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Stardust Festival SDF Feast
Posted 03-20-2018, 12:06 AM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.50
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© Divinity

Hunting was no particular challenge for Kaede. The bear god stood in the field, growing plants. Vines twisted across the warm ground. The grasses grew taller and broke away at the tops. Small shrubs flowered out of season and grew massive berries. The fruits and nuts of trees dropped on the ground.

On hitting his hallowed earth, they transformed. The berries became rabbits and other rodents: mice, woodchucks, squirrels. The vast seed pods of grass became deer and, in one case, a gigantic moose. The vines changed their green skins for scales of snakes and fish. The fruit and nuts changed to birds. The animal corpses lay where they'd grown.

He picked them up and transferred the fruits of the land into a pile. (Hunting was easy, but making a fire was impossible; he sat down to wait.)

His cohort arrived at sunset. The dragon took part of the sun and planted it in the earth. The dirt burst into flames immediately. The fire towered over the field, lit from no apparent fuel.

"It's ready," Kaede said.

Image by ucumari on flickr. Edited by tig.

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Posted 03-20-2018, 12:31 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
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© Sylvirr

Somehow, he arrives. He is weary, he is tired, there is pain in his heart and his soul aches. And worse yet, he cannot see the stars-- he cannot see the constellations moved, dotting the sky in new and beautiful light.

He cannot.

And yet still, he comes, hoping--hoping, perhaps in vain, that something will quell the unease within him. He is restless, and yet as he arrives upon the fields, he cannot help but be taken, awash with the relief and calmness that comes with the settling of stardust across the fields.
He is drawn by the warmth of the fire, drawn by the rich scent of feasts laid out for them, and even more-so, drawn by the sheer power that emanates from the gods who stand vigil over this years festivities.
Perhaps they have not forgotten them. Perhaps their prayers--his prayers--have not gone unheard. Perhaps this would be the beginning to the end of it all?
He stretches, sighing as he advances onward before pausing and granting both attending gods the respect they are so worthy of, the Blind Seer lowering his form in a bow,
"Thank you," and with that, he moves off to await the next arrivals. Perhaps he can find some reason to smile, this evening.

"Lorem Ipsum"

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 03-20-2018, 12:41 AM |
Divine Alpha
Intersex, 6.50
35.00 in in, 114.00 lbs lbs
459 ep
© Sylvirr
It was her wings, Goddess! Who stepped over the clouds.
And laid her rainbow feathers aslant on the currents of the air.

How lovely! The evening is fresh and new and beautiful, and he inhales deeply the stardust-filled air. Delight fills his features, setting his heart alight with the warm flutter of joy and anticipation, and he turns his head to catch Anteros loping along behind--his first Stardust festival that he has truly attended, and he is filled with a growing warmth that blossoms in his chest at the youths' wonder and awe. "How are you feeling?" And yet, before his child has a chance to answer, his attention is drawn by the gods who have so granted them this feast, and he nearly beams. The pale Priest makes his way towards them, "Thank you. For everything." And hopefully, he does not need to elaborate, for he is uncertain if he could.

Regardless now, he leans towards the feast and grabs a chunky woodchuck, simply now taking solace in the sheer beauty that the festival has brought.
There is a pang of pain in his chest--if only Briar... But no, he cannot dwell on the past now, and for the moment, he wonders where Mars is, for it is unlike him to miss something so great. In fact, Mars' absence concerns him in general, though this seems to be a woe he is unwilling to share so easily. Perhaps Lypso'ru knows...something.

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Posted 03-20-2018, 12:50 AM |
Divine Scout
Male, 2.25
31 in, 107 lbs
74 ep
© Sylvirr

His first! At least, the first he can recall. He springs forward, bounding through the fields and the grasses with the youthful delight that only an adolescent can muster. He is filled with glee, the sheer wonder that overtakes him clear on his quickly-maturing face. He is awestruck, dual-toned eyes following the skies, tracing the stars as he rises and lifts his forepaws in a playful batting, as if he could reach out and touch the stars, as if they'd fall to earth and he could hold them to his chest. Where were they? "The sky! Look at the sky!" he cries, racing forward and nearly stumbling over himself in his excitement-- and perhaps some small bit of fear? Perhaps it is this over-excitability that causes him to tumble, face-planting into the feast provided-- though he is suddenly filled with an embarrassed heat as he realizes whom is truly in attendance. Heat fills his face and he carefully slinks his way behind Lunafer, quiet, though still somehow buzzing with anticipation. What was in store this time?

"Out Of The Hum Of The Streetlights And Into The Forest"

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Posted 03-20-2018, 11:18 AM |
Divine Healer
Female, 3.50
30 in, 92 lbs
122 ep
© Amber
Good vibes were sent to Zinna the moment the sky started to darken. There was something in the air, something new yet familiar that shifted fear away from her troubled mind. And as the annual fire was lit in the Serene, she knew it must've been the time, once again, for that festival. She didn't know much of it, but had assumed it was some sort of annual celebration when packs gathered together. She could smile again. The first full smile that had rested on her face after that horrid night at the Plateau.
She trotted happily toward the fields, soon her pace turning into a run, and as she sped up she felt joy sweep through her and laughter bubble in her chest as the summer breeze slid past her. Time to start anew, under Hotaru's watch from the... wait, where were the stars?
But she'd have to wonder on that afterwards. The view in front of her as she entered the fields made her slow down. Two creatures of raw godliness and pure might were settled next to the feast. Which packs were theirs? The petite wolfess approached the deities, at first unable to tear her eyes away, then bowing her head in respect. "Thank you." Two words of gratitude were said as she stood still a couple of seconds, basking in their godly aura, before retreating. If they were here, did that mean Hotaru would come, too?
"Hi Luna! Hi Anteros!" she chimed, tail wagging, aiming to brush pelts with her packmates, her family. They were the first to arrive at the feast! "Hey, do you know where the stars are?" she asked, casting an amber gaze up at the sky. She was, in fact, more exited than frightened by the phenomenon - the Gods seemed to arrange the nature different every year - last time they had made the stars move!



Tag me if I don't reply in three days
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Posted 03-20-2018, 09:22 PM |
in, lbs
Beneath a black tide,
A singular pillar of flame lit the sky with a dull orange glow, smoke wafted high above the fields, but the sky itself remained dark besides the mother moon. A strangeness leaked over the land as the sky was blackened, an endless sea of void. His eyes stole to the dark canvas, their cherry depths lit just barely by the moon's gentle beams of light. "Hail the gods and their endless abilities," he whispered, his tongue rasped against his teeth as he moved toward the pillar of light, his eyes slid from the ebony to the depths of navy washed lands. He is attentive of Hoshiko's divine essence plucking the stars from the vast ink of the atmosphere above them, and equally curious why any god would pull the stars from the sky. Though he is inevitably pulled toward the eternal flame of the festival and the inhabitants of Doutaini.

As he enters the vicinity of the feast, his bright eyes slip over the area and pick out the individuals that have found themselves present before the glorious feast of the gods' desires to spoil their mortal worshipers. His eyes linger on the faces, one by one, but none of these faces hold the caricatures of family bloodlines. Disappointment swells in his chest, harbors in his mind, as a vast longing sweeps over his mind. Spurned by the lack of familiarity among the small crowd, he maneuvers to pluck the fattest of rabbits from Kaede's bounty, snagged just between his teeth as he carried it off to the outskirts of what he presumed to be the gathering "ring".

Whilst on the outskirts he enjoyed the snack, most gratuitous to the earth god whom had provided the meal. Most thankful for all of the divine beings' forethought for their meager wolves beneath the empty sky. The gods' flock, if one willed. Silence had stolen his tongue as he enjoyed the meal with gusto, much bone cracking and other noises to signify his enjoyment of the meat. Now only if he could find what he'd come to search for.
Texture by mercurycode Code by Wallflower

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Posted 03-20-2018, 10:17 PM |
Earth Hunter
Female, 3.25
37 in, 94 lbs
49 ep
© Theri
MIND MADE OF STARS, NOT YET A CONSTELLATION; This would be her first attendance to the Star Dust Festival/ The first time. Excitement flooded through her and she couldn't help but feel a new energy surge through her. She had never felt more alive! She was but a blur in the fields. White tail held higher than a flag, jaws open and tongue lolling. She felt so good!

And then she heard the call. It was unwolf-like. Mystical even. The call pulled her and Pidge could feel her legs pump like nothing under her. She pushes her paws deep into the earth to stop herself, doing a small tumble in the air. Her back hit the ground hard and she let out a gentle whine. You idiot! Making yourself a fool in front of others! And Gods! Wait- Her porcelain face lifted to meet the bear god's face. Her jaw hung and her eyes began to water.

She was crying. Pidgeon Mere Ladon was crying. She fell to her knees before the bear, her mouth gently murmuring prayers to the deity. Perhaps the fact she had never seen a god made her do this. Or perhaps it was because Kaede had watched out of her ever since she had joined Earth. It didn't really matter which one it was- All she knew was that she was in complete and utter awe. "Kaede, oh Kaede. You have helped me so much. I am honoured to be in your presence. Thank you so much for the food... I-I-I..." She was at a loss of words.

Pidge could feel herself stand back up automatically, dipping her head in a uttermost sign of respect. She felt her tail wag and her ears draw back in contempt. She couldn't remember a time she had ever been happier. Her jaws open, and she picks a plump thrush to fill her stomach, sitting down and tearing the feathers off as precisely as she could. And yet the whole time her eyes were on Kaede.

speak think

Pidgeon has cyclothymia (a disorder featuring constant and sever mood swings, depression, anxiety) and dissociative identity disorder (a disorder including constant voices in her head telling her to do homicidal acts of violence, a "different person" in her body). She is extremely eratic and might love you at one moment, and the next, want to bury your dead corpse. Interact cautiously, or at least, at your own risk.

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Posted 03-21-2018, 01:08 AM |
Rebel Healer
Female, 3.50
33 in, 115 lbs
82 ep
© tam
and there he was, the dragon she so loathed. it danced with the beacon of fire and soot and bathed the grasses in grotesque shades of orange and red. red of flame, red of death. her teeth are grit with hatred and the effort it takes to force herself close to the damned, cursed flame of the desert god. a single glance reminds her of the burning of the ridge. she can taste the choke of smoke and feel the searing heat of magma against her paws. a low growl cuts along the edges of her teeth as Verona joins the growing crowd, the dark of her ears flicking to and fro out of nervous habit. seeking reassurance that this most hallowed of feasts (and, truly, she loved it so) was still as festive and merry and wonderful as the others she had attended, her eyes sought the sky. it had been the joy of seeing stars race through the sky and explode into trails of stardust that had held her so mesmerized last time. in the wake of her father’s death, it had been the stars to comfort her. when akako betrayed them all, the stars had held fast to their promise of shouldering some of her misery.

the stars were no more.

greeting her wanting eyes was nothing but an eerie, endless darkness. it settled on them like a widow’s mourning shroud, pressing into their flesh and creasing into long, tall shadows. a shiver sent the peppered hairs of her fur into a fragile, trembling sort of dance; the colors of her flat without starlight to be the silver linings that made her beautiful.

her mood soured, Verona stopped at the fringe of the feast, fighting to keep a frown from pinching the finer features of her face. The smell of nearby food churned her stomach, reminding her that she’d forgotten to eat that day, but no amount of hunger could make her feast upon one of the unholy acts of Doutaini’s false and murderous gods. as if to punctuate the point of her thoughts, verona’s muzzle wrinkled with disdain. the oily dark glinted off the greens and golds of her eyes as she scanned the faces in attendance, skipping noticeably over the pale girl weeping over a thrush. Strangers, most of them, except for Mercury, the blind man she had met once in this very meadow. The majority of the early attendees were delighted by the god’s work and eager to bathe within his divinity. she wondered over their zealousness; over how child-like they became when courting attendance on a god who would never know them. A god capable of turning on them.

did that make her jaded? Or wise?

Verona is hanging out on the outskirts. Come have an existential crisis with her!

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Posted 03-21-2018, 02:34 AM |
Rebel Alpha
Female, 6.50
40 in, 100 lbs
519 ep
© Lou
She was only passing through, she hadn't been to a festival in many seasons, after her last outburst where she'd almost fought a wolf to death beneath the watchful eyes of their deities. Wouldn't that, have been a sight? No, instead she comes bearing gifts, a troublesome old woman losing her insight, she was becoming perhaps a little lost in her own mind, in her own world. She meanders through the fields, not without first tapping a kiss to Verona's shoulder, though she cannot speak to the healer for her mouth was quite full.

Kinnikinnik from the summit, and Jalap Bindweed from the ridge. She'd been chewing a rather large mouthful of it on her way over.

She is quick to cross the field, weaving through the tall grass to remain mostly hidden for those who weren't looking for her. The feast pile was magnificent, truly beautiful, and as she reaches it; she spits the contents of her jowls over what part of the pile she can. There is a twitch in her eye as she turns to look upon the Dragon, he who scorned her ridge, and hackles flare and gums lift to uncover the dotted mess of yellowing teeth she had left. Without another look; she disappears into the brush.

Charlotte has put LAXATIVES and URINE STIMULANTS on some of the food! Have fun! <3 xD

Charlotte is riddled with scars from head to toe, the right side of her face is bare of fur, and both her ears are in tatters at the tips.

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Posted 03-21-2018, 04:57 PM | This post was last modified: 03-21-2018, 04:59 PM by Vaitan
Fire Alpha
Male, 7.00
36 in, 125 lbs
591 ep
© Jamie


Vaitan existed as vague memories, nothing but flashes of warmth--of longing and pride. That was how he lived inside her tattered mind until the end. She was his daughter, his blood, but it was meaningless in face of the shadowy monster that haunted her. Trauma wiped her slate clean of everything and everyone she loved, crushing and pushing Lunaria with the gravitational pull of reality. She could not comprehend freedom. Her very spirit--once proud, and beautiful, and egocentric--was stolen from her by the crazed experiments of that man.

If Vaitan ever found Teneff, he would slaughter him.

Still, his voice, rolling and velvet, acted as the rope that pulled Lunaria from the darkness. She remembered enough, trusted enough, to follow him back to the Torrid Desert. There, she waited in his den, eating meager scraps and battling the onslaught of anxiety. She was frail, fragile--she was never given the chance to grow into a strong woman. Through the maze of memories, ones she wished to remember and ones she wished to repress, Lunaria could not find her will to survive.

Vaitan couldn't erase the image from his haunted mind. Nor would he want to. He still remembered how it felt to find her laying there, a stiff and sunken corpse. Golden-amber eyes, his eyes, glazed over and milky. Lips crusted with dried froth. He had only been gone for a few hours to find food, since Fire had no official hunters. That was all the time it took for his daughter to die with no resolution, no goodbye.

He had dragged her corpse into the desert, somewhere he could be alone with her. His heart yearned to speak to her again, but something told him that she would never walk as a spirit in this realm. If she could not find her way out of her trauma, he doubted she would find her way back to the world of the living. With unsettling calmness, the beast pressed his nose to her cheek, breathing out a steady stream of flames as he pulled away. The fiery kiss began to gnaw her fur, devour her skin, burn into the muscle. The beast, haggard and tired and empty, must have stood there for eons as he watched her body turn to dust. He wanted to sob, to pray, to speak to her...but there was nothing he could do. Nothing he could have done.

Damn it. Anger crept into the beast's stomach, bubbling. He was so tired of doing nothing. He was exhausted by maintaining the thin infrastructure of this pack, while everyone in his family slipped away from him. The anger roiled and built into waves of rage, his fangs clenching as his eyes began to glow. This world was Hell and he wanted it to know what it was doing to him--what it had taken from him. His daughter. His most precious daughter, who had never done a thing wrong, except to trust her mentor and guardian. They were all being led to destruction by the ones they served. Vaitan remembered the color red spilling over his vision. He remembered his entire body being consumed by complete and utter fury. His throat tasted like blood after, so he must have been screaming--roaring--at the top of his lungs. He could scarcely remember the fact that he called upon Akako's powers in a moment of pure emotion. Magma Manciple produced a spurt of lava beneath the gathering ashes of his daughter, a pool of the brightest, searing red-hot color he had ever seen. There was a burst of flame, a cinder scalding the edge of his arm, and the magma disappeared. Vaitan collapsed, unconscious.

When he woke, most of his daughter's ashes had blown away with the wind, or slipped beneath the sands. He tilted his head, peering hopelessly at the remnants of Lunaria's body. Something glinted in the sand. A jagged, uneven chunk of glass shimmered in the afternoon light. That was it, all that was left of his daughter. He had enough sense to realize that it hadn't fully hardened, and it was probably hot enough to scar him should he dare to touch it. Was this some poetic message from the gods, or an accident born of his own stupidity? He could have hurt himself, he could have...

Vaitan's eyes closed as he slipped once again into the nothingness he despised.


Vaitan strode into the clearing, fur bristled, eyes alight like flames in the night. He moved with purpose toward the gods whose call he failed to answer. (How could he have done anything in this state?) The hellbeast's vision flickered from body to body, consuming every shape in its path. There were those he wanted to be with, but not now. Not just yet. Claws ripped as the new spring earth with violent carelessness. His sauntering gait did not slow until Kaede and Akako were within earshot. Ignoring the food completely--he had no appetite--the beast parted his glistening jaws. Between his fangs resided the glass remnant, like a pearl. Lunaria, a priceless treasure. He cast the glass fragment into the stardust, into the dew-ridden grass at their feet. And when he spoke, it was a voice that held everything--every tear he shed, every agonizing moment, every prayer and every day he still clung to his faith in the gods. It was simultaneously consenting and passionate, relenting and unremitting. He would not adhere to the gods, nor would he let them go.

"To you, I offer nothing and everything."

Vaitan would not wait unless they willed him to. With fire in his heart and rage simmering beneath the surface, the beast would turn on his heel and prowl into the midst of the congregation.
Divine Intervention Ruellia

ooc. Not asking for a response, just tagging DI in case! ;o

[Image: nm68E3I.png]

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Posted 03-21-2018, 05:28 PM |
Divine Hunter
Female, 3.50
30 in, 105 lbs
67 ep
© Noon
When the great fire lit, it scattered shades and shadows across the restless body at the edge of the nearby meadow. Somehow the distant flicker of flame did not stir the sort of animal panic in her that it should have, that it would have traveling across unfamiliar prairies and dry fields. A timeless energy filled her up, brimming with the sort of energy she always felt watching celebrations in other cultures. Wide eyed, she wandered a little closer until the marvelous figures of the night's hosts took shape. Awe rounded her dark mouth, and for a moment, Quilla could only stare until gentle sheaves of stardust blurred their forms. Suddenly she turned like a rearing mare, taking off like a bolt through the night in the opposite direction of the Feast. Though she seemed to be fleeing the sight, it was not fear in her stride but purpose.

Some time later as wolves began to gather, the Divine woman appeared at the edge of the fire light. Flames danced in her bewitched gaze as she watched the ethereal bear and dragon. She had no names for them, but that seemed strangely appropriate. She had heard the names of so many gods in her travel, but only these nameless had ever appeared to her. As close as she dared, Quilla approached the divine beasts, a small gift cradled gently in her mouth. Crouching before them, she dropped a small, perfectly pink shell and nudged it toward them. Her first treasure in Doutaini, one buried in the glade as an old habit before she had a new home and a den to keep her secrets. It wasn't much, nothing perhaps to creatures who could will all a mortal could want from the earth. But it was what she had, and it was theirs to take. The reverence and trepidation of her expression broke, and she smiled warmly up at them before slipping away, tail waving gently in her wake.

“I'm not sure if this is terrifying or wonderful, but I bet tonight will be a great story,” Quilla wagered to a serious looking, dark female at the fringes of the gathering. Having never known a stranger, she took the liberty of seating herself near the green eyed mystery. It occurred to her that not everyone was thrilled by her gregarious nature, but as she left the presence of the gods, she couldn't help but notice the weight of contemplation on the woman's shoulders. She gave a gentle smile, but tried to keep her usual brassy presence unobtrusive. “Do you want some company? I don't know many people here yet.”

Quilla is speaking to Verona.

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Posted 03-21-2018, 05:58 PM |
Enigma Alpha
Female, 5.75
33 in, 115 lbs
371 ep
© Xechi

The skies were dark, but even they felt like a burst of light to the pale, enigmatic queen. Her paws were heavy as she made her meandering way to the fields of festivity, her eyes glazed with inner thought. The night before, as always, she began her routine. She doused herself in the waters of Enigma, preened clean every strand of silken fur she could reach, and finally, with the first-time assistance of her mottled daughter, she rolled in flowers of the most fragrant sort. Lavender, jasmine, wisteria, and, a gift of a rarer type from Aster; night phlox. Still their aromatic petals clung to her damp fur, giving the Queen an aura of ethereal. It was Ruellia's small, inconsequential gift to the dark God, the same for whom she would dance, heart filled with abandon and freed, if only momentarily, of the pains she bore across her heavy shoulders.

She moved, not with passion or grace, but like clock-work. One paw in front of the other and the next gets you to where you're going. It was, for most, a time of celebration. The falling of the stars, the joining of song and dance and joy. But the skies were dark, as though understanding the sorrow that had taken Ruellia's heart. Ruellia was not one often taken by self-doubt, but the death of Tristan left a shard of it in her heart. She could not, even in the face of her god, shake the feeling of failure. Her faith didn't (couldn't) waver, but she thought endlessly about her place in it. She held questions without words, and could only follow the same path she'd always walked. The path of darkness. The black skies dusted in dead stars did not frighten Ruellia. She was a ghost from the abyss, and no dark skies could make her falter.

Sounds of the feast reached her laid back ears, and as though she always sought his voice in a crowd, she heard Vaitan. It was the first to break her opposing emotions, but the sound of it knitted her brows in concern. (Their connection was such, a single wavering sentence could reveal to her his tumultuous heart.) But she doesn't rush him. Ruellia continues her meandering walk towards the group, her fur dusted in starlight and flowers, eyes empty of the burning need to find Vaitan. Before she could find her lover, she would bow before the dragon and the bear, sweeping low, maw aiming to press against the ground. She flinched, her nose scrunched as a flare of pain ran up her muzzle. A small trail of blood formed from the glass cut, and Rue eyed the stray piece quizzically. Realizing her lingering presence would draw attention, Ruellia whispers to the gods fervently, "You've my unending love and gratitude." She cast them a brief, empty smile, another nod that would be bow, and took to the crowd in search of her husband.

"Stars, hide your fires;
let not light see my black and deep desires."

[Image: EinF1lS.jpg]

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Posted 03-21-2018, 07:04 PM | This post was last modified: 03-21-2018, 07:18 PM by Tembrel
Enigma Scion
Male, 2.00
33 in, 110A lbs
25 ep
© vik
It took some time to arrive, but he came upon the decadent field just as the sun winked out. He wound through the long blue-stemmed grass, ears laid back gently in repose, wine-dark eyes drinking in the light of a crackling, divine fire. Akako, the dragon, and Kaede, the bear god, stood vigil over the scene. Eerie idols. Inscrutable, even to his dark magic.

Tembrel had used every scrap of energy to come here. He lived more and more in isolation, cultivating contempt for the universe, letting his imagination twist around itself in pitch-dark rooms, deprived of all but the smallest sensory experiences. Now he wallowed piggishly in the rich textures and warm summer air, in the sense of movement and the constant sound, of a world he rarely ever visited. He failed to notice the stars had blinked out; but the darkness over his head was comforting.

Still, the life of everything quickly overwhelmed him. Boring into his head in flashes of color and waves of noise. His only saving grace was a sudden detachment from it all. The sensation was so complete, he almost forgot the people were real; not daydreams to make himself less lonely.

He went to the Feast first, spying an old dark wolf waltzing away from the food on spidery legs. He approached the pile as she disappeared, and selected a hare with kinnikinnick globules that he didn’t notice. He did see the flies scuttling around every gummy half-lidded eye, however, and his gentle rummaging of the pile disturbed one or two of the nearest and fattest. Tembrel hastily made his escape before they decided to bite his ears.

He trotted away at an angle offset to the feast, keeping Kaede and Akako, their meat and flame, in his periphery. The growing crowd garnered little of his attention. But the one in partial hiding drew his owlish eyes: a beautiful boy using his beautiful elder as a bit of a shield. Tembrel stopped like a gangly colt and gently set the hare on the ground by his feet. “Hey, you: over here,” he whispered. He cautiously slipped a look at the Divines. But when his empty gaze returned, he offered the other boy a small, soft smile. He beckoned him to come closer if he wished.

“Want some?” He gestured at the hare.


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Posted 03-21-2018, 07:36 PM |
Divine Scout
Male, 2.25
31 in, 107 lbs
74 ep
© Sylvirr

Beautiful indeed! He is a young man growing into himself and he'd soon reach that absolute pinnacle of the balance between youthful beauty and mature attraction, though his attitude would likely forever lag behind. His time behind Luna is brief, too enthralled in the magic of the evening to allow his embarrassment to get the best of him. Proud, he leaps forward all over again and begins to cut through the grasses with a divine directive; to obtain food, and devour it-- and yet he is stopped, a voice that gives a soft 'psst' that causes his ears to twist and the chestnut-gold male's attention follows, coming to rest on the boy of darkness. He has never met someone from Enigma before-- he had heard only tales of the wolves who dwelled in the darkness and shunned the light--the very thing that helped birth him.

Ghastly, and yet somehow enthralling-- he is filled with a different sort of curiosity than what overtook him when he took Amaranthe to conquer the mists of the Hakai. No, this is a whole new monster that grips at him and sets alight the flame of adventure in his proud chest.
"You come over here!" he calls, the challenge in his voice laced with a playful boast.

Father always said to make friends. To think the best of others.

"Out Of The Hum Of The Streetlights And Into The Forest"


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Posted 03-22-2018, 12:17 AM |
Wind Alpha
Female, 3.75
34 [a]. in, 121 [a]. lbs
129 ep
© Mkohy
A grace befalls her step, gentle but swift and with meainng, she draws into the feast, head high and a glint in her eye. She casts a look over the gods, a simple acknowledgement as she bows her head, only slightly for the gods Theodosia loved and Murmura never would. She should have been the only god in her wife's eye but even she couldn't deny Theo any moment of life's right.

Instead of interacting with the gathered people, she took her place far from the rest, gazing in. Vaitan and Ruellia already present, bile she could feel in her throat as she turned her narrowed eyes away. A time of peace. She had to remind herself, so much lost, it was hard to control. Many memories of the festival, some now rotted, while others still fresh and lively with some good, like the last, her children were here, most of them, though not of the best health, they were there. A thought crosses her mind as she thinks of the memory, and her head raised back to let out a call for all her children to come once again, with her newest youth in tow (though youth had left them so long ago). SPEAK.

Murmura gives a small bow to the gods from a distance before sitting away from everyone and calling her children and those she perceives as her children Juno Voss Mizuchi Ajatar.

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