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Stardust Festival the sun is rising • naga
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:36 PM |
Fire Pup
Male, 1.00
35 in, 130 lbs
0 ep
© Julie
there is fire in his blood
The nights had started to bleed together as the excitement of the Stardust Festival waned, the showers of cosmic debris thinned and threatened with their end. Rhaego had not returned to Torrid Desert between the nights, finding a place to rest during the day and maintain his nocturnal schedule. The child of burnt pyres found his energy depleting as the hours ticked by him, and as the sun sat just below the horizon at the preeminence of dawn, the masqueraded prince stifled a yawn. His spirit was fully saturated by the exhilaration of the festival, and yet he endured night after night only to discover new wonders stumble upon him. It was the greatest time yet, outliving the stories he had grown up on as life breathed them to reality—but now his dreams were demanding their stage time. Rhaego found the nest of plucked grasses beneath the safety of a tree that he had made for his bed, securing his lodgings for another stay as heavy lids veiled bright, chartreuse eyes. Upon resting his head on the ground, a sudden weight drifted over him that was all consuming, laying the excitement to rest as the desert child dozed off to sleep.

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Posted 04-03-2018, 06:34 AM |
Earth Pup
Female, 0.75
37 in, 92 lbs
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© Skar

In the hustle of her life taking a brand new turn, settling down into earth with the help of Pidgeon, Naga found herself at the Stardust Festival with the woman. She had never seen so many wolves gathered together in one place, and it had initially frightened her, although she only appeared agitated and angry on the outside. She had tried to stick close to Pidgeon, but they somehow became separated in the sea of people. Now Naga was lost and she had no idea where to go. She was still not yet well-traversed in Doutaini geography and had no clue which direction the earth’s territory lay. She did not find the idea of asking a stranger very appealing. So the stubborn pup wandered around, hidden amongst the crowds.

In the horizon, the sun was starting to rise, signalling for wolves to take their rest. It was tiring for the pup to follow this weird nocturnal schedule of the festival. She did not understand why they were all gathered here, but Pidge had mentioned something about stars and Gods. Naga thought it was all really stupid, but then she only thought that because she didn’t understand what the star dust festival was about. Looking around, the child searched for a more empty place to rest and consider her next options.

Squeezing past another group of conversing wolves who barely noticed the pup, she finally found a tree that appeared unoccupied underneath. It looked like a tempting resting place. Approaching it, she suddenly realised with a jolt that somebody was already lying there fast asleep. How annoying. She didn’t feel like going to search for another place to rest. Naga clenched her jaws and eyed the wolf. He didn’t look very intimidating, she thought. Another child just like her. She narrowed her odd-coloured eyes into angry slits. Well, she would just be bigger, better and meaner than him and claim the place as her own.

Charging forward recklessly, Naga prodded the wolf’s shoulder with the persistent paw of a bully.

“Wake up you fuckin’ sleepy head,” she growled as threateningly as she could. “You’re sleeping in my space! Go away and find somewhere else!”

OOC: Rhaego Thanks for starting this up! I'm sorry Naga is such an ass Dx

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