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Posted 01-12-2018, 12:24 AM |
in, lbs
night had enveloped them. the shadow she had been so fervently stalking melted into the inescapable obsidian of night. where others might find fear in the darkness, lux felt entirely comforted by it. She enjoyed the way in which the darkness clung to her, as though night it's ran his fingers through her coat and drenched her in impenetrable obscurity. It was a comfort but not a shield. With the dim light shrouding her vision of the ground, lux relied solely on the feeling of it beneath her paws to determine her path. The ground had at first been rock hard, dried by the harsh extremities of the sun and scorched as though no rain had fallen in years. Yet as Lux traversed (unknowingly) deeper into the pit the earth beneath her paws began to change. The hardened earth began to soften and to stick, clutching at limbs as though in an attempt to keep her. Thankfully the glacial queen was not so tired as to ignore the warning and so (carefully) she turned to retreat.

It was only when she did so that Lux finally noticed the stranger who followed. Instinct caused her hackles to rise once more, her lips flattening into a thin line - neither menacing or welcoming. She stood rooted to the spot, the pit sucking at her paws as though to devour her. She regards him carefully though without much emotion, the lines of her face remaining stoic despite the inner turmoil that raged within. She realises now that what she had assumed where the sounds of the pit where actually this wolf on his approach. While she was irritated she hadn't realised sooner, she was not afraid. As the stranger stumbles over his choice of words (an action that oddly wolfanises him as opposed to painting him as a threat) Lux watches closely, her senses suddenly heightened by the strangers company. "O? and where am I to stay if not here?" her brow arches in question, the first movement of her facial features since she had turned to look at him. Though her voice held a tint of amusement, the question was entirely genuine - she was a stranger to Doutaini and having no idea where exactly she was proved difficult in deciding where exactly she needed to be.

Their conversation does not stay private for long for they are soon joined by another. Instantly Lux is drawn to the necklace that dangles at her neck, an oddity that Lux had never encountered before. Yet despite her surprise (and mingled curiosity) she still does not break - her face remains a closed book, her gaze seemingly bored as she glances between the woman and the man. The strange woman asks a question of the other, a bark of laughter intertwining with the enquiry which leads Lux to imagine that it is not a genuine expression of interest. Mockery perhaps? When Ruellia turns to Lux it is to a blank face, though it swiftly changes as the Enigma alpha suggests that the De Cheval woman might be frightened. "I haven't seen much to be frightened of" she comments flatly, no hint of mirth evident in her tone. "Where am I?" the swiftness in which she changes the conversation is again evidence that she is not fearful. There is confidence to her stature, a carnal declaration of instinct and wit. Of course she was out numbered her and without knowledge of the place she was at sever disadvantage, but she was not yet frightened, despite what Ruellia suggested.

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