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Posted 01-13-2018, 08:52 AM |
Rebel ( Admin )
Rebel Wolf
Female, 4.00
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© Ly
hallowed ground. she crosses the threshold and memories flood forth, unbidden; taste of asclepius's flesh. a burning summer sun. a tumult of water pouring from the creek, bringing her to her knees. each scar sings out to the tooth and claw which molded it. she is the product of a history of violence: today comes its culmination.

the grey afternoon presses down from above, a cathedral of cloud matter. the tension of a storm in the air is enough to quicken the blood, but her heart pounds rhythmic, unmoved. she has dwelt on the boy's words in isolation. in the dark midden at the core of the world, nourished on lizards and bats, sucking the marrow from long-forgotten bones. i know we can't always predict how right or how wrong the gods might treat us, but we can always set ourselves apart from their mistakes, if we just learn from them and forgive. who would forgive her this? the mark of this act will hang over her children's heads like the sign of cain.

she has no pride to set aside. rage has devoured her: she is a woman's skin on molten purpose.

(but for a minute there she thought she'd found it, this mercy. in the rind of the stars on the black night, slipped from her den for the taste of open air: a constellation projected from a fevered mind. the walls of her labyrinth parting, briefly, as the sea before moses, lit up with neon starlight like an exit sign. the path not taken.

an illusion, a trick of the eye. her path is iron-wrought.)

she chooses a spot a hundred yards or so from where the meltwater flows through the ruins, a flat expanse turned muddy by spring rain. black soil coats her ivory wrists as she squares her weight on the soft earth, toes spreading and reaching deep for a grip, hindquarters slightly lowered. muscles relaxed and a look of eerie composure on her imperious face at contrast to the bristling hackles along her spine. though her lips raise to expose her teeth, there's no snarl there: no heat to her fury. no hatred in her slitted eyes. a flash of scales, instead--crocodile instinct--the predator within her untapped below the surface, waiting for its moment to strike. she holds her teeth parted and tongue flat to receive its bloody due. she calls for wind's alpha and then waits, facing the mountain, ears pinned flat against her skull. armored for destruction.

once haruko's blade; now she would impale him on it.

lyra vs. haruko's alpha
death match
move oo of o5
five (?) days to respond

full dodge: unused
elements: on (?)
health: good (spring)
stats: meso-runner | 30" | 105 lbs. | 218 EP (240 pending update)
experience: 5W, 1L

this is a follow-up to this thread, tho not a direct spin-off due to timeline. didn't realize wind would change hands in the interim unfortunately but since this isn't a pack challenge i don't think that affects it? she has no intent to claim wind. also tagging Divine Intervention just in case

Posted 01-13-2018, 10:19 AM |
Enigma Sub-Alpha
Male, 6.50
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549 ep
© Sylvirr
He hears Lyra's call-- she is no longer woman but instead rage given flesh, and it is intrigue now that pulls him towards the ruins for the challenge is not for him, but for whomsoever roams Winds' now empty halls. Briefly, he wonders where Niyole has gone--unaware of her death-- he wonders what happened to Tyrus and the others, what had Haruko done to deserve such fickle loyalties (well, besides nearly crumble his home and his family..)

Still, he arrives in silence, a streak of shadow that coils itself among the sidelines and nestles somewhere amongst the heavy blackness between boulders and pillars, going unseen, perhaps unheard, little more than a creature of darkness blending with its own kind and likeness.
Nary a stray thought passes through, the subtle flicker of his gem now dulled, hidden, too, among the darkness as his form relaxes and he lounges against the stone. Observant, though he cannot see with eyes, he is acutely aware. The ruins have changed, the structure altered, stone and sand shifted over and over, a the subtle babble of the river now cutting through the broken stone only adding to the tense ambiance that seems to thicken the air. Against the breeze, his pelt ruffles and his own muscles reflexively tense--sympathetic in response and action. He waits, and he watches.

Mercury is SPECTATING.

[Image: eLCRPG4.png]

Posted 01-13-2018, 02:08 PM |
Male, 2.50
34 in, 135 lbs
0 ep
© puffball

There is a single drum demanding the audience of Xyntanza's mountain. A steady cadence of war carried on the wings of the wind that Dhalion cannot ignore. Once more the crown has been handed down, another stranger granted the responsibility of Haruko's kingdom. He does not know who will answer the call, as he has only a vague inkling of a feeling that DMC has stepped down from the throne. He arrives in silence, a veil of mourning overcast on his muddied features. To see Lyra already in position, glaring down the very mountain she had once served steals his breath (his hope). The air is rank with her fury, suffocating as he finds his place in the stands, waiting to meet for the first and perhaps last time the newest addition to Wind's capricious hierarchy.

"the wind runner."
Dhalion is spectating.

Posted 01-14-2018, 10:55 AM |
Female, 3.00
36" in, 132 lbs
204 ep
© Violetta
rated m for strong language
if i'm going out
i'm going out in flames

lazy clouds easily grip the sky within its grasp, hiding the galaxy like light violet curtains. but the sun prevails, just barely visible behind misty ivory. it's a welcome sight from her dreary days of searching for devil may cry. leaves have entangled themselves in her thick coat that's become messy and windblown. haruko's queen isn't truly pale enough to look the part. but the she-wolf is brutal, takes no prisoners, and definitely not this bullshit. theodosia has no knowledge of niyole's death, and kind of doesn't care. this was a waste of her time. making her muzzle wrinkle by damned laughter. she's summoned from her newfound throne as mortals try and force the bitch to fight their wars. try to use her as mean's to an end. but nobody forces theodosia to do anything, that would become clear soon enough.

shoulders rolled, while muscular legs moved with quick bursts of speed. she still had no idea how to use the wind magicks. it was frustrating to say the least. especially since all theo wanted to do was drift and float over her tall hills. it'd be even more enjoyable when her family joined. but eventually, the understanding of what she could surrender by traipsing into this arena just pissed the timber queen off. (then the she-wolf thought of being with briar once more -- permanently, and her distress waned.) suddenly her sweet, loving, gentle, vulnerable mars came to mind. alone. in the gaia. with her children. next her father, her papa. the man was so emotionally traumatized. that was clear. by dying theodosia wouldn't be able to curl into him close and seek that parental support she's needed since the beginning. afterward came ryu; her clyde. her partner-in-crime. they understood each other on a deeper level and knew what it took to be the best. to stay on the top. she required him not to snap. he may not need her, but had to feel some level of devotion to stay so long. but murmura -- murmura was on another plane of existence. it was clear one day the alabaster beauty would be the death of her. theodosia already felt an overwhelming need to defend when it came to kurai's daughter. this was just another instance. another time where she needed to bear arms. to bury a sword in somebody's throat. the devout, hungry rage that reeked of verien genes came back full force. theodosia was willing to die, to kill this evening if it meant she'd see everybody she holds dear one last time. if she could say sorry.

theodosia strides in, the picture of a worn general. lips peel backward, ears pinning easily; instinctively. until -- "what-" who is this bitch? sapphire eyes blink flatly, before narrowing into nasty slits. (target spotted!) she carefully watched the predator, stopping 30 feet away. still enough room to turn tail and walk out, which is exactly what she intended to do. because this --

ha. no.

hackles bristle, confusion bubbling through the seams. theodosia has no idea who lyra is; nor does she want to at this point. "...are you dumb?" the woman's tones are flat, but utterly serious. "no seriously. who are you? since you clearly aren't who you believe you are if you seriously think you can call me down from the hills like some common bitch." theodosia lets out a heated puff of breath. this was utterly ridiculous. and kind of pathetic. a part of theo wondered if ruellia was truly going to let this stand. where's the cavern's monarch when you actually want her to be somewhere? (the thought of wanting rue to do anything at all; even having the dark queen on her mind was disgusting. nevertheless, she still has a job to finish.) "no." the wind queen says. simply. flatly. and plainly uncaring. enigma has gotten on her last nerve. and therefore. would no longer exist.

"i'm not going to bother with your petty schemes, or immature bloodlust. or any damn issues you seem to have." her tongue flicks, brushing over yellowing canines. this seriously did turn out to be a waste. it was just some psychotic tramp. which begged the question of why she thought it would be necessary to call for haruko's council specifically. "i have a pack to rebuild. people to take care of." theo passively wondered if lyra even bothered to listen so long. whatever. "any issues you may have with the gods, deal with them yourself. and leave me the fuck out of it."

with that theo left, all remarks left on the dusty ruins floor. going back to her tall hills and howling wind. finally free of any cares she would have given in the past. fuck that.


"" @[Lyra]
free escape pass used

Posted 01-14-2018, 12:36 PM |
Rebel Wolf
Male, 4.50
35 in, 125 lbs
101 ep
© sea
hes there for long enough. long enough to know whos involved and why. a deep grumble resounds in his throat, the warning of another day. he follows theo through the chants delivered, knowing all too well she is staying the cunts will. he doesn't stay long enough to care or to address the bitch. a single look is cast to the sky in annoyance of harukos lack of presence. he exits quicker than he appeared, ready for next day's pointless death call.