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Stardust Festival drops of jupiter • keillan
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:41 PM |
Storm Wolf
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© Julie

philippa odessa izaak
a rose by any other name
With conflicting emotions, Philippa danced her way through Serene Fields. It almost seemed as though the gods had taken all the stars out of the sky and scattered them throughout the astral plains of a newly discovered galaxy, precariously placed beneath their feet. The Stardust Festival marked an anniversary in her heart when she was blessed with the greatest gift of all—her children, who were the crowning moment of her existence. But with their conception came the promise of newfound hope and passion that was quickly jilted away, leaving the healer with a wary heart. Philippa had managed to bury herself into a sense of numbness by occupying her time with the care of her children and the growth of her garden. Yet the sights before her rekindled the emotions as rose quartz eyes found themselves lingering upon the wolves paired off beneath the watchful gaze of a starless sky. The sting of loneliness bleeds from her heart in tangible waves of pain, her brow furrowed across the inkwell canvas and her jaw clenched tightly; she feels akin to the stars that have been plucked out of place, scattered around and hidden away from the world.

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