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Stardust Festival all of the stars • izaaks
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:40 PM |
Storm Wolf
Female, 4.75
32 in, 100 lbs
294 ep
© Julie

philippa odessa izaak
a rose by any other name
A renewing sentiment planted a seed in her chest as the wildflower of the valley consorting with an emotion that had eluded her for several season now. Happiness came with a trilling note of joy that painted a vivid inscape within her heart upon discovering the return of her siblings, and with their return, a piece of her heart was restored. Though it ached evermore for the ones she would never enjoy the luxury of embracing again and those that had yet to surface from the world outside Doutaini’s perimeter, Philippa cherished this period with a longing sense of optimism. Yet every sunny day is eventually snubbed by the ensuing night or the overcast of an untimely cloud, much is the same for the healer’s moment of joy. Within the heavens of starless design, a barter had been made on her behalf as kismet whispers made the exchange. The return of her siblings and the restoration of her heart could not be permitted without the sacrifice of someone else—her dear flower, Alani, who had disappeared without a word. It was the manifestation of Philippa’s greatest fear, that as a mother, her children would soon grow without need of her. But Alani had stolen a piece of her heart that the Izaak woman could perhaps never reclaim, and so while happiness made her heart swell, it tasted bittersweet on her tongue.

Family had been the strongest bonds she knew growing up and overtime they eroded beneath the turbulent seasons life had offered them. Despite the uncertainty and sadness Alani’s disappearance plagued her with, Philippa was eager to introduce her children to their uncles and aunt. She looked forward to their tales of travel and adventure, intrigued by the vivid stories they would weave from their time away—it reminded her briefly of a time long ago when Augustine enchanted them with a riveting account of a princess and a god. Standing amidst the field blanketed by the stardust glow, Philippa called out for the remaining Izaaks of Doutaini, hoping to rekindle the flame from the embers that had been scattered.
Clancy, Felix, Thisbe, Alistar, Vitali, Marcell,
Clarke, Loretta & anyone I have missed!

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Posted 04-03-2018, 10:45 AM |
Storm Wolf
Male, 1.25
31 in, 117 lbs
22 ep
© Ev
clancy's dark paws move through the fields with intensity, his mother had called and he would come, not matter how far he might have been. thankfully, he wasn't far off at all. the call implored him to move quicker than he ever had. the meso-runner's legs were short, but they moved at the speed of light until his mother was in view. his oceanic eyes find her, in all her young beauty that still was. he calms. heart-rate slowing back to its normal pace as he trots up to his mother, moving underneath her chin with a nuzzle before he moved out, looking around then to his mother, sitting beside her as if he were a knight sitting beside a queen. how is the stardust festival, mother? he asked, looking to his mother with a small smile on his lips. his tail swished from side to side in the stardust that laid in the grass. the male was a lot curvier than his mother, it made him somewhat insecure as he sat up straighter, his siblings seemed to fill out the weight, but he would probably not. it didn't matter, his mohawk stood tall, curls filled out as they displayed the mane that went down his chest. he was a proud izaak and valentine mix.


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Posted 04-03-2018, 02:15 PM |
in, lbs
Star Seeker
The call, a sweet embrace to his purpose from journeying back to Doutaini hummed with an intensity that brought a smile to his lips. Sister mine. Eagerness moved his limbs across the field at a loping pace as he sought to reunite with his kin as quick as he was able. He closed the distance with a rapid pace that brought him to meet Philippa beneath the stardust, and someone else he wasn't privy to. Cherry eyes swept the Grecian body of Phillipa, appraising of how she'd aged with wonder how she was now, and where she stayed. The other wolf he knew nothing of, but suspected that the younger male was related in some way. Scents would speak as much and he maneuvered his silver framed body closer to the pair to investigate the youth. He'd missed quite a bit of Izaakian history in his travels, the years had gone by. At least, for Philippa, they had been kind from the surface. "Sweet sister," a pleasant voice left his lips as he moved to greet Philippa with a kiss to her cheek if she would allow it, before he moved to one side to inspect the young man in his presence with great interest. "Is this one of yours, or someone else's?" he inquired with a generous amount of curiosity, and didn't want to assume that this young man was from Philippa's loins. Especially with that strange mo-hawk that sprouted from the depths of deep sepia on his crown.
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Philippa Clancy

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Posted 04-05-2018, 12:25 AM |
Storm Wolf
Male, 1.25
33 in, 120A lbs
0 ep
© vik
lorsque fleurit la mort-aux-loups
The bonfire bathed the feast in a warm and silky dress, but he could not be enticed to stay in its company for long. The further fields were dark and sweet and cool, and somehow, in spite of his best intentions, Felix ended up here at the edge, where cannibal shadows chased each other through the grass and the faces of other wolves all blurred together. He was the quiet observer, rose-gold eyes dancing across the others with a sharpness that exposed his woodsman's nature. More comfortable in the natural world than among civilized society, he lapsed into the habit of watching all that moved with patient, searching eyes. Yet, his mother's charming voice as it rose up into the black and empty sky reminded him to be tame; reminded him that he was well-loved and well-raised.

Felix slipped into the field. He tracked his mother to a cozy section glittering in soft stardust. She was already surrounded by two others - his brother, and a man Felix had never seen before. Someone new to play meet and greet with, he assumed. The young huntsman clenched his jaw and stifled a sigh, letting the air fill the chambers of his chest and releasing it slowly, preempting it from betraying him in a single irritated gust. He fell in behind the silver man, only inching around him at the last moment whereupon he donned a courteous look before the man could catch him without it. Felix greeted him with a subtle nod, but went to Philippa's side first and aimed to kiss her cheek. Then he swept to his brother's side and, after fitting into a place there, he finally rested his eyes on the stranger. The soft, polite grin on his lips was contradicted by the lukewarm interest in his eyes.

He would let their mother introduce them, however; since it was she who'd been asked the question.

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