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Posted 01-22-2018, 04:03 PM | This post was last modified: 01-22-2018, 04:04 PM by Meliae
Earth Scion
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© baphometric.
'how goes the search for god, acolyte?' she knew him from that quiet, dim locus beneath the earth; he was a child then, and not quite a young man now. what an easy place to stagnate that had been, a gloomy little hellhole they had inhabited for such a short time, her thoughts of him still buried there. show long did you stay there, where the light did not quite reach?

she is glad to be remembered-- her impression is the sort that is willingly forgotten, a souvenir that one would rather not keep. some part of the woman has gone astray, broken off, and she leaves a jagged trail.

what an odd little ghost the boy makes within her beetle-black pupils, his eyes diminished to two fierce, sanguinary buds among frames of virescent mania. her smile is a crooked grimace, a sort of haphazard trend that she had not mastered, teeth and stretching lip and a tightening about the eyes that intensifies the air of corubrine satisfaction swelling from her dripping finery: the limp crest of house valentine, damp curls riled around her collar and her hips.

pleasure in an uncomplicated sense: for blood and the fed bellies of children -- an archaic edict that coexists largely in agreement with her reptilian self. maternal, if she had not the gleam of a predator's teeth within those velveteen lips.

'not a soul but the fishes.' a solemn answer, nimble hands folded prettily in her lap. 'but it was very dark.'

image by tae
coding for sphinx [Hadrian)

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