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Stardust Festival Constellations & Myths
Posted 04-13-2018, 08:08 PM | This post was last modified: 04-15-2018, 10:30 AM by Aris
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keeper of stars. The night dragged on within weltering lights of nothingness - the bleak figure of sooten crimson coating the worlds sky with a complete and utter black hole which would seem to swallow the world of quaking life whole. He'd been wandering. Pressing meekly into the shadows of the fields flowery embrace, trailing carefully behind his rebel friend for the most part - unsure of what to think of everything. Silly boy. The way you falsely accuse yourself of thieving stars - only to find you actually have. It's all a mysterious mess. He's quaking. Unsure why, but he is. For the fragment of light cluttering within the tiny hold of burdens seems to weigh heavy upon one whom claimed to have thieved them. I suppose he actually did at this point. He was a thief. Unintentionally, but he had.

Who was a thief to leave such a fragile fragment to die? Stars did die, didn't they? Who could deny such a thing to death? Certainly not the one whom called himself the keeper, yet - truly now, he seemed to be. He held the world within his hands. Or, at least a small portion; and was unsure of what to do with it. He stumbled upon the lands, allowing stars to carry such large burden of him. Icy blue eyes turning to face the illumine-sent figure - stumbling backwards slightly as he allowed the stars to fall from a frail embrace. Aris' eyes widened as he muttered underneath his breath a few times . Naive little child. For he had not stolen the stars, but found them. Shuffling backwards upon cream haunches, the child would dip low motioning unto the remnants as he froze within the embrace of spiritual light.

A whirlwind of colors would seem to spring to life around the young - dancing in an array of light as the tendrils feel of claw and tooth would bare to life. A trisected leopard falling to prowl upon the winds, joining the counterparts of stars. A symbol of upmost strength and unjust peace, and triumph. The large cats body maneuvering in uneven waves as it joined it's counterparts upon the darkened night sky. Asfalis. Safe. It was a symbol to all. Safe, was her name - it was her meaning, her myth. Safety the pure embodiment of protection and peace, a thirst to keep young and old held tight within her longing gaze. eyes swirling within galaxies and the woman slinked upon the stars. Soul Protector falling gently to rest and watch over the young and old of Doutaini from her careful tree perch among the stars.


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