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Stardust Festival SDF Feast
Posted 03-23-2018, 07:45 PM |
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The oldest (by minutes) Beltran son wasn't sure he was buying the merry gauze of this Stardust festival. A feast was laid out, a fire miraculously continued for entertainment. Pixie dust sifted down like some sort of overdone glamour spell, meant to distract from the tremble of rage in this one or the bent angle of sorrow to that one. There was a note of quiet anger and regret scored under the razzle dazzle that Gaatlok found disquieting. Something told him that this bad blood wasn't just part of the festivities. Something told him that black vein might go straight through to the heart of this Doutaini.

There was a dubious slant to his black mouth as he trotted amid the natives. He wove quickly through the growing masses, pausing only a moment to look over a small gathering of curvaceous women adorned with purple and white gems, a young male settled among them. “Ladies, even this fine affair could not compare to the beauty you've brought to the night,” he declared in the sort of playfully outlandish way that might be excused by his roguish grin. He turned as he passed them, stepping backward briefly as if he weren't quite ready to look away. Gaat dared a wink before he was turning on through the crowd, ever a man on a mission even if a beautiful woman might distract him for a moment. Gods have mercy, there are a lot of pretty ones here...

From the bourgeois pile of prey, he snagged a fat hare. At a glance it even seemed to be garnished with some sort of shredded herb. Spotting a familiar specter in the mix, Gaat made his way over to Jenci and flopped to his belly in the grass to begin tugging bits off of his prize. “It's creepy,” he muttered, pausing to spit a tuft of fur in the stardust littered grass. “The way they just stand there and watch.” He nodded to the divine beasts near the fire without looking at them or his brother.

Gaat enters to briefly flirt with Murmura, Juno, and Mizuchi, before grabbing a poisoned rabbit and joining his brother.

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Posted 03-23-2018, 09:57 PM |
Rebel Wolf
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© riv
Witch's Cauldron

She has been tucked safely away for the most part. Eyes watching over the precious life she was now responsible for taking care of. She had been around children, even raising one temporarily before but it had been different. These were hers. Instincts and the need to protect heightened. Tension in the way she presented herself. A new sense invoked in her. It’d been a moment since she had wandered about on her own, taking the time to recover and watch over newborns. But she grew anxious, the need to get out high. She had caught notice of Verona and Charlotte wandering off. Curious as she would have trailed behind that at a distance. Only to find herself at the mouth of a gathering. A sense of feeling like an aberration, having given up her godly home to pursue love. Her eyes wander briefly, the elevation of her heart rate. She spots familiar faces, and to be expected not Roswell. Perhaps she feels a sense of disappointment, but she makes her way through the crowds. Noticing her fellow pack mates off to the edge of the festivity. Pushing her way through towards the abundance of food. Grabbing a rabbit from the edges of the pile, silent as she is created with a familiar bear. The recollection of her own moment of being a bear is fresh in her mind once again. Kaede. She feels remorse for the decisions she had made. A promise broken to the loyalty she pledged to him. Have mercy on me, Kaede A forced smile given in his direction before she darts away. Noticing Pidge and offering a quick hello before making her way to the group around Lunafer. Finding friends in those from Divine. Offering a hello in the direction of Zinna before making her way to Lunafer. Lunafer! How is Divine fairing, my friend? Trying to do anything she could to distract herself from the thoughts of what she should be doing.
sneakily follows Verona and Charlotte the feast; grabs a rabbit. talks to kaede for a brief moment. says hello to Pidge , makes her way over to Lunafer and says hello to him and Zinna. quietly worrying about her kiddos.

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Posted 03-24-2018, 01:28 AM |
Enigma Alpha
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© Xechi

For a woman so dedicated to her appearance, she was a ghost in the crowd, catching few stares as she weaved further from the feast proper. Her granddaughter sent a smile her direction, one which Ruellia returns with a gentle bob of her head, her voice intruding upon the girl's thoughts even as she moved away, "Seek me out later tonight, darling." She didn't say where she was going, but any who knew Rue well enough would know she sought only one form with such single-mindedness, Vaitan. The presence of others was merely noise to her, their thoughts and feelings dull compared to the seething fire of emotions that she knew all too well. The crowd parted, or, perhaps, the others just faded from her view as his fiery visage devoured her attention. The second their eyes touched, Ruellia could have dived behind those eyelids and into his mind. Slipping into minds was, for the Queen of shadows, as easy as donning her daily mask; but she wouldn't intrude. She held herself open for him, soaking in the emotions that, for her, were clear as day, but she did not steal a peak at their source.

She didn't hear his need, not the words that rang across his mind so loudly, no, she felt it. Concern pressed her brows together as she hurried her approach, and she could hear his words before he spoke them. Ruellia fretted, albeit internally, over what could strike her lover so. Vaitan's anger was oft a herald of tragedy, whether from his own making (Boone) or that of another (Murmura) was yet to be seen. Her lover didn't fret over things of an inconsequential nature, but Rue was uncertain if she could handle more pain. The thought was immediately discarded with disgust, though Ruellia retained her outward calm. 'I am Queen.' Her thoughts bite back to her foolishness, 'I will shoulder all the pain of the world if commanded...'

'You're bleeding,' his voice intruded with with a whiskey bite, his eyes the honey that soothed the throat after as she visibly leaned forward into the spoken touch. "A scratch," she whispers, voice cracked with the hunger of want, of need. "I'm getting clumsy in my old age!" A forced jest followed by a sickly sweet pout. Anything to make him smile, to hold on to a brief feeling of peace for one second longer. Just one more in the paradise they called their love. All things end, peace especially, and Ruellia's forced play of enthusiasm was again replaced by tremulous stoicism. "Follow me."
With that gently spoken command, she would dive further into the fields, aiming the briefest, and sweetest of touches with her tail to the under of his chin.

"Stars, hide your fires;
let not light see my black and deep desires."


[Image: EinF1lS.jpg]

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Posted 03-24-2018, 02:54 AM |
Divine Warrior
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© Lou
..The stars shine as bright as your soul..

She rolls in to the feast with a confidence that shines through her marked forehead, brought to life by Hotaru, she had no interest in being kissed by the Gods like her mother had, for she already had. The congregation is massive, and at first she is hesitant to join the rolling laughter and many conversations that all phase into each other incoherently. But from across the party; she spots Anteros. Darting between conversing wolves and fitting comfortably into the festival, she makes her way towards him and an Enigma wolf that Anteros had found to flirt with. Well, she thinks that's what he is doing anyway. She can't help but catch the last part of their conversation and as she approaches she giggles youthfully, "you trip and fall in front of me all the time," she says to her brother from another... um. "Hi there! I'm Amaranthe, who're you?" She shines her hazelnut eyes towards Tembrel with a brilliant smile, welcoming herself into the conversation with invitation.

Tags; Anteros Tembrel

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Posted 03-26-2018, 06:16 PM |
Divine Warrior
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© Ly
the stars have gone out, and all the world is pitched in darkness; but a beacon of light at the serene fields guides him to the celebration, where the warmth of familiar faces and akako's roaring fire (which he keeps a safe distance from, not keen to feel the god's legendary burn) provides a countervailing levity to the night. his eyes skim the assembled wolves as he makes his way toward the feast. but it's the sound of rascal's voice ringing out over the crowd which ultimately compels his interest, and alistar looks up from his path toward the food, ears pricking toward the scene. there's a formal quality to the other warrior's syntax he hasn't heard the man adopt before. something about lifting spells and breaking curses, all of which sounded a bit fantastical to alistar, but then again--they sat bathed by the light of a dragon's bonfire. doutaini's magic had a way of blurring the border between the real and the absurd. he breaks course and heads toward lunafer instead, unsettled by the prevailing darkness and news of rascal's curse. "strange night," he murmurs to the alpha, badr and vodka by way of greeting, a taut smile briefly pulling his lips. they, at least, seem comfortable amid the chaos. "what's this about finding?"

@[Lunafer] @[Vodka]

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Posted 03-26-2018, 08:40 PM |
Divine Beta
Female, 5.00
32 in, 110 lbs
209 ep
© Lou

She felt like she'd been standing by the sidelines for a long time, just staring at the Gods as if her eyes had been glued to them physically. It is Rascal's yelling that snaps her out of her trance and she turns to look at him, tilting her head curiously as his voice rises in anger. Curse? She didn't know anything about it. With a skip and a jump she begins to make her way over to him, but accidentally bumps right into Raini on her ventures. "oh excuse me, I didn't see you!" an apology hot on her lips as she chuckles, embarrassed by her lack of attention. The sapphire pendant by the wolfesses throat reflects Lypso's eyes perfectly, she smiles upwards and dips her head in greeting, "I'm Lypso'ru, Beta of Divine. I've seen you around before but I can't quite remember your name..." She often found new friends at the festivals held twice a year, this time would be no different -or so she hoped!
Notices Rascal but as she is about to walk over to him, bumps into Raini and tries to start up a conversation.This is terrible! XD

Please tag me if I forget to reply within 3 days. <3

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Posted 03-26-2018, 10:40 PM |
Male, 4.50
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© J4X
Dhāraka had gone insane. That was the only explanation. There was no way the stars could simply disappear from the sky, nor could they fall into the world around him and stick to his fur like pixie dust. It was simply impossible, and yet, that was what he was perceiving. He had seen many wolves moving in one particular direction, and he figured that they would lead him to the source of this madness. And he had been right.

But he'd ended up with more questions than answers. He had been aware of several different packs - even now, he could see that almost all of them were wearing necklaces of different colors - but the tower of flame that stood before him could not be explained by wolves alone. There was something else going on here. Something that he had never seen before. Something that would make a very good story indeed. He searched frantically for someone who was not engaged, and his eyes fell upon a man bearing a purple gem, a ghastly scar, and an air of sadness. He would have to get the story behind the latter later. He had more important things to think about now.

He approached him with restrained urgency, and spoke. "Excuse me," he asked, "What is the meaning of all of this?" Usually, he wouldn't speak in so many words, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him. Hopefully, the man could provide answers.


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Posted 03-26-2018, 11:20 PM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
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© Sylvirr
The expression that overtook him was one of both relief, and pleasure. Thank goodness--something to draw him out of his own thoughts. Maddening, they were--or they would be, had he not already been mad enough. Perhaps he was, perhaps he wasn't. He doesn't know anymore. If ever he did. He is not a fool, not one to believe he is the man that knows everything. What he does know, however, is worlds other than this. He has Seen into other planes-- a world of glass, a world of water, a world of fire that lives and breathes. He has Seen them--as has Ruellia now, she who has Seen through his eyes. But he cannot see the simple confusion that draws across the others' face, though he hears it in his voice. "This? Have you not noticed the dust falling from the sky? This is the Stardust Festival. Aptly named, I think. It is a time where all packs and groups in this land come together to celebrate. No violence, no animosity. For a brief time, worries are forgotten and wars are halted. For while we're here, the gods watch over us all equally-- whether you are of a pack, a rogue, or even a Rebel." He has not missed Charlotte's brief arrival and departure, but oh well. "So please, eat, drink and be merry. This feast is for us all." And yet, despite his earnestness and honesty, there is an impenetrable note of sadness that strikes him. Unfortunately, it is not something the newcomer could fix-- he has simply lost too much these past few months, and he fears the smell of blood will never leave him.

Perhaps this is just what he needs. He rises then, lifting himself to his feet in a manner both as sharp as it is graceful,"Come. Let me show you where they keep the spirits." It ain't a party until someone gets way too drunk, and he is woefully under inebriated.


[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 03-27-2018, 03:24 AM | This post was last modified: 03-28-2018, 05:33 PM by Lyonesse
Fire Beta
Female, 4.75
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© Lou


She hadn't come to the last one, away in her own little world of fireflies and moths. It was time to clear the dust out and become the woman her mother had raised her to be, though she feared she didn't have the strength anymore. The festival calls to her in rainbows and bright stardust, a beam to light the way to a party she had missed so dearly. She surprised to find so many wolves there already, conversing and swaying tot he beat of the locusts. Above, Kaede and Akako dance in the rivers of light that swirl around them, she looks up, emerald orbs meeting the Dragons' face, the mighty powerful God to whom she had devoted her soul, and she smiles to him in grace. Below them; Rascal yells upwards demanding answers. It stumps her for a moment, before she wiggles her way through the crowds towards him.

She sees Vaitan, busy in a low murmured conversation with Ruellia, if their eyes meet she would nod towards him respectfully, though she'd continue on wards. Verona is there too, she makes a note to go see the girl later, see how she was doing in Rebel. She never understood why she'd left Fire. Finally; Rascal stands before her, his head tilted upwards as he awaits his answer. "What are you doing?" She hisses, "you'll get yourself into trouble if you don't be careful." She bumps her shoulder against his, hoping to give him some sort of comfort, if he needed it. Maybe she did. Who knew.

summary; arrives, nods to the Gods before noticing Rascal and goes over to see him. Makes note to go see others later.

if i don't reply within three days, please tag me<3

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Posted 03-27-2018, 06:31 AM |
Enigma Healer
Female, 2.50
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© Xechi

The black sky, for Aster, was far more inviting than the too-bright sun. It made her transfer from the endless dark to topside less harsh, for surely she'd have been struck fully blind during the day. But it wasn't just any night sky, she knew, but even that fact merely left her vaguely curious. Fetching stars seemed a job for people like her parents, not a sickly and ever-ruffled slip of a girl. Still, though, her presence at the festivities were mandatory, even if she didn't quest for the God's attention. (She had the attention of the only god that mattered; death) She was the Queen's daughter, regardless of how graceless and undignified she was in person and appearance. 'Besides,' a voice that is not her own whispers in her mind, and in her peripheral she sees the black shadows of the spirits, 'a black sky is perfect for you darkling wolves.' It was the same voice that, more often than not, spoke dark and violent things; a cruel and unforgiving voice. Yet something about the starless night seemed to appease the beast.

Another reason to try and enjoy the night.

Despite her determination to have some fun, sight of the crowd made the teen shake with nervousness. Though she thought she'd come to terms about her appearance, she still felt the age-old worry of disappointment. The fear that Ruellia's eyes would find her in the crowd and she would feel the familiar slap of discontentment. A silly fear. Something had changed between the Mother and daughter. Perhaps it simply came as Aster came into her own; a struggled bested by her's and Tristan's determination. Since Aster found her place in the pack, Rue seemed pleased to let her be. Aside from that, she spotted with a squinted, golden eye, her parents engaged in a heated discussion, moving away from the feast. The girl blinked owlishly at them, and then turned her half-blind gaze on the Gods. Her second feast, and still the sight of them sent shivers down her spine. They were unlike Death in their physical manifestations, unlike, even, Kurai, and young Aster experienced a moment of genuine fear. What if Akako were to turn his fiery visage on her and see her unworthy? Or Kaede, would he glance her direction and see her for the pretender she was?

Again, she blinked owlishly, and shuffled at the outskirts of the gathering.

Aster is at the outskirts being vague uncomfortable

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Posted 03-27-2018, 01:02 PM |
Rebel Wolf
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© Kim/KimShady

Eyes cast to the skies as once again she beholds the wonder of the heavens. It has arrived. That time of year that had been filling her with dread. She was loathed to go, to attend such a gathering. She defied the Gods and all they stood for. They thought of no one but themselves and of nothing but their own gain. Yet, he would have gone. He would have beheld the spectacle, mingled and forged connections. Should she dishonour him in spite of the Gods? A frown creased her brow, an almost permanent expression of late. She could not come to terms with his death. Still she struggled to make sense of everything and through it all she blamed no one but those Gods he so worshipped. It was their fault he was dead. Just them!

Yet still she dragged her weary paws towards the feast. Why? Because he would have wanted it? Or was it that she hoped to be able to ask them face to face why they had thrown his life away like an old toy? Or maybe it was a bit of both? Either way she felt bitterness as she walked closer. She could see the fire, smell the food, hear the babble. So many disillusioned beings. Pale eyes scanned the surface of bodies. Her scarred features accented by the distant fires glow. She spotted Charlotte but chose not to go to her. She looked for Althea but she did not see her. It was then that she spotted Vodka. Her jaws clenched as her breath quickened. Oh she remembered all too well how she had turned on Athos, how she jumped at the chance to aid his victor.

Her stare was hard and full of anger. Her dear sister Vodka had not even seen fit to visit them afterwards. She probably didn’t even realise that her brother and younger sister had left Doutaini for a time. Never mind that her brother was dead. Elsinor doubted she would even care. Her jaws ached from her clenched teeth, her heart pounded with the desire to avenge her brother. But she would not, not here, not now. Instead she tore her gaze away from the betrayer and took herself away from the rest of the crowd. Here she would sit and watch. Taking in everything. Storing every ounce of information she gleaned from the night. Why? Because one day she might need it!

Elsinor spots Charlotte but decides not to go over to her. Looks for Althea but see's Vodka. She stares at her with hatred before going to sit on the verges of the feast.

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Posted 03-27-2018, 05:22 PM |
Water Alpha
Male, 4.75
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© Julie
The travel from Cerulean Waters to Serene Fields was short as Keston followed along the river from the delta mouth. Its path twisted into rounded bends that exhibited fascinating views, yet nothing compared to the grand display waiting just ahead. Already from his place, he could spot the streaks of falling stardust as he neared the fields at dusk. The world already seemed much darker despite the sun having only just slipped below the horizon, and through the frenzied showers of cosmic debris, Keston happened to notice the skies. Not a single cloud obscured their view, and yet the sky was empty, void of stars and intergalactic matter that painted the canvas with depth. Perplexed, if not troubled, by the bizarre phenomenon, Keston wove his way through the participants. If he was worried by the strange starless sky, nothing of it showed on his features—there was a bright smile from each corner of his mouth that overtook his muzzle to complement the cheerful spirit he held in his heart. These past seasons had been marked by great losses, yet by the strength of the gods, the lion endured—not unscathed by the tragedies, but made stronger and more devout in the end.

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Posted 03-27-2018, 05:24 PM |
Fire Pup
Male, 1.00
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© Julie
there is fire in his blood
There had been a low humming resonating in his chest leading up to this night, like a slow-burning fire snuffed out, yet the embers held a lasting sense of warmth and potential. Rhaego had slept little that day, assuming a nocturnal life to escape the blazing, torrid daystar of the desert. The scorpion found his way towards the fields, curiosity of his first Stardust Festival luring him into the heart of celebration. The feast sprawls out across the ground, and despite the ripple of hunger that overcomes him, there is a gleam within his chartreuse eyes that have interest for Akako alone. A twitch of his tail gave cause for hesitation, the young warrior pinned between a place of indulgence and admiration amid his zealot’s plight; a spark blooming from the heart of the masqueraded prince. Heat rolled off the crew-cut of his wine-red strands, a passive reaction that came with the boy meeting his idol. Features reincarnated from his grandfather, Rhaego lifted his gaze towards the god of fire—there was an intensity staring back at him, akin to the glare of the sun radiating with undulating waves of searing warmth. But for a fleeting moment, Rhaego felt there was recognition and that Akako had seen him—every fear, ambition, and notion in his soul suddenly transparent before the deity. You will know my name, thought the prince in disguise, before he turned away and explored the crowds amassing in the fields.

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Posted 03-27-2018, 06:44 PM |
Water Warrior
Male, 5.50
34 in, 120 lbs
0 ep
© Anna
It was a common thing for some mystical event to take place during the Festival, but the lack of stars in the sky was a new experience for the warrior.
Despite the slight uneasiness, he entered the Serene Fields with warmness in his heart.
Recent events, particularly those with a silver she-wolf, had lightened the weight atop his shoulders. His chest felt much lighter.

After bowing deeply in respect for the gods present, Jason scanned the surroundings for the she-wolf who had been consuming his thoughts for days now. A wide smile filled with pure joy spread across his lips as his eyes landed upon Raini, lying alone in the tall grass. Jason immediately padded towards her, a slight bounce in his step.

It did not take long for him to cross the clearing, and he was soon standing before her. He took a moment to take her in, admire the silver coat that covered her frame and the vibrant blue eyes that he had grown to love. "Mind if I join?" he finally asked. He would wait for her response. If she agreed to his company, he would lie down next to her, close enough to let their fur mingle, black and silver combining.



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Posted 03-27-2018, 07:06 PM |
in, lbs
Beneath a black tide,
There are a plethora of reasons for him not to linger too long at the feast, though his present company is something intriguing enough to keep him rooted where he stood for the moment. His dark face dips in response to Rohesia's exclamation. An empty sky on this eve, but he was not as foreboding as the peach tinged female that rested beside him. As the female slid to her haunches, he mimicked her to do the same, so as not to appear rude; foremost, he was a gentleman. With a glance towards the gods who favored the feast this summer, he could only deduce that the gods had something up their sleeves which mortals weren't part of currently. His eyes trail over the throng of wolves gathered, and for a minute he's lost in the din of voices surrounding them. Those stark crimson eyes glaze for just a minute or two as he lets himself travel through the merriment surrounding the bonfire. What a pleasant experience despite coming home so recently.

Drawn back to the present company, he is attentive to the inquiry made by the lady he lounged next to. The question itself was a double-edged sword, as he was from here but held no knowledge of recent activities. Still, his silver crown bobbed in response. "Aye, from here, but only recently returned," he offered the subtle upturn of lips as his head swiveled to face Rohesia as best it could, "what of yourself?" There was no telling who circulated the feast. Recent comers to Doutaini and those who'd spent a lifetime here. Of course, the company of two demi-gods was new to him - to witness the bear and dragon was quite a thrill - for in his youth he could not imagine a time when the gods would have walked among mortals. Their very existence might shake the foundation of some of those here.

He himself reveled beneath the gods. Eyes full of wonder any time they passed over the omniscient beings, but his mind was more entertained by the thought of uncovering more of Doutaini. Lore, history, offerings of sweet adventure within the rugged folds of the realm. Anything, really, to spurn a fresh start within his birth land.

Speaks with Rohesia.
Texture by mercurycode Code by Wallflower

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