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Stardust Festival old yellow moon • murmura
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:49 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 4.75
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
The corners of his mouth ached from the enduring smile that rested on his features with a sense of perpetuity. The leonine king was elated by the celebrations, joyful to be reunited with friends in a coveted toast that cherished the evolution of life. Days were too short to be lived anything but to the fullest, a proven fact given the latest seasons in Doutaini. The final breath had been snatched away from several of those he held close to his heart, each too young to suffer from the predation of death. Those who had not been claimed to another dimension had been lost in wayward journeys that carried them far away from Doutaini. Keston had to wonder, did they miss this place, or were they glad to leave it behind them? For the Lioncourt, it was the only home he had ever known-the only place in the world that could occupy that place in his heart. His devotion to Kei could never lead him astray for long, but there was a part of him that envied those who came and went as they pleased, unbound by the expectations he willingly placed on himself.

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Posted 04-07-2018, 01:12 PM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 3.75
34 [a]. in, 121 [a]. lbs
129 ep
© Mkohy
She's so mystical.
Brought me to my knees.
Feel like an animal.
Sacrifice me please.

Her body moved with ease, tender were her joints from the festivities, aching. It seemed the stress of life had started to catch up to her, she didn't slow though, she moved, forward, always forward. The flower and stardust soft underfoot, as she paced through the field absently. Eyes wandering without a goal, only to catch sight of fresh gold. A man unknown to her, her attention caught, she sped up her pace to catch up, curious as she caught a glimpse of blue gem, different from ice, presumably of water, water who she knew little of. A question on the tip of her tongue, held back by pleasantries she smiled as she drew close, not knowing if he cared to be bothered or not, it wasn't a matter she concerned herself with as a small note fell from her throat, a simple "Hello." awakening her presence. Seemingly gentle as she slowed to meet his side, not too close, but close enough to take a moment to overlook his visage. Bright eyes blue in contrast to his fur, which stood as she saw from afar, faded gold, a chest of treasure. "I do not know many of water, mind if I bother you for a bit?" a smile offered, soft and polite mannerism a fresh touch, unusual in her temperament, but curiosity burned and even she could hold herself quiet for awhile.

Photo by Lurm on Unsplash.
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