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Mandatory rekindle | meeting
Posted 05-31-2018, 05:09 PM |
Rebel Scout
Male, 3.25
36 in, 135 lbs
73 ep
© Lyk

No surprise that Charlotted had a task for him right off the bat, it only made sense. Still, looking for someone, and in Enigma of all places.. he wouldn't have minded if it was something else, something less like picking at emotional scars. But it is what it is. "Alright. I'm ready when you are." he said, glancing at Vahagn. He didn't know the boy and he didn't really care - though if that was going to change during their mission, he had no objections either.

A war. That's one thing Nicharion didn't expect from this meeting. He wasn't sure which one he disliked more, the bother or the danger associated with it. Yet all he could do was just accept it and hope Charlotte had a good reason for this. If it was just him and Kynaios, they could leave if things really went south. But Scorpius' kids never knew a home different than Rebel, they likely were far more invested in it. And leaving them behind just wasn't an option. "I don't suppose we have any intel on their numbers, now that it's going to be more difficult to get?" It was his biggest issue with the whole ordeal - why let your enemy prepare, why not have the advantage of surprise? It seemed like needless foolishness.. all he could do was hope Charlotte had a good reason for this, indeed.

Well, his brother knew how to make an entrance, even when he was late. And shortly after him arrived Icarus. Finally. "There you are." Nicharion aimed a brief nuzzle at the white male's neck in greeting. But the contentedness of having Icarus at his side was mixed with unease, especially as he spoke of becoming a warrior. I wanted to get you away from trouble for a while.. yet I only dragged you into a different kind. But he said nothing, didn't even let his expression betray his thoughts. Icarus could decide for himself. "I've asked him to join after that Ice fiasco. Don't worry, he's sober this time." Icarus' first impression on Charlotte likely wasn't the best one.. then again, it's been a long time ago, maybe she'll give him a second chance.

"So, those Alphas that I have to discover - should they be aware that you're seeking this information? And if so, is there anything I should relay?" He could only assume that Charlotte was looking into securing an alliance or two - a precaution for this conflict with Wind. At least, that's what he thought would be a smart move. "Looks like we're gonna be busy in the near future... we should make sure to enjoy what time we have tonight." He muttered to the white male next to him and winked. As bad as he could see the next weeks, maybe months being... things weren't all terrible.

Charlotte Icarus Vahagn

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Posted 06-02-2018, 12:11 PM |
Rebel Heir
Male, 1.75
38 in, 140 lbs
39 ep
© vik
Vahagn's attention turned on the scout. He nodded. "Then the sooner the better." But he found himself more reluctant to go than he seemed. What would he do if he found Valerian? Had his father followed in Asclepius's footsteps? Or was he dead, or injured? He could not know. Some part of him did not wish to. He set his shoulders and decided he would not overthink it, but rather, deal with it as the situation demanded. "Call for me when we are to leave."

There followed a happy reunion with his elder sister. Vahagn crooked his jaw proudly while she greeted his littermate. The prospect of a hunt and the mountain lion displayed like a conquest of Hercules made his stomach roll. He could not tell if it was a hunger for food or violence that churned it. "You should attend," he suggested to his brother. It would be good for Valix to get involved in the pack. To make up for lost time.


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Posted 06-02-2018, 07:13 PM |
Rebel Healer
Female, 3.50
33 in, 115 lbs
82 ep
© tam
the unease settles as the rest of the rebels find their way to the heart of the ridge and the meeting commences, their commander the very image of glory as she sits at their helm. the death match between charlotte and the wind stranger seemed to have stirred up some unrest between the two packs. thoughts of war flashed across verona's mind in a flurry of red; images of violence and death and wasted potential. her stomach clenches as the thoughts grow more and more frenzied. for a second, she wants to throw up, to vomit out all the blackness and disease that war brings among them, but rebels never waver in their strength. she can't show her weakness here, not now. lips pressed firmly shut, verona straightens herself and tries to swallow the anxieties that have encouraged nausea and worry. with the announcements of the new ranks comes surprise as their commander offers her a promotion: gamma. her brows shoot up in surprise as her mouth opens and closes in stunned silence. it takes her a moment to compose herself, to regain the quiet way she presents herself to the world, before she can manage an answer. "Of course, Commander," it's a soft response, soft enough she nearly worries that it might not be heard through the hum of side conversations and whispers. "I would be happy to serve with Famine." for the first time in years, a spark of pride stirs inside of her.

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Posted 06-03-2018, 07:53 AM |
Rebel Gamma
Female, 5.50
40 in, 80 lbs lbs
54 ep
© Sylvirr
She inhales, and exhales. Long and rattling, though gives a brief nod of approval at the offering of Charlotte-- yes, it would do very good to have Verona at her side. Especially with Roswell being the way he was. She even scoots somewhat to the side, to allow Verona room to sit beside her and Otto and Síomha. If a war was going to be had, and classes were, in fact, requested, then they could use all the help they could get. She gazes at Verona, charcoal eyes tracing the lines of the womans face. She knows pain, as does Famine, as do they all, and she briefly motions towards the new healers--the young ones, and Elsinor, if she chooses.
"Come," she breathes, her voice a ragged rattle against the din of the meeting and the thickness in the air at the promise of war,"We must prepare. Classes." Verona to teach some, and her to teach some. She is more than happy to split the burden, and she wastes little time in gazing over Icarus with an expression of mild displeasure-- a wolf who could not keep the favor of his own god, and so he comes to Rebel as if favor is immediately granted.

But she moves onward, as there is no time to waste. War requires preparation.

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Posted 06-03-2018, 04:24 PM |
Rebel Warrior
Male, 1.75
42 in, 110 lbs
0 ep
© Lou

through love and resilience he will be better

He is overwhelmed. Rebel was huge. He is proud of it, in awe of what his mother has created- but the shock that runs through his veins is undeniable. Though on the outside he is pristine, silent as a grave, his expression neutral and fixed on his mother. He hasn't got heightened senses yet, though having been born to rebel he is naturally a more perceptive wolf, the conversations around him are all white noise. It is a few seconds after his brother has introduced him that he realizes he has been spoken to. There is a clear of his throat before his lips curl in a smirk, nodding to his mother, and then his elder sister, though he stays silent. What could he really say? Hi, yes, it's me, back from the neverlands... No, he'd just stay humble. The meeting takes a turn towards darkness and through the events that follow he stands and peers around to catch the expressions of those who he would now call family, his brothers and sisters of the red ridge. war. It rattles him slightly, he'd have to begin training promptly.

Again, Vahagn speaks to him. It takes too long for him to answer and compose himself, but those cobalt eyes find his blood-brother and he dips his head, "I'd love too," he says quietly, a hunt, his stomach churns already at the idea, excitement or nerves, he isn't sure to which it portrays. He could do with a feed though, he decides. "Perhaps we could train together, brother?" He mentions, wondering how these rebels even trained, he'd never done anything but run, he lacked all muscle tone a boy his age should garner. Still; the thought of it all excited him more than he could have ever imagined. He was home.

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Posted 06-04-2018, 03:22 PM |
Rebel Healer
Male, 1.25
37 in, 133 lbs
24 ep
© Ev
[Image: eSn63Xc.png]

otto stood beside his mother as she spoke, nodding to her every word. his eyes flickered around before he looked back to her, hearing that there would be practice sooner than later. which was probably a good thing. the young teen rose to his full height and shook the red dust off of him before bowed to the commander and was prepared to follow his mother out.

exits with famine~

speak and be heard.

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Posted 06-11-2018, 03:46 PM |
Rebel Alpha
Female, 6.50
40 in, 100 lbs
519 ep
© Lou

Conversations flitter about the small space Charlotte had chosen for their meeting, her ears swivel and dip as she catches most of the murmurings. She can tell, by expressions alone, that most of them were not pleased with her declaration. She almost feels like she should retract it, but that was not in her nature. Nicharion addresses her and she shuts out all the other voices to focus on him, and him alone; "tell them nothing," she hisses, "I merely want information. My alliance with Storm has been revoked since Seacca has disappeared, I'd like to know who leads in her place." She nods to him, though her emerald eyes perk as she spots the Ice wolf, or former Ice wolf, as his bare neck suggests. "Icarus, isn't it?" She smirks devilishly, "glad to see you coherent." For the last time they had met he had been all sorts of messy. "Your God has cast you aside like trash, as they often do, without remorse. If you are to join us, you must forsake him as well." She will not have wolves beneath her that long for the deity of their pasts, they were equal here, they worship none other than each other, praise none but themselves. She gives him a stern look as she waits for him to answer, before she sidles off her podium down to her son, or sons, as Vahagn had just announced. "Welcome home, my son..." she purrs, though she doesn't touch him, she could tell he was overwhelmed with what was going on around him, "we will speak soon, rest your mind."

The others, having accepted their ranks, are rewarded a smile and tilt of her muzzle. Verona, a cold nose to her shoulder affectionately, as Charlotte passes her. "You are all dismissed for now," she tells those who remain, before she too; takes her leave.

Icarus to rebel wolf.

Charlotte is riddled with scars from head to toe, the right side of her face is bare of fur, and both her ears are in tatters at the tips.

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Posted 06-11-2018, 05:40 PM | This post was last modified: 06-11-2018, 05:41 PM by Icarus
Male, 3.50
35 in, 117 lbs
102 ep
© ev

the feeling of being beside the rebel scout had made everything feel a bit better. his head rested against his shoulder for a moment. he inhaled the scout's scent, bringing back memories of the night. his eyes close before he lifted his head back to carion talking and nodded along, his nose wrinkled until the commander spoke. he straightened up as she spoke, icarus nodded. he was ready for that, wasn't he? or was this just simple rebellion? "i shall." he spoke with the words that would maybe forsake him back. but he had no care about that, he was mad and to be mad, he needed to make a stand and show kiyoshi who he really was. not just some little bastard princess.

"speak and be heard."

rethink before you speak.

Nicharion & Charlotte

rated M for M A T U R E.

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