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that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.
Posted 04-03-2018, 07:22 PM |
Rogue Wolf
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"Suddenly I'm helpless!"
Tender. "Talkative." Insecure.

Hunger. Perhaps one of the things naive Fiore had not thought about when deciding to run from the only home she’d ever known. The foolish girl hadn’t even had the foresight to fill her stomach before leaving, having merely just run off in the dead of night while most were asleep, not even taking so much as a single snack for the road.

She only vaguely began to realize her mistake a few days afterward, when the dull pangs of an empty stomach - one so used to eating like royalty - began to claw at her insides, emitting low bellows of need like an injured animal. She hadn’t taken it seriously, brushing the pangs off with the assurance that she was bound to find food eventually… but the maiden was soon to learn that food did not simply fall into one’s lap like it did when she was being served hand and foot. She realized, as the pangs and bellows grew too intense to bare, that she would have to get serious about this if she was to survive on her own, or else… starvation could actually be imminent, a dreadful thought that shook her to her sunshine-y core.

So, she switched the purpose of her travels from exploring to surviving.

In her quest for her first self-caught meal, she’d ended up here, in a sprawling field of tall grasses, low lying shrubs, and lovely, crimson blossom: surely a good place to get started. She, ah… wasn’t that great at tracking, having never needed to do it before, therefore never learned how, but even her inexperienced nose could tell there was an abundance of prey here: the scents, new and old, predator and prey alike, were practically overwhelming! After taking only a moment to observe the meadow’s vivid colors and expansive beauty, with a sharp stab of encouragement from her aching stomach, she quickly threw her nose to the dirt and began searching.

Of course now, now that she was in a place that was overflowing with prey, she thought it reasonable to think they might fall into her lap here! That after only a minute or two of light searching, a hare or vole was sure to spring from the grass and make itself known! But… “a few minutes” quickly turned to several minutes… and several minutes to half hours… and half hours to two hours. Two hours of finding a trail and getting excited, her fluffy tail shooting into the air like a flag of enthusiasm, and following that trail, only to realize it was stale, or that the trail disappeared unexpectedly, or that the trail couldn’t make up its mind as to whether or not it was new or old, therefore causing her to give up in frustration and just go looking for a new one.

Finally, finally, after what felt like forever… she set herself on a new, fresh trail, and diligently followed it until, from somewhere up ahead, there was a rustling in the grass, causing her to halt immediately, head snapping up, ears perking, and eyes flitting up to find the source. Then, a flash of tall ears and a brown coat as the creature up ahead took off, causing Fiore’s golden heart to soar with joy. Aha! At last!

Without a moment’s hesitation, she broke out into a panting smile and tore off after the creature, dainty paws flying across the grasses of Crimson Meadow in hot pursuit. This would be her first meal, of that she was certain.
"Oh, look at those eyes!"

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