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Stardust Festival Empty dreams (open)
Posted 04-03-2018, 02:45 PM |
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© Ash
She moved with unsure paws, the sky way to dark, to empty. Was it because morning was close at hand or something else completely? The heavens had been starless for sometime now; inside this strange land at least. Outside they seemed find, but it was like someone or something had stolen the stars. Dust fall from the cloudless empty heavens and she wondered what it was, this dust glittered and flurried in the cool nightly autumn breeze. "Is it what is left of the stars? Is the sky truly falling down on me?" She asked softly to herself as she expected no one to answer. She was just another stranger here passing though. Still she was curious. Off in the field she could see many wolves gathered around a fire with food piled to one side. She could go up to them and ask what is going on, but she stayed back. Let them have their fun, it wasn't safe for her to go near a pack and their feast after all. She was curious though how they created and controlled the fire without it spreading over all that was. Still she strayed from the gathered to the outskirts of everyone. Taking a seat in the fall grass she wrapped her tail around her legs and stared up into the dark sky enjoying the soft hum of far offer laughter, and hum of chatter.

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