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All Welcome TRIDENT • kei celebration
Posted 04-04-2018, 10:45 PM | This post was last modified: 04-04-2018, 11:01 PM by Keston
Water Alpha
Male, 4.75
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
a celebratory feast for kei's holiday
with the derby, zenith, & fount as corresponding events

The essence of joyfulness filled Doutaini as the Stardust Festival drew towards a close, a single night remaining until the evenings would grow quiet compared to the lively chatter that endured. Keston was still in a trance of disbelief over the excitement at the Feast, reliving the moment over and over in his mind—the image of Kei dressed in sea froth and studded with pearls was unshakeable, but the Lioncourt was content to live with her vision before his eyes for all of eternity. Her voice whispered for him alone seemed to whisk away the troubles of his mind, lifting the burden from his shoulders in a true moment of freedom—she was proud of him, a mission he had hoped to accomplish since he took up the mantle of serving as her steward and guardian of her home. To know he had succeeded granted Keston relief, and for a moment, he realized the tribulations he faced over many years had been beneficial, for they had sculpted him into the man he had become. Lion-hearted.

The sun had not yet awoken when Keston began to stir from his sleep, restless as a child filled with the excitement on the eve of their first Stardust Festival. Today was not to celebrate all the gods, however, but rather one in particular—his beloved patroness, Kei. Her recent gift of the blessing had encouraged him to return the favor with a grand celebration that reflected on the passion and love for Kei that resided in his heart, hoping to secure a display that was as deep and resounding as his relationship. Once his morning prayers had been cast, the golden lion-wolf found his way towards Shoshana Shore where the gala would occur—everyone should be able take part, Keston decided, and he did not want strangers deterred by the boundaries of a pack’s territory. The plot he had prepared was just south of Cerulean Waters where a bountiful feast awaited them—plenty of salmon plucked from the river along their migratory quest, seabirds captured from their wanderings along the shore, and even a pair of sea lions rich in thick blubber. Rounding out the platter was a host of shellfish, crabs, turtles, otters, and beavers.

The party was set among the shoreline where finely-spun sand scattered the floor, disrupted by small dunes and tufts of coastal grasses. Boulders ranging from small to large dotted the perimeter in a knowing placement, as though they had sat there waiting for this moment. Scattered throughout the venue were pieces of sea-glass with edges smoothed by the force of water—the jewels of the ocean. Keston had placed each in a particular place before he stepped back to observe his handiwork, looking towards the horizon in a check of time—the sun would not be up for another hour at least, but there was a faint glow along the edge of the ocean that warned of the impending dawn. He still had to gather his guests, though he had extended an invitation to all of Doutaini amidst the feast of the Stardust Festival—but without further delay, the golden knight craned his head back and called out to all, before settling atop a dune to await the arrival of his guests and the sun. They would want to be here to witness the sunrise, for as it hit every minuscule piece of sea-colored glass, the brilliant glow that heralded dawn would be refracted throughout and project a swimming display into the chill of morning—an illusion that, if all worked according to plan, would mimic the experience of being underwater.

To accompany him, a pod of whale swam just offshore and replied to his invitation with an exhaled breath, spraying the ocean brine into the skies. They were the perfect addition to round off the ambiance of the celebration, a morning of whale watching and feasting, followed by a few other events Keston was eager to share.

Everyone is invited!
Raini, Jason, Loreza, Clarke, Compass, Isabella,
Jenci, Revan, Riot, Zion, Vaitan, Lyonesse, Pumpkin,
Ruellia, Mercury, Lunafer, Lypso'ru, Mars

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Posted 04-05-2018, 06:22 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
41.35 in in, 102.22 lbs lbs
549 ep
© Sylvirr
He would be loathe to miss a celebration, even one not of his own. Kei is one of the only gods he has not had the pleasure of meeting, nor really seeing, as even at the blessing, she was there for a moment so brief that he did not have the chance. The time had come, though, and so he nudges both Ruellia and Valyn, eventually managing to find Balaraj and Yvaine, whom he feels most certainly needs the pick-me-up, and assumes that Ianthe and Aster will already be half-way there by the time he manages to get everybody up and out. Now, wherever the hell Nato was seems to be a mystery to him, but oh, well. He heads out, eventually arriving at the shore.
Water is something familiar to him-- perhaps in another life, the Water pack would have been where he ended up. But alas, it is THIS life, and he is a wolf of the shadows, perhaps eternally.

But it does not mean he will not go to appreciate the others-- as he'd explained to Lyra and Vaitan both, feelings on the gods are just as complex as feelings for mortals. So he arrives, with or without the others he encouraged. He smiles-- it is brief and small and nearly unseen on his already forever-grinning face--after all, it seems hard to frown with a glasgow-smile-- towards Keston and, as par usual, brings a gift. The caverns are the only place within Doutaini where these flowers grew-- Fragrant and the color of moonlight, he offers the delicate Lotus flowers towards Keston-- tucking the flower behind the lion-wolf's eat, before leaving another at the shoreline as an offering to Kei. Perhaps it is small and unassuming, but he wished only to bring a gift of life, rather than one of exorbitance.

And yet this is all done in an uncharacteristic silence, as once his gifts are laid out, he moves over to a far piece of driftwood to sit, letting the seafoam wash over his toes. It isn't as if he'll see the sunrise, but he faces it anyway.

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 04-05-2018, 06:31 AM |
Divine Alpha
Intersex, 6.50
35.00 in in, 114.00 lbs lbs
459 ep
© Sylvirr
He'd love to come! Of course he would. Vodka is f3eeling unwell and so he encourages her to remain at the Cove, but he wants Zinna to join them, for he feels that she needs some more joy and delight in her life. She still seems unable to talk about...whatever happened to her, and who did it, and so he hopes that by process of elimination, he may be able to learn who it is that hurt his pack member so. It is one of the few that that has managed to stir ire in the white priest. Still, he noses Anteros and Auriel, and is more than certain that Rascal and Quilla would be willing to come. Especially Quilla, whom he wants to learn more about the gods. There is little doubt in his mind that Alistar and Anubis will be joining them, since he knows that Lypso'ru will accompany him. She is, after all, his right-hand. And it isn't as if Anteros went anywhere without Amaranthe, the two of them were practically inseparable.

"Good morning, Keston." he calls over the gentle crash of the sea, a sound familiar to him. It is interesting, if not strange, the way they differed. Both living by the sea and yet so distinctly different in so many ways. He cannot help but gaze out over the familiar shoreline, a warm, placated smile drawn over his face. "What a lovely day for a celebration."

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Posted 04-06-2018, 04:11 PM |
Enigma Hunter
Female, 5.00
39.5 in, 96 lbs
8 ep
© Amber

Yvaine was pleasantly surprised to be awoken by the black alpha, who had found her asleep by Ramona's obsidian stalagmite. Quickly she had shook the drowsiness off her mind, and gladly followed him out of the Calignous. For the time after Tristan's death she had found that being among people warded off any emotion too negative, protected her from the death wish she had suffered from and let her feel the warmth of familiarity that only her pack could give her. Still, she most often found herself alone by her mother's tombstone. Often she stood under the crystals of the Crypt, watching the rays of light with melancholy. But, slowly, she was getting better.
Finally, they arrived. Mercury was first to draw near what she assumed was the Water alpha, tucking one of the flowers behind his ear; the ocean-eyed man she had only spotted briefly from the outskirts of the Feast when he had been blessed by his goddess, pearls in her hair and a wave under her paws. Yvaine approached the sand-pelted man, nodding her head in respect. The black alpha didn't speak, and neither did she. But she did offer the leonine man a shy, elegant smile before took a seat near the water, at the bottom of one of the dunes, sky-blue eyes caught on the pod of whales as she felt herself fill with awe. It was all so alien to her - the sand under her, it flowed between her toes and swallowed her paws a little, like it was water. The salt in the air and the cries of the gulls... It suddenly made her sad, that she couldn't experience this with her father...


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Posted 04-06-2018, 04:49 PM |
Enigma Heir
Female, 3.75
27 in, 100 lbs
108 ep
© Lou
The call was a ricochet of color and invitation, Ianthe had been beyond the clutches of their dark and shadowy home, simply sitting at the edges of her fathers once magnificent garden. It was still alive, but the lack of his presence had turned it into something foreign, she couldn't recognize it anymore as his, simply a communal garden instead, for all of Enigma to enjoy. It didn't have the same effect on her anymore, then again; life didn't have the same effect on her anymore. From her perch above the cliffs of their mountain, Ianthe could see a trail of Enigma's moving towards the sea-side call, a celebration for their Goddess; Kei. She had ventured into their briny shores once before, to find out more about their origins and the lore of Water as a whole, since those younger days though; Ianthe had failed to return.

She makes the journey quickly, not long at all until her paws sink softly into those white sands of the cerulean waters. The area Keston had brought together for his celebration was just south, not quite inside Cerulean but on the edges, inviting those uncomfortable with pack territories to enjoy the day just as those who lived beyond the boundaries would. She appreciated Kestons' efforts here, and as she approaches the gathering, the beauty of the slowly rising sun behind the slivers of glass and boulders; she finds herself smiling. It truly was a spectacle, she couldn't wait for the sun to rise above the ocean line. Beyond those already gathered though- Mercury, Yvie, and a Divine man- were the bustling spouts of brimming whales. Sea-foam eyes lift to take in the pleasures of such a magnificent sight, before she turns to Keston and grins; "you've done beautifully," she commends him, nodding in greeting before she moves to press herself into her sister, "morning sis," she whispers, her grin stretching far and wide across her darkened maw.

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Posted 04-09-2018, 04:40 PM |
Divine Warrior
Female, 2.25
20(30A) in, 50(110A) lbs
14 ep
© Lou
..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

"Hurry up slow-poke!" She calls to Anteros, chuckling as her paws send her forwards at a swift trot, to the Cerulean. It is their Goddess's celebration day! She loved these parties, bound by glory and beauty, if she had the chance she would always attend even those packs who she didn't really know. Behind Lunafer, she finds her way to the borders of Water where the King there, had thrown together a miraculous display of food, decorations and even a funky little gathering of sea-glass that had her mind rocketing about in full drive. Looking through it, the water splintering off each surface and the beginnings of the suns' rays catching them, she felt like she was out at sea right then and there. Her eyebrow hooks, but she moves to join Lunafer, hazelnut eyes glancing up at Keston as she tilts her head most appropriately to him; "hello! I'm Amaranthe, Lypso'ru's daughter, this is amazing! Happy celebration day!" Her tail bats back and forth merrily as she leans into Luna affectionately, wondering when her mother would join them by the sea-side.

Tags; Anteros ;3

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Posted 04-12-2018, 06:58 PM | This post was last modified: 04-12-2018, 06:59 PM by Vaitan
Fire Alpha
Male, 7.00
36 in, 125 lbs
591 ep
© Jamie

The murmuring sounds and 'clicking' echoes of Enigma wolves woke Vaitan from his slumber. He lifted one heavy eyelid in time to see Mercury's vanishing figure, and quickly the beast glanced to his side to see if his mate stirred. He was almost lethargic, the way he moved; rarely did he get to sleep so soundly. In fact, he rarely got to steal a full night in his lover's arms, but last night was that exception. He supposed that the Torrid could go one night without him, since it was the Stardust Festival after all. Doutaini was quieted by true peace, and for the briefest moment, so was the beast.

With a comical yawn, the beast rose and stretched, aiming to cuff his wife with an affectionate nip if she still wasn't awake. As the festival's grandiose events flooded back to conscious memory, Vaitan recalled hearing Keston's invitation. Obviously, the beast would be remiss if he passed up this opportunity to support the golden king. If there was one wolf who was, undoubtedly, the most damned pleasant man Vaitan had ever met, it would be Keston. Sparkling, amber eyes shifted around the den and peeked into the winding tunnels; he knew the Enigma wolves were communicating, and he simply couldn't hear. But they appeared to be leaving for Kei's celebration. He glanced wryly at his wife; knowing Ruellia, it would take her a while to prepare herself. As he shook out his thick fur, shavings of stardust fell to the stone and left him roguishly bristled. Despite spending the night in the damp cavern, the distinct, warm smell of the desert still clung to his majestic form.

"Whenever you're ready, darling." The previous night had been intense, to say the least. Just when the pair felt that all hope was lost, Balaraj was returned to them as though from the afterlife. And as much as Vaitan abhorred the idea of leaving him, he knew his son could not handle a celebration so soon after his return. He was lost in the wilderness for so, so terribly long. His sister, Aster, would stay behind with him while the others in Enigma made their temporary exodus. Finally, Vaitan and Ruellia would make the journey as well. The Alpha of Fire stood beside the underworld Queen all the way, his simmering gaze burning upon the promising horizon. Strangely enough, in all his years in Doutaini, Vaitan had never made it as far as Shoshana Shore. The damp sand felt strange squishing beneath his toes, and he felt quite childish as he took a moment to appreciate the sensation. He chuckled as he glanced at his wife, a hint of coy pleasure gleaming through his stoic visage. Still, he would offer his arm to her, straightening his back as they approached the congregation.

Ruellia was the kind of woman one presented to the world.

As Vaitan's eyes fell on the leonine king, a genteel grin spread wide across his maw. "Keston," he boomed, as though holding his hand out to shake the other's. "I appreciate the invitation. And your goddess blessed you at the Feast, didn't she? Congratulations. Passion for this country runs in your veins; I wish you the best." "You deserve it" was such a crude sentiment, so Vaitan avoided it. After all, he wished no ill on the Alpha of Water, all he knew quite well that the gods' blessings were as mysterious as their curses. Who knew what Kei, or any god, had in store, or even if Keston desired it? Presently, the beast was distracted by the beauty of the feast, as well as the sea-glass scattered across the beach. His gaze found his gorgeous wife, whose eyes outshone the sea-glass a thousand times or more. Why haven't we ever come here? And then, he saw the gargantuan, moving bodies in the water. "Fu--I mean, holy, uh. What?"

ooc. Had Xechi's permission to have Vai and Rue arrive together <3

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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Posted 04-12-2018, 10:48 PM | This post was last modified: 04-12-2018, 10:53 PM by Ruellia
Enigma Alpha
Female, 5.75
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371 ep
© Xechi

She slept a deep, restless sleep, wrought with night terrors that made her twitch violently throughout the night. Mercury's gentle nudge was all but lost in the sea of her dreams. It was, of course, Vaitan's touch that pulled her from the dreamworld. Ruellia grumbled in discomfort before her eyes opened, but already the cogs of memory began to turn. Despite the night ending on a bright note, Ruellia was not herself. She did not glow with her usual crystalline vibrancy in Vaitan's presence, instead taking a form far more quiet and repentant. Balaraj's return had been a gift Ruellia could never have hoped for, but even that could not dim the pain of regret. Of guilt.

The pale woman shakes away the thoughts, and the sleep, before placing a gentle kiss to her lover's cheek. She lingers there a moment, as though drawing from him the strength to be. Ruellia wanted nothing more than to curl up and rest, to allow the wheel of time to make light her actions during the Feast, to wipe away the vision of her daughter tortured by a mad fiend. But she was Queen, and Vaitan? King. Both blessed by their respective deities. No matter their personal problems, they had duties. Rue held in the sigh that threatened to escape her lips and pulled away, catching the edge of Vaitan's wry grin with a half-smile. 'If he can be cheerful,' she thinks to herself with words that waver in strength, 'so can I. He is my strength.' Little victories like these were what kept the enigmatic Queen going. She had lost herself once, but it would take hell to do it again. (Rue hoped.)

Ruellia stood with her usual grace, though her face was impassive, and, as she turned away, flicked his nose with the tip of her blackened tail. It was a small thing, but enough to exchange meaning. Yesterday is gone, it says. Today we start anew. But newness did not rid the pale Queen of the madness that lurked within, for even now, as she shook sleep from her bones, the voice whispered without words within. Waiting, always waiting, 'Whenever you're ready darling.' His voice was a comfort, his presence, more so. She cast him a grin that didn't reach her eyes as she spoke softly, "I just need a dip in the lake, and we can be on our way." Well, a dip, a roll in sweet herbs, and a few minutes beneath the crisp, autumn sun, but Vaitan surely already knew that.

During their travel, Rue is clutched close to Vaitan, a silent companion whose sea-glass eyes found purchase on both nothing and everything. They are late to arrive, among the last. She beamed brightly as Vaitan glanced at her, his grin infectious, even now, and she can't help the girlish giggle that escapes. For a moment, it feels as though everything were okay. Could be okay. Vaitan loved her no less, even when her hands were wrapped around his neck. Ruellia was blessed in more than one way. There, she spots her sisters, and casts them both a grin before following Vaitan towards Keston. She bowed, lightly, more a dip of the head than anything she extended towards the divine, and added her own congratulations, "We should gather together, soon. Us blessed wolves." Rue bumps shoulders with Vaitan as she chuckles, but, before following Vaitan's exclamation, she leaned coyly forward, aiming to whisper into Keston's ears. "Mercury looks rather handsome tonight, doesn't he?" Rue had no clue how the leonine king felt for her shadow-jester, but she did know how Mercury felt towards Keston, and for Rue, that was enough to encourage. Rue backed away, chuckling lightly, before following her husband's attention to the shore.

She gasped. Immediately, Ruellia rushed forward, reaching the water's edge with bell-ringing laughter that made her seem a child again. Silvered paws were quickly soaked by the waves, but she stood resolute, grinning ear to ear as the wind ruffled her fur. The great beasts of the water held her attention rapt, mesmerized, really, by the sheer size of them. Part of her wanted to dive into the water and become one, to know what the world must feel like to a creature so alien, so different from them.

"Stars, hide your fires;
let not light see my black and deep desires."

Keston Vaitan

[Image: EinF1lS.jpg]

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Posted 04-14-2018, 11:06 AM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 3.75
34 [a]. in, 121 [a]. lbs
129 ep
© Mkohy
She was shy in her entrance, done more so out of political need than much else. Though, such a thing never matter much to Murmura, especially as she was tempted to leave by the sight of Ruellia and Mercury, a distaste in the deep of her mouth, unable to be rid of. She doesn't leave, instead, she moves away from all rest, a mere nod given to Keston if he so looks her way before finding a place to settle herself away from the mass. She did not know Kei, but she did what she would do for Kurai, celebrate even if only by herself, alone, silently. Tail curled around her, she slumped to the ground, laying with fervent eyes, watching with slight awe. After all, she hadn't truly spent much time in thought of the other gods, most she appeared to with disdain. Murmura couldn't help for once, feeling the beauty of another's god and their effort. Perhaps it showed too, with the look of childlike glee touching her face from her far off and pointed position.

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Posted 04-14-2018, 05:36 PM |
Water Pupsitter
Male, 3.50
36 in, 136 lbs
28 ep
© Noon
He could not be so foolish as to believe everything was perfect since coming to Water. As he roused himself from a rough bed on the elevated roots of a marshland tree, Jenci still felt his shackles, the weight of memories and habits learned on his knees. There was always something haunted at the edges of his thoughtful expression, but he had to admit; the cuffs were beginning to loosen. He had few friends here, but his frequent loneliness had been necessary for a time. Many a sleepless night had passed in only the company of a calm, starlit ocean, but he was beginning to sort himself out.

It had started with the basics, making himself rise each morning and leave his small den to stretch his legs, to groom, to feed himself. Art had been his next tool of healing. Small, earthen works dotted the marshy terrain surrounding his den like scatter shot. Intricately stacked river rock, reeds painstakingly interlaced to cast patterns in their shadows, short lived sketches in the Shoshana sands. He worked them all as his mind turned over what he had been taught about gods and what he had witnessed first hand at the feast. When Keston's call pulled him from the depths of Kei's lands, Jenci went eagerly, ready to hear more from a true god-touched mortal.

“Good morning, sir,” Jenci greeted Keston in his quiet rumble, a smile warming to his often sober face. He could not claim he was close with the leader of Water, but other than his siblings, he was perhaps the most familiar person in Doutaini to the introverted man. He was tempted to take a seat beside him, but the Alpha would surely have many guests to greet. Instead he moved on, spotting a few faces he recognized among those already gathered. Despite the urge to hover on the outskirts alone, Jenci took a seat near the dark man he recognized from the Stardust festival. “Glad to see our packs are friendly. Keston doesn't seem the type to have many enemies anyway,” he murmured to Mercury, voice still low like a worshiper settling early into the pews.

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Posted 04-15-2018, 06:59 PM |
Divine Hunter
Female, 3.50
30 in, 105 lbs
67 ep
© Noon
She arrived like the stars cast down for the Stardust festivities, a streak of shimmering Divine glow piercing into the warmth of the gathering. Although the idea of god given powers had given her a bit of the creeps at first, Quilla was growing more and more fond of Hotaru's gift. It was becoming second nature, a warm flash at Lunafer's beckon, a gentle shine from her honey eyes as she cantered into the meeting. She even enjoyed the brief dizziness that seemed to wash from behind her eyes, down her spine, and up again. Quil had always liked anything with a bit of a giddy rush; fermented fruits, cliff diving, flirtatious company. It was only dumb luck she hadn't fallen in with any ilk of worse habits.

With a bright bark of greeting, she circled around Lunafer and her pack mates in a playful prance, her grin a greeting in itself. A fleeting sense of disappointment caught up to her as she looked for silver eyes and an easy, sleepy smile and found her friend absent from the festivities. Across the growing flock, she saw her brother instead and shifted course in the loose sand, beaming even as she nearly crashed into the white mountain. “Jenci! I haven't seen you for dinner in a week.” She weathered his miffed frown without batting an eye. He'd always been the stick-in-the-mud to her up-in-the-clouds. Without invitation she stole a seat beside him and scanned the new and familiar faces around her. Her attention landed on the regal looking, blue eyed beast that seemed to be managing the affair.

“That your Alpha?” she pried, nudging her brother's thick ribs. She made a low whistling sound that she knew would fluster the quiet male. “No wonder you decided to stay here. Can't beat the view.” Her laugh was bright contrast to the other Beltran's hushed and reverent tone. When she leaned forward to see if she was pushing his buttons yet, Quil caught sight of the dark figure obscured by Jenci's bulk.

“Why Mr. Purple!” she chimed, a grin of genuine delight overtaking her impish mood. “What luck seeing you here. I hope you and your madman are well.” Their meeting in the pits wasn't necessarily a model of friendly meetings, but Quilla didn't second guess her gut feeling nor the simple pleasure at seeing his familiar if disfigured face.

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