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All Welcome a hot day of summer
Posted 03-31-2018, 07:11 PM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
41.35 in in, 102.22 lbs lbs
549 ep
© Sylvirr
Skip merc, he's jus' watching. Uh. 'watching'. [][]
Quilla Nato Corzard

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

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Posted 04-03-2018, 01:50 PM |
Enigma Scout
Male, 4.50
32 in, 115 lbs
18 ep
© Kassandra

Victory would soon be within his grasp; Nato could smell the anxiety exuding from his body as he wriggled to and fro. Thankfully, the boy put his paw away from the Ink God's eye to try and balance himself. He didn't think much about what the boy had planned with balance, mostly because Nato had a such a tight grasp on his throat, he didn't think the white brute could do anything to win.

With each rocking motion, the cartoon could feel the sting and ache of the torture he was putting on his left side, dark crimson dripping into a pool as he strained his wounds to show he was a force to be reckoned with to this mindless muscle. What happened within the next few heartbeats, Nato couldn't believe; the boy lunged at the opalescent obsidian bust of the Enigman Ambassador, apparently, without regard to his own life. There wasn't anything mortals could do to scare him or surprise him, but the likelihood of such a risky attempt being taken was slim to none.

Since when was this a deathmatch!? Was there some sort of announcement he skimmed over or something?? Although he was not clever or thought not about himself, he was a splendid training dummy to keep the performer on his toes when he was not in dire need of the Queen or Kurai, but Brother Kurai could contact him anytime. He tipped his horns to his distant blood and would honor his name any way he could, but unlike the Ink God, the God of Shadow and Nightmares didn't like the taste of those beneath him. At least, he thought not from what all Ianthe taught him some time ago. If there was a spare second to have thought, Nato would've wondered how she was doing, but there wasn't. With eyes locked away from flying debris and other blinding attempts, his legs spread for balance, dripping banner switching from offensive to defensive to protect his soon-to-be vulnerable underbelly, horns kept slim to his head, he really hated what he was about to do.

With not much time to rationalize his thought process, Nato releases the mortal's neck and jerks his head in the direction of the grizzled ivory's gaping jaws to knock it shut. With his beads closed, the cartoon didn't know exactly what his skull collided with, if it did at all, yet he felt for certain the brute's force blow him down to the drought-reigned soil. He could feel blood dribbling down from the brow over his chocolate-dipped coin's eyelid; when his royal purple eye dared to show itself, fear nor rage was gleaming. It was excitement within! Even with his left front leg between the boy's front pillars (being at a weird angle as the result of tumbling once to twice beneath his opponent after he was struck) and just the fact of being beneath him angered him not.

His heart thumps wildly against his blackened chest, amazed at his stupidity and/or desperateness to get over the Dancing Demon, everything but his infinite crooked smile showed a jolt of attention. "Hey! I like you, plaything! Are you trying to get yourself killed, you nut!? I warned you didn't I?" Nato huffs, turning away from the boy, looking back to Mercury and Girlie while shaking his head. Didn't listen well, did he? "I think you're a bundle o' fun and I need to keep my fighting wits about me, so how about we meet up at the ruins every now and again? Well...first go and get yourself fixed up! Nobody plays with a brokentoy, do they?"

"Girlie! Take good care of my plaything if he wants to stay with you, m'kay? I can share, but I don't take kindly to broken promises!" Nato howls, his tail wagging happily.

That was a good game!

Corzard VS Nato
Dominance Challenge
Move 3/4 [verbal]
5 days for Counterattack
Elements enabled? Yes
Mesomorph ~ 32 in. ~ 115 lbs.
Wins: 0 ~ Losses: 0 ~ Draws: 0
Current Health Status: Excellent (Enigma/Summer)
Full Dodge is Unused

Injury Report: Light cut on the left shoulder, torn left sternomastoideus muscle, scratched right eyelid, busted bottom right lip,
moderate scratch over left eyebrow, headache, (not sure if it counts-->) dizziness

OOC: You wrote very well, Irase! I look forward to the results and wish you luck! <3

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Posted 04-05-2018, 07:32 AM |
Divine Hunter
Female, 3.50
30 in, 105 lbs
67 ep
© Noon
The fight was dragging its feet into unpredictable territory. As the violence wore on, Quilla felt her nerves begin to overtake her curiosity. She was on her feet before she really realized it, prancing a bit nervously next to the blind spectator. They were all equally strangers to her, and the Beltran girl was not unfamiliar with violence, but she did hate to see much blood shed over such silliness as pride. Just when she was screwing up her courage to step in with a blinding attempt, the dispute cooled. She let go of a white knuckled breath, the bound up energy shining gold from her eyes as she exhaled.

As the mad man brandished his voice over the pits again, Quilla could only give a breathless chuckle. The nervous energy of worry was waning, and she was left shaking her head as she dared approach the two a little closer. “You got it, boss,” she promised, the title coming out thick with irony and amusement. Trying to keep the men of purple in her peripheral attention, her gaze slid to the newcomer, openly cataloging his various wounds. Her lips quirked in a smile caught between sympathy and teasing.

“My people got ways to patch you up, mister,” she offered as she let the Elysian light pour from her eyes again. She was beginning to like the giddy dizziness that flashed through her with the use of her power at this low level, there and gone like the flutter of infatuation. It was not as showy a display as the shadow man, but the magic glimmer left room for imagination. “That is if this awful interruption hasn't ruined you on Doutaini.”

(Good job to both of you. That was a good read. ^^))

Corzard Nato Mercury

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Posted 04-05-2018, 11:31 AM |
Enigma Scout
Male, 4.50
32 in, 115 lbs
18 ep
© Kassandra
!!! *should read 4/4 moves and ignore the [verbal] addition in the stats*

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