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Stardust Festival SDF Feast
Posted 04-01-2018, 09:22 PM |
Rebel Alpha
Female, 6.50
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© Lou

She still lurks, ears furrowed to her skull to avoid the irritating conversations that buzz about her head like flies. Too tall, she can easily be seen by the sidelines of the festival, but that is what she wants, for those she hadn't gotten together with in months, to see her and approach, or for those who didn't know her, to get a sight of what they could face if they made the wrong move. After years of fighting, her mind was beginning to lose touch on reality. Above her and on the opposite side of the festival, Akako hovers like a giant cloud of fury and flame, she tosses around ideas in her head of how she could douse him in water, perhaps extinguish his ego once and for all. Prove to him she had no fear, death was only an ailment- she'd still be here to haunt him in the afterlife. She finds herself a nest of grass, far enough away to sit and watch judgmentally, but to avoid any such conversation that might sway her to participate, she simply wanted to spectate. Vaitan is further to the sidelines, head furrowed as he hisses words at Ruellia, the woman a wraith even under the glow of the stardust. She wanted so dearly to be able to speak with them, but from where her front paws cross one over the other; it is clear this was where she would remain.


Charlotte is riddled with scars from head to toe, the right side of her face is bare of fur, and both her ears are in tatters at the tips.

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Posted 04-01-2018, 09:57 PM |
Divine Warrior
Female, 2.25
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© Lou
..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

Tembrel is a different sort of wolf, his purple necklace, she thinks, makes his eyes stand out like pretty little windows. She smiles at him as he introduces himself, before nipping in Anteros's direction when he bumps back into her shoulder, "that's right, I am the queen, so you have to ask me permission before entering the forest!" She giggles joyously, for once; thoroughly happy with her life. She would always miss her father, just as Anteros would always miss his, but she knew now they could move on from it and become who they wanted to be. Flourish with each other as much as on their own, she finds herself smiling as Tembrel talks about where Enigma wolves live, she didn't know much about them, in fact; she didn't know much about any of the other packs. It causes a brow to rise, even as Anteros lets himself get lost in explaining Divine powers and such. "We live near the beach, it's awesome," she tells Tembrel, rolling her eyes at Anteros as if gesturing that he was a little crazy, but she loved him either way. "Hotaru brought me to life, she's that cool!" She didn't go into the story but if Tembrel asked she would tell him, Anteros had already switched her attention onto something else. "A cave? Where? What if there are creatures in there!" She protests, brown eyes widening in both fear and excitement, she isn't sure it's the best idea, but what could possible go wrong?

Tags; Anteros Tembrel Ama will come xD

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Posted 04-02-2018, 09:51 PM | This post was last modified: 04-02-2018, 09:54 PM by Tembrel
Enigma Scion
Male, 2.00
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© vik
It was easy to get swept up in Anteros's enthusiasm, though he wasn't quite sure how he should be reacting to it. He settled for an awkward grin, dark eyes bouncing between the pair of Divine cousins with an almost envious undercurrent in his gaze. Their confidence was a little overwhelming, but it was expected of a King and Queen, wasn't it? "Sounds nice. Why's it creepy?" He didn't realize his definition of creepy and theirs was likely very different. He laid his ears back hesitantly, turning to Amaranthe. "Um, may I have permission to enter the forest someday?"

It was unlikely they had different definitions of cool, though, because what Anteros described sounded awesome. And Amaranthe's tale of being brought to life by her goddess was incredible in itself. He vaguely remembered the day the Caverns collapsed, and it was as close as he'd come to the gods directly impacting his life. Tragedy seemed more fond of visiting the Caverns than his dark god. "Kurai lets us control shadows. Maybe I could make a sword out of them?" He didn't sound very sure, but at the topic of knights, he slowly remembered the black knight he'd met last Stardust Festival. He'd worn a necklace similar to theirs, now that he thought about it. "I'd like that. To be a knight." He felt a rush of confidence when he said it, and for a moment, he could almost believe he was capable of such a thing.

He grinned again when Anteros said caves wouldn't be scary for him - hitting the proverbial nail on the head. Caves were less scary than the Fields, and there was little to be frightened of here. "Okay," he agreed to the adventure, wagging his tail in anticipation. "Most creatures in caves are usually small." Small, and liked to hide. When they started off, if they agreed to do so, he finally managed to ask something that had been on his mind (and just hadn't had time to properly address until then)- "How did Hotaru bring you to life?" he asked Amaranthe.

Anteros, Amaranthe, lets do this thang

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Posted 04-03-2018, 08:16 AM |
Storm Wolf
Female, 1.25
12/33 in, 17/101 lbs
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© Kassandra
Drowzy as always, Thisbe woke to find her brothers already primped and primed for some reason. She was far too groggy to ask questions so her pink tongue lapped over her sable, alabaster, and fogged glass pelt and mindlessly followed Ma and the boys.
When they arrived not too far from the mass gathering, drool dribbled at the side of her lips, consciousness slipping out her reach every now and again; wake and sleep chasing one another around like fox and rabbit. Her bottled sea eyes took note of the magnificent anti-wolf beasts that oversaw the buzzing hive of wolves and docked it into memory banks without giving much attention to doing so. Orbs widened into a sleepy surprized emote and her ivory maw widened as if in a yawn when she turned to Felix, who was not as distant as she first imagined. She said no words, but that goofy expression said everything about her: She was tired and she was excited to be here; the first was stronger though...

Clancy seemed to poof into exsistence when he nudged her towards the feast, sparking a startled snort. " 'Eyyy now..! Imma goin', imma goin'!"Thisbe began to toodle off with her golden brother before she unsteadily shambled back to her mom in a hug, yawning her directions to Philippa "Weeza...wee-rrr gunna go deeeeis waiee....!!" And that-a-way she went.

The Captain steers her ship || "Walk the plank!" || "Where's our heading?" || Sirens enchant her sailors

Philippa Clancy Felix

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Posted 04-03-2018, 03:41 PM |
Divine Healer
Female, 3.50
30 in, 92 lbs
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© Amber

No one seemed to be worried about the stars disappearing from the sky, so she stuck with Martini's opinion. Creamy muzzle lifted again to the sky. "But what would we do when we find them?" she mumbled, more to herself, as she gazed into the blank darkness that was the world's ceiling tonight. But she didn't have time to ponder upon this year's festivities; the familliar, loud voice of Rascal made her head snap down, her gaze locked on her friend. What the starshine was he doing? A curse? In his black jaws she could see the herbs they had gathered together earlier; he had wanted them for that? Sure, he asked her if the gods would like flowers, but it never really occurred to her he would straightforwardly march there and talk... On second thought, that was exactly what she would've done in such a situation. There was probably nothing to be afraid of, anyway. As far as she knew, the Gods were always fair, and she was hundred percent sure her black-pelted friend had done nothing wrong. A few seconds of motionlessness passed in which she grew unaware at what was happening around her. Only when Badr arrived the healer started walking, going past the white Rebel and chiming a "Hi Badr!" as she passed before she went closer to Rascal. She looked up at the deities, again bowing her head in respect, feeling the might that they radiated. It amazed her. She felt herself smiling, even though the situation was serious. "Good luck." she whispered to the moon-eyed knight, the aroma of the flowers tickling her nose in a familiar way.

Rascal Lyonesse Badr

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Posted 04-03-2018, 07:49 PM |
Rebel ( Admin )
Rebel Wolf
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© Ly
she crosses the night like a shadow amidst the gathering darkness, scarcely distinguishable from the starless night. stardust gathers among tufts of ivory fur, a metallic sheen, as though she walked armored. her black lips twist into a grimace at the sight of the gods gathered at the edge of the feast. come for the glory, and the thoughtless adoration of the masses; she yields them nothing but disdain. their whims had taken much from the wolves of doutaini. light and love their children but so too, death and destruction; she does not forgive their sins, and asks no pardon for hers. the widow lingers on the fringes of the crowd, searching for her children among the press of bodies, wary of her proximity to the faithful. (her gaze catches momentarily on philippa. widens, slightly, as if seeing a ghost; and moves on too quickly, already remorseful of her presence here.) finding neither bast nor naphtali among the countless heads, lyra pulls further back, receding into the shadows where the light of akako's fire does not reach. she seeks news, and information, but minimizes her presence at the festival to nothing but her ice-chip eyes, smoldering in the surrounding grasses.

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Posted 04-04-2018, 09:04 PM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.50
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© Divinity

Cued by divine fingers, the darkness begins to recede. A shimmer of starlight peeks from the edges of the black night as Hoshiko descends to the fields in the form of a shooting star, cast from the cold depths of eternity to land among the faithful. She smolders a moment at the center of the fields before turning to the feast, golden light streaking her form, as if she carried the sun itself in her heart. The faint starlight seems to catch and ignite as she enters the crowd, a crescendo of radiance on the horizon; galaxies illuminated in swirls of iridescent color. The gods' planets glow brightest among it all, cast in brilliant hues against the velvet night. As if to say: we are with you in the darkest night.

She walks among the wolves, compassion and light scattered like so much stardust in her wake, her shape no different than the mortals in attendance but for its ethereal sheen. The goddess follows an ambling path among the crowd before coming to a stop by Akako's bonfire. With a fond smile tossed to the stoic demigods who had overseen the festival's beginning, Hoshiko takes a seat, commanding the attention of the partygoers in her infinite gaze. Embracing their hopes and fears in equal measure, and with unconditional love. Her love alone cannot absolve them of pain, and her futility wounds her: but she will focus her energy in ensuring that each wolf here feels her presence, the brush of divinity like a mother's kiss on their foreheads. (You are not alone.) She looks last to the chosen among them. A faint smile curves her immortal lips, anticipating the moment of his ascension, for he embodies the hope she wishes to instill in all Doutaini. But this is not her gift to bestow.

A rumble like a gathering storm sounds from deeper off in the fields. The grasses part as Kei rides in on a makeshift wave from the river, seafroth beneath her paws and pearls in her hair, recklessly commanding her wave through the masses (quite nearly dousing Akako's fire, but he reacts quickly, causing the flame to flare up hazardously against the encroaching tide) and splashing to a halt before Keston. The water spills like an embrace at his feet as she steps down from her wave to the earth. "My lion-hearted leader." A soft laugh accompanies the words, almost teasing: bestowing a compliment upon him that she knew the humble man would never name himself. The water goddess leans closer, brine on her breath as she brushes the king's ear with words for him alone: "I am so proud of you." The tempestuous sea-goddess is soft as the west wind today, made momentarily humble herself by his unflinching devotion. She pulls back, and, with a parting smile, dissolves in a blast of spray, pools of puddle-water stretching from the banks of the Naveen the only remaining sign of her visit.

With a chiming laugh of her own, Hoshiko departs, ascending in a golden streak back to her place among the planets. The goddess is ever-hopeful, and freshly contented with the thought that the wolves of Doutaini would never lose their light. It was written in the stars.

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Posted 04-24-2018, 07:15 PM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.50
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© Divinity

Akako and Kaede are addressed, and the earthen bear peered down towards the Domine with an expression of sheer offense--but perhaps there is hurt there, as well. A child of them, one who's struggled and doesn't even know what it is his family's done to deserve it and the earnest truth in his tone softened the Earth God's expression into something more compassionate. Akako scoffs--this is not his decision, but Kaede regards the Divine wolf with a voice booming, yet tender. "You did not but you suffer the burdens of your family." A claw of earth reaches out to take the offering, the flowers and herbs blooming to life, bursting with greenery and growing fragrant and fresh in his grasp, "You seek forgiveness for a misgiving of your family, yet you may well not have family to forgive. In this, you have already shown more promise than those before you. Perhaps those after will give more." Sullen, the bear gazes to the Hill, where Haruko remains, silent and furious, the eye of a storm that has yet to pass, "And yet still, you must suffer what pride has wrought. There is more you must give, to pacify the wounds inflicted. To the Hill, bring the horns of a Ram you've killed. This death must be your own. To the Gaia, bring a new offering of life. You and your family will have a chance to repent."

The Domine curse has been PARTIALLY lifted. Rascal will no longer have a difficult time procreating. To fully lift the curse, Rascal must hunt a ram and bring the horns to Haruko in an offering, and bring a plant or animal Non-native to the Gaia as an offering to Kaede. This lifting applies to Rascal ONLY. All other Domines remain cursed, and to lift the curse, must also repeat these offerings for two more generations. Future generations will know of this burden through divine whisper. Rascal

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Posted 04-25-2018, 03:48 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 4.75
36 in, 135 lbs
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© Julie
Filled with a zealous uplifting of his spirit, Keston intertwined among those gathered to celebrate the Stardust Festival. His eyes turned towards the vision of Kaede and Akako, giving silent thanks for the bounty they had provided this year. The Lioncourt could never muster up an appetite due to his jovial excitement, which was a shame given the grand nature and spread of what the gods had provided—but with a merry bounce to his steps, he turned towards the crowd where he discovered many familiar faces. A smile sat across his lips and Keston gave a friendly bow in greetings, hoping not to interrupt the conversations they were engaged in already. It was a pattern he continued with a sense of longing to share this merriment with Asceo and their son and daughter, or even his brother or the dozen other faces that had since faded away into the unknown. The only comfort was knowing the gods had their own plan for the lion-wolf and as he looked upon those surrounding him, he knew his family was never far away—they were here with him tonight. Friends that filled the void all these years had been a constant fixture in his life, even when a few had met an untimely end. When combined with the steadfast support and guidance he sought from Doutaini’s divine entities, Keston was reassured that the future held greater promise.

The mention of his name drew his attention away from the silent greetings. It was from the man he recently encountered at Kuro Pit, Dharaka, who was accompanied by Mercury and produced the offer of a shared drink. Delighted to celebrate with the two familiar faces, Keston eagerly moved towards the pair with a broad smile resting on his features to accentuate the pleasing disposition. “Merry Stardust Festival to the both of you.” He began, a cheerful voice the perfect ambiance despite the mystery of the starless skies. Keston was hesitant to try the drink at first, feeling the weight of obligation that commanded him to remain sharp of mind and senses—but he indulged in the companionship he had found this evening and gladly accepted. What harm could one drink have?

The night passed on with pleasant conversation that rang with the delight of celebratory zeal before the curiosity of Doutaini’s wolves turned palpable on the evening air. Clearwater eyes took a tour around the gathered wolves with a sense of wonder over who among them would welcome Hoshiko’s gaze and blessing, for a great many of them were well-deserving of the honor. It was not but a few moments later that the matron goddess made her debut from her heavenly throne, walking among the mortals as though they were her stars caught within the interstellar plains of the sky. Hoshiko seemed to greet each wolf in turn, a silent moment shared between them that lasted a split second but might endure for eternity in the hearts she captured. Keston stood in awe as he watched her, moving with such grace and ethereal beauty that his gaze radiated towards her with a sense of magnetism. Yet it was not until Hoshiko’s eyes found him that he truly felt the epitome of her comforting presence.

Nothing could break his attentive stare, Keston thought, until the seaward ambiance of frothing waves commanded him in a moment of reckoning. He had only consumed one drink, hadn’t he—how strong was it to create such elaborate visions and fantasies? Perhaps a trick performed in jest from Mercury, the Lioncourt reasoned, oblivious to the truth in that moment. As he began to formulate the components set before him, disbelief consumed him as he arrived at the conclusion. Feeling the weight of eyes upon him now, Keston maintained an unfaltering transfixion towards the pair of goddesses. Kei’s voice was undeniable, an essence so strong that he doubted anything could rival the authentic signature—not even the mightiest of Enigma powers. Her words embraced him and gave the leonine man hope that his efforts had been enough, replacing the repeating mantra of before with this moment. “Do not fail me,” she had spoken to him before, and after two years of struggling to find his way, he still looked to Kei for guidance as much as he did that first day.

Keston bathed in the present, memorizing every distinguishable characteristic about the look on Kei’s face and the intonation of her voice—after seasons of trials and sorrow, it was an uplifting song that heralded new tides. “Kei…thank you.” He managed through the excitement and admiration that tried to keep the words trapped in his throat, knowing that his gratitude would be expressed most importantly through continued devotion and a lifetime of prayer. The words of Kei were a blessing enough, but much to his surprise, there was a new sensation spreading through his veins. He welcomed the prospect of a new challenge to navigate while cerulean eyes clung to the image of the goddesses like a child clinging to the hem of their mother’s skirt; but in the next moment, they announced the grand finale with their exits, which were as elaborate and mesmerizing as their arrivals.

Keston’s heart fluttered after the encounter and turned to look upon the crowd, his head feeling dizzy, though he was uncertain if that was from the emotions running high or the single celebratory beverage he had indulged in early. Perhaps a mix of the two, the golden knight found his voice and managed to speak coherently. “I am humbled and honored by surprise—may the gods bless each and every one of you. After the Stardust Festival, there will be a celebration for Kei at Shoshana Shore to honor her holiday and everyone is invited. Have a blessed Stardust Festival in the meanwhile.” He said while addressing the crowd, Kei’s infectious smile lingering on her disciple’s features as his attention was drawn towards the shifting figure of the bear-god with curiosity, listening in as he addressed the Divine warrior.

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Posted 05-07-2018, 06:53 AM |
Divine Warrior
Male, 3.75
37 in, 135 lbs
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© sorceror
It crossed his mind too late that he probably should have found a better way to do this. Were half-remembered court manners and a bunch of flowers good enough? Would the gods curse him more? It was hard to imagine how. Maybe they would turn him into a mouse or a pig or something. Then everyone else would eat him.
Well, probably not. Lunafer wouldn't. He eyed his friends as they pushed against his shoulders, smiled vaguely, and turned his face back up to the monoliths.
They looked, frankly, offended.
not good, stated some part of his brain, and then another that was more like his mother announced that he didn't care. It wasn't fair at all. Even they seemed to realize it; after a period of silence one announced that he had to complete tasks.
It wasn't exactly what he'd wanted, but it was better than dead silence. Right? Right. Better than not knowing anything. He'd been hoping for an explanation, but it was smart to not press further when he already had something.
Besides, he was a knight, and knights did quests. This was definitely one of those. The black knight hesitated, thinking of questions and discarding them prudently.
"Oh," he said, finally. "Um, okay."
How hard could it be? Kill a ram, take the horns to a place he'd never been - in fact, a place that had never really crossed his mind to visit for some reason - bring some kind of animal to the land of earth, where Akuma lived -
People had had more difficult tasks, he was sure.
His confusion was somewhat evident, but he'd never been a graceful talker. At least, he supposed, they'd be paying attention to the water wolf's speech, and not to his bungling. That was something.

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