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Stardust Festival stars and planets • clarke
Posted 04-02-2018, 07:32 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 4.75
36 in, 135 lbs
809 ep
© Julie
Precariously balanced on its tilted axis, the world almost seemed to be spinning too fast. The days turned to weeks and then to seasons as he watched the jilted spring trees newly budded turn to fire with the arrival autumn. He had been a slave to the cycle of time as each season brought pain and loss, but in order to keep the balance, it returned in fleeted dreams with hope and happiness. Keston found himself in the midst of Serene Fields, floating through the crowd as a headache in its infancy pressed against his temples. Perhaps he should have passed on that drink, the Lioncourt considered idly, but a faint smile soon whisked the thought away. There was no regret in the time spent with friends or family, and no amount of pain would deter him from their company. His mind ran through the list of friends he has not seen in some time, settling briefly on Mars with a hint of worry, before they lingered towards Clarke.

Keston walked cautiously along the thin line separating him from being overbearing and respectful of the grieving woman. He wanted Clarke to know he was there for her, that she was not alone in this world—the casted shadow of grief had a way of isolating you from all others, but there would come a day when sunlight penetrate through. He knew the sentiment intimately as it was an occurrence that had arose more than once in his life, offering him the reminder that only time can heal some wounds. Still, Keston tried to make sure Niyole’s daughter was safe from further harm and looked after, often leaving a meal outside the den so that she would never have to want for food. He never ventured further in, hoping that when she was ready, she would appear and we would be waiting. As he stood along the outskirts of the celebratory feast, cerulean eyes look towards the fields abound with festive spirits, hoping he might catch a glimpse of her tonight.

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