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Stardust Festival pleasantries
Posted 04-03-2018, 12:12 AM |
Rebel Alpha
Female, 6.50
40 in, 100 lbs
519 ep
© Lou
There was an unsteady feeling from being under the glare of something so magnificent, even if Charlotte couldn't actually see what all the fuss was about. Mere mortals, judged by those who could create falling dust, it was nothing to leave a lasting impression on the ridge beast. She stalks the outside lands, the borders of the feast where others' mingle happily, there was a time when she had been one of them, so quick to run into the fray and socialize with wolves she'd never met before. Now, the faces were all foreign and unknown, those before missing, svana, seacca and even athos. Those she missed dearly, and had left a lasting scar on her heart. She could still see them in the faces of others, children or grandchildren, through pendants that hung by a strangers neck. The world had changed, it made her think of Singer and all the queen had wanted to achieve before her death. now? the world was nothing like it used to be. and yet rebels still had a bad name. ironic.

Walking the outskirts of the feast before her big day, she spots a few rebels among the crowds. One of which she hadn't had much to do with. Badr. Roswell's girl, not that she ever thought Roswell would have a girl, but she wouldn't deny that sometimes wolves could surprise her. From there, she calls for the small wraith. Let's have a chat, love...

terrible <3

Charlotte is riddled with scars from head to toe, the right side of her face is bare of fur, and both her ears are in tatters at the tips.

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