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Stardust Festival sweet andromeda • lunafer
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:42 PM |
Storm Wolf
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© Julie

philippa odessa izaak
a rose by any other name
When the uncertainty settled in, Philippa had discovered she often reverted back to old habits. As the festival began to draw towards a close, the wildflower of the valley made her way over the tattered earth and trampled fields. A gardener in her leisure and a nurse in times of need, Philippa was versed in the local flora inhabiting and surrounding her home—without a companion to venture through the night with, she turned to the tutelage of an old friend to offer comfort. The fragrant lemongrass steered her towards the ragged patch that, much like every Stardust Festival before, had been carelessly pillaged by tracks of passing wolves. This particular patch was dear to her heart, for it had supplied the remedy that led to her brother’s recovered health. Minding where her steps were placed, she laid down beside the patch of lemongrass and allowed the scent to fill her nostrils. Philippa reclined her head back into the sea of surrounding grasses, rose quartz eyes fluttering closed as though she was transported back in time for a mere moment when life was not hindered by pain or loss.

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Posted 04-03-2018, 06:59 PM |
Divine Alpha
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© Sylvirr
He is quiet now, the festival in full swing. The rising action seems to have taken it's toll upon his aging body, and he eventually finds himself far removed from the festivities and merry-making, choosing instead to meander along the sidelines to find a comfortable spot from which to watch the merriment. He is a reserved creature, after all, and so, van only handle too much liveliness before he begins to get a bit overwhelmed, and so a breather is much needed. Somewhere among the fields of lavender and yarrow, he spots her-- her gaze of pale peach is unmistakable.

"Good evening, Philippa." he calls, his voice lifted over the den and yet somehow, not a yell. There is, as always, a keen warmth to his voice, as if his tone can soothe a chill in the bones, and he makes his way towards her with a smile carefully lifted among his features, accented only by the sheen of stardust that lines his form and accents both the feminine curves and the masculine lines of his body. "Taking a breather from the festivities?"

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