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Posted 04-18-2018, 11:28 PM |
Rebel Pup
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© joel
he felt something sharp and wet, pierce his shoulder. the sensation is new to his flesh. new to his network of comprehension. he moves suddenly to see it is his brother attacking him, soliciting violence for the first time. a trigger engages him. a fret strummed. the act seizes him in impulse, a shroud of red cleansed his vision. he forgets himself and the scene, the intricate bonds that build and burn around him. he is a child that destroyed his first toy. beyond reason or control. it flowed through him, a liquid - a turpentine. bast will submit to him - his family of festering emotions that had no true potential of reality. he only knew the agony and that he traded it with his brother like a hot iron. a game perceived for their survival - their grief is a protagonist. a carrier. he chased after him, hooked on returning his teeth in favor of revenge, until he ceased before a wall of meat and bone. he collapsed, limbs splayed and necklace shattered. he does not know why.* he does not care. he registers the way the shards play in the ink. slivers of lusterless rocks mixing.

blood pools, cooling as it runs around him and bast. he is overwhelmed. he is manic. he shakes. he tries to howl, to mouth the state of him, to cry for mother. each attempt had trouble surfacing. all that growing from within curbed. he stares off into the balm of nothingness and appears to not return. perhaps most of him did, a piece is left behind. spoiled. dissociation. and the silence, he first noted, is an echo. he can find his heart beat, his mind, his now permeable sense of self. all that was an extension of his brother, solid properties that comforted him, is now fled. broken. he is filled with disgust at such vulnerability that it plunges his design to adapt - to survive the chaos he has been introduced to. and it was charlotte's words that drew him from his severed core. he is a wild animal. a boy-monster who spoke coolly of a reckoning. "they are mine. die - die - die!" he is mad with the prospect of losing any more of his family; baring fangs and guttural hissing. he was more mongoose than wolf, however tiny his aggressive form.

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