her death. He would feel the teeth and claws at his belly, but now his mind seemed to be a million miles away. As he fell to them, a voice called out in the distance.

"Come home, Teneff." Warm air wrapped around him as he stood in an endless abyss of darkness. His eyes darted all around him as he tried to gain his balance.

"Lunaria? Is that you?" He would begin to step forward towards the echoing voice. "Lunaria?? Is it really you?!" He shouted as he ran. A white light appearing in front of him. Growing every leap he made. "I'm coming! Oh my little princess." But as he neared the light, it would explode around him and he fell. Scratching at the air, he would fall for moments. Each one last an eternity. Each one striking him with lonliness. He would try and yell, but no sound could be heard. At last though the falling stopped and he was left standing on clouds looking down upon the scene he had just left. There they were, Vaitan...Ruellia...
Mercury. They all viciously attacking his body as he bled under them. Hadn't they noticed he was dead by now? "Fools! Stop wasting the energy on me. I'm gone!"

"They can't hear you." The voice startled him as he turned to see an aged female wolf to his side. Her eyes and markings made it clear she was no stranger to him.

"Lunaria....." His gasp more than audible. He could feel his heart beat race as questions raised in his mind. But no more words would leave his lips.

"Hi Teneff." Her smile was genuine and soft. Just as he remembered. "I've come to finally take you home. Its time to rest." A halo of white shown around her. She glimmered like midnight's moon. Beauty and peace radiated from her. She was still perfect.
"Princess...I can't." His head hung in guilt and shame. She would be perfect for eternity. But it was him who forced that upon her. Not giving her a fighting chance to live out her time in the material world. He stole that time from her and he was less of a man for doing so. Less than anything he could have imagined.

"Yes you can. Follow me." She turned now leading him towards a great light in the distance. Something strong tugged at him. A calling. The afterlife. The man turned to follow her, but his eyes still stayed plastered on the scene below. "Don't look any longer. That life as past."
Teneff would now nod as he spoke softly to his living friends. "I'm sorry. So very sorry." Tears fell from his eyes as he finally turned fully towards the woman. Follwing her sowly but with intenet. It was his time to move into the next. No reason to stay behind. Nothing left to do but pay for his crimes against his beloveds.

As his sould crossed over, the other wolves would notice a cold stillness come over the body that layed before them. They had succesfully and easily taken Teneff's life. They made this decision for him, and he willingly accepted his fate.

And it was silent. For the first time in a his life, the voices stopped. The hidden music of sanity's edge ceased to exist and all that was there was the souless carcess of what was once a man.

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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Posted 06-15-2018, 06:24 PM |
Fire Alpha
Male, 7.00
36 in, 125 lbs
591 ep
© Jamie

White wings flapped around him; dark shadows slid past his paws and swallowed the wolf at his feet. The scent of blood filled the air, consumed his nostrils, his taste buds. But all he could focus on was the sensation of Teneff's throat between his jaws. Even as his teeth sunk into flesh, Teneff slackened and seemed to breathe release. It was only when Mercury attacked that Teneff showed any resistance at all. You wanted this. You've wanted this for a long time, my old friend. A friend no longer. Living, no longer. Vaitan clamped down and held his gushing neck for moments, holding the insane creature's corpse as his companions mutilated him. Everything was a blur around him; even time seemed to lose its control over this world. He could see Teneff once again, laughing, chasing him, fighting him...tearing his own flesh apart. Teneff was the one who died, but Vaitan saw the man's life flash before his eyes. And though this detestable creature tortured and killed his daughter, killing him did not satisfy Vaitan's blood lust. All Vaitan felt was...


Only after a couple minutes passed would Vaitan release his hold. He would drop Teneff's body to the ground, letting the blood drop from his open maw. And with heavy silence, the beast would pause, turn, and disappear into the distance without a word.


ooc. Sorry, I originally intended on this being much longer! Ruellia Mercury

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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