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Stardust Festival ASTROGENESIS
Posted 03-19-2018, 12:03 AM |
Divine Intervention
N/A, 11.50
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© Divinity
goddess of spirits

Stars are born in clouds of dust. They form from space winds that gust through the clouds. The dust spins in the clouds until it grows hot and the cloud collapses. Stars are made from unexpected change.

Hoshiko is making stars.

She watches them form in space. She makes them according to patterns. She isn't choosing the design or the arrangements; she builds them according to vibrations made by far-away, insignificant creatures who don't comprehend the warmth of nuclear reaction or the mysterious crushing force that binds the dust together. The things they say are, despite their ignorance, changing the night sky above them.

She wonders if they'll notice.

The new suns light steadily, in ones or twos or threes. They have their own unique colors. The creatures on their tiny, far-away ball of matter tell each other their stories, and the space goddess listens. She makes stars that form the whispered histories and legends into a tale for the entire galaxy to hear.

One gentle breath of air at a time.
↝ ♅ ↜
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