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Stardust Festival he{art}- AW
Posted 04-05-2018, 07:19 PM | This post was last modified: 04-05-2018, 07:20 PM by Jenci
Water Pupsitter
Male, 3.50
36 in, 136 lbs
28 ep
© Noon
Dusted in the sandy shimmer of the falling stars, a looming, pale figure moved away from the thick gathering like a ghost ship through the dark. He needed a moment, not to think but to simply breathe. Large crowds in general seemed to drain him, but with the added shock of seeing living gods, he needed a few minutes of quiet. A swirl of star powder lifted in a puff as he eased back to his heavy haunches near the Naveen's bank. Eyes closed, he listened to the trickle of the water and let it wash the tension from his broad shoulders and the anxiety from his chest.

After a few deep breaths he opened his eyes to study the dark waters, the slope of the bank, the contrasting hues of small river stones around him. Art was a soothing tool, and something about the river's composition tugged at him. He began mindlessly flicking rocks into piles as he began slowly trying to unravel his thoughts about the divine beasts in the distance. Before he realized it, Jenci had built a little mound of smooth, white stones. But it wasn't quite enough. For what, he wasn't sure, but he moved from his seat to scout further along the bank, quietly ruminating on his thoughts as he kept his metaphorical hands busy.

When he felt he had retrieved the right amount of pale stones, Jenci settled on his belly near the pile. Using his nose, he smoothed the markers out and began arranging them like a man playing a patient game of chess with a ghost. This was the background reel of his mind, a physical mirror for the process of organizing his thoughts. The work was slow and delicate for one without the luck of thumbs, but with calculated nudges from his nose and tongue and paws, an image slowly began to appear. He moved occasionally, scooting around the work to continue another section. By the time he was nearly finished, his mind was quiet, and he wore a gentle smile between each careful move.

((Reference Art <3 For Naga and anyone!))

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Posted 04-06-2018, 04:59 AM | This post was last modified: 04-06-2018, 04:59 AM by Naga
Earth Pup
Female, 0.75
37 in, 92 lbs
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© Skar

Naga was still lost, not that she would admit it. She was searching for Pidge, although she didn’t want to look desperate in want for the woman. She had no idea what was going on with this festival or whatever it was called. She decided she hated crowds as well. Getting pushed around by multiple bodies surrounding her was not her idea of fun. She just wanted to go home and relax.

Wait. She paused for a moment at the word ‘home’ that had popped into her head. Since when had she considered earth ‘home’? She thought for a long minute and then shrugged. She supposed it was home now. It provided food and shelter and she had no reason not to take advantage of it. The place was good enough to stay as long as it provided the necessities for her to live.

Suddenly feeling thirsty, Naga moved towards the bank of a river she knew not the name of. After lapping up some delicious sips of the cool water, she noticed an odd sight nearby. There was a hulking man lying on his belly, nudging stones into a strange spiral formation with his nose, tongue and paws. The curious child moved to take a closer look, trying not to make a sound. At one point, her paw cracked a twig, but the man appeared very absorbed in whatever he was doing. Whether he heard or not, she couldn’t tell. She looked at the man’s artwork critically and made her presence known from behind him with a rude question.

“What the fuck is that?”

Although she was just a child, the swear word slipped easily from her lips. She glared defiantly at the man with an air of attitude as if daring to challenge her.

OOC: Jenci Thanks for setting this up!

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Posted 04-15-2018, 06:08 PM |
Water Pupsitter
Male, 3.50
36 in, 136 lbs
28 ep
© Noon
Despite the clamor of the party in the distance, despite the overwhelming mental press of the crowd, Jenci had created his own quiet. He was getting better at it the longer he was gone from the toxic cult that had developed from the Family. There were no beatings in Water. There were no withheld meals until his hours of prayers were perfect. There was peace, but it was still a tremulous thing in the misused man. Youthful as the voice was, the harsh tone still gave him a start, bearish head swinging over his shoulder. His expression was a mix of alarm and chagrin, caught in the dirt like a pup.

“Oh,” he murmured at the sight of his little assailant. The ghost of fear slipped from his face leaving a gentle smile and a fine, broad brow furrowed quizzically at her antics. Jenci had a soft spot for children. They were among the few in his birth pack that made for tolerable company before Liber could take notice and ruin them with his hateful rhetoric. He wondered by her language if she had known some hateful rhetoric of her own, or perhaps she just had some liberal parents somewhere around the feast.

Probably what Gaat's pups will sound like if he ever settles down, he thought to himself and chuckled. With careful, benign movement, Jenci scooted around his creation so that it lay between him and his observer. “This is art, my dear.” Jenci answered, gesturing to the diagram to welcome her closer. “It's nothing grand, but it doesn't have to be to serve its purpose. You can try if you'd like. Continue the pattern or change it for yourself.” One heavy paw slid beside the image, pushing a small pile of stones toward the girl.

((No problem! Trying to get out some more regular replies. Work was killer this week. ^^' ))

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