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Stardust Festival across the universe • badr
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:34 PM |
Fire Pup
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© Julie
there is fire in his blood
The image of Akako was burned in his mind, scorched across his retinas so that every instance the masqueraded prince closed his eyes, his idol was there. He had ventured all this way on an account of blind faith, but now the internal fire within his chest was stoked by a rushing breath of oxygen. Rhaego was catalyzed by the effect and ambled away from the celebrations around the feast. He had been too excited to eat there and the shadow of a boy was easily lost among a growing population. Instead, he took towards the fields that offered an expansive escape. Upon moving towards an opening, the falling stardust accumulated across his back and shoulders that were starting to lose the clumsiness of childhood as Rhaego approached the benchmark of one year. Still a season away, however, the desert boy had room left to grow and he hoped to accompany his physical progress with that of mind. Traveling had consumed time usually set aside for lessons, and in this regard, Rhaego felt he was falling behind the curve. Vaitan had expressed the desire to train him as a hunter, however, and he was eager to start. Crouching low to the ground, blades of grass brushed against the close-shave of his coat as he hid silently, though perhaps not entirely out of sight, and waited for someone to pass by.

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