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when words are not enough • EARTH
Posted 01-11-2018, 11:08 AM |
Storm Wolf
Female, 4.75
32 in, 100 lbs
294 ep
© Julie
philippa vs earth
for the release of alani
move zero out of 3, with 72 hours to respond
elements are active?, with 294 EP.
meso-runner. 32 inches. 100 pounds.
good health, no previous spars, full dodge unused.

Philippa endured a series of restless nights knowing the girl that had nursed from her and clung to her side in Kuro Pit was taken away to Earth against her will. It made her stomach churn, nauseous at the very thought that the wolves of Kaede were more concerned about accumulating numbers for their pack than they were for the health and well-being of a child, or her ability to decide her own future. Alani had chosen to stay with Philippa until her mother returned, but she was cruelly torn from the wildflower’s grasp and ferried off to the Temple where gods only know what became of her. Had Kaede condoned this? What would Briar say when he learned of this? News of the former king’s death had not reached her during the months of searching for Tyrus or her relocation to Storm, but if it had, she would hope his legacy endured even after his ascension to the stars. Though it was apparent it did not, or otherwise a member of Kaede’s pack would never have acted against the wishes of a child. On this day, Philippa would call them out for the atrocious act before the gods and their peers—and if any harm had come to a single hair on Alani’s head, there would be hell to pay.

A vision of fury, she embodies the cataclysmic fervor of Haya in this pursuit and shepherds an impending storm across the skies of Doutaini. Overcast skies trumpet her arrival, darkened and tinged with green as day was transformed into night. Philippa was not a fighter, she had never sparred a day in her life—but she had witnessed them enough, watched as her father took down a grown grizzly bear, and healed enough wounds to lend her an idea. She knew the anatomy and physiology well, and with the rage of a mother emoting into her plight, there was little doubt in her mind. Having tried to reason with the woman from Earth against taking Alani in the first place, Philippa was left to resort to physical means in order to set Alani free. The child’s future was not theirs to determine, and while Philippa would gladly welcome her home as she had before, the choice would entirely be her own.

Standing in an open arena with no debris littering the field, Philippa calls out to the wolves of Earth and for the child at the heart of the matter. Readying herself to settle this matter that could not be settled by words as hackles erect the tangled curls encircling her neck. Toned muscles tensed as blushing-rose eyes narrowed, oil-slicked ears pinning back against her skull. Lowering her head as she had witnessed from her time as a spectator, Philippa let her lower jaw swing open and tuck down towards her chest to protect her neck. Her upper lip peeled back into an ugly snarl, shifting her weight to her hind limbs as her joints bend to lower her center of gravity. A wider stance to accommodate her lowered center, the wildflower splayed her toes and felt the arena in her grasp. Now, she waited for the others to arrive as adrenaline rushed through her bloodstream and kept her alert.

References: wolf muscles
Alani Mars Badr

Posted 01-11-2018, 12:57 PM |
Female, 6.75
35 in, 83 lbs
532 ep
© sea
the call is a new fire set against hollow ears. it's a firework explosion, a pop of fury that grasps her attention fully. she descends from the hills of her home like a ghost, a phantom possessing the mobs of the living. ( let them brandish their pitch forks; she will bring the fire. ) it is of particularly interesting course that the call reeks of kaede. intrigue flows like the blood that pumps the thunder throw her veins. she picks up some speed as her weary joints follow the track of many trips prior. in her advancing horizon, she no longer holds the worries that held her tongue in her first years. there is too much to be said, and too little time to offer such things. the excitement is surreal, something feared and revered held all too close to her breast as she whisks across the dusty arenas. she slows to formality as she spots philippa. gaze erects briefly to the banners that crown the outer edge of the arena, the pillars that have eroded past the complex of time. it seems to ask of permission, to seek any way in which she might stand beside her comrade in the fight to come. but she's no fool to the rules that weigh heavy here across her very chest. she remains standing, a testament to her readiness to jump in and defend philippa. her defenses remain lowered, but she is all too ready to deploy where needed. she offers philippa a nod of approval and trust, the unfaltering finality all too clear that she made vows to believe her members first and foremost. she wants for the story, but knows she need only wait until others appear for philippa's wants and reasons to unfurl.


Posted 01-11-2018, 05:50 PM |
Rebel Wolf
Female, 3.75
33 in, 115 lbs
130 ep
© riv
on mobile. just wanted to get this done as soon as i could.

after she had taken the young girl home from the pits, she had sought out the counsel of mars; seeking his guidance on what she had done and what she needed to do in order to care to the best of her abilities for the girl. cleaning up the young pup and showing her around the gaia. showing her what her new home had to offer. badr had given her the name alani, meaning beautiful. she had grown a sense of attachment and adoration for the child, even if it had been through less than favorable means. in the time since, theodosia would’ve left from earth and badr would be left to raise the child with earth on her side. resourcefully having found alfalfa along the edges of her home against the naveen. finding herself more on the plump side during the past few weeks. finally thinning out slightly as the young girl would be growing to an age of being able to eat solids. many nights spent watching the girl has she was cooed to sleep, days spent trying to find the girls mother which had proven to be uneventful and unsuccessful. in the back of her mind she had grown to expect this. the call that would stir her from her den as she looks to alani. biting her tongue as she offers a sweet smile, we have some business to attend to. how about that? nose pressed up against the neck of the girl before teeth move to grasp around the loose skin. hoping mars would follow along eventually as she weaves through the trees. passing the border of the gaia as she moves to the ruins. having been here recently she can still pick up the faint scent of roswell, eyes wandering up the clay mountain. curious to know when they might cross paths next. she catches the sight of not only philippa, but seacca as well. nodding to the queen before she places alani next to her. alani, this is seacca. she’s a very nice person, leaning a bit closer to her as she would continue to speak, she’s the alpha of storm. philippa’s home. retracting herself as she looks to the one who called for earth. they had crossed paths frequently as of late, which made badr curious as to why now of all times. she notes the position in which the female stands, badr sitting down as she is relaxed. comfortable. i will not fight you. you want her to be released? she can make that decision for herself if she has any opposition of staying in earth. looking down to the girl, what will it be dear child? she knew what this call would be for long before she had arrived, seeing it int he distraught look of a mother's face. having grown use to the sight through her years of life. a mother's will. an instinct.

Alani, Philippa, Seacca, Mars

Posted 01-11-2018, 07:34 PM |
in, lbs
Alani could remember the day Badr had closed her jaws around her firmly and peel her away from Philippa. That day she had hated no one as much as she hated Badr. She remembered the growling and scratching, the sharp screams that left her mouth in a desperate attempt to come back to Philippa. But they were unsuccessful.

But somehow she didn't regret coming with the woman of Earth. She had taught her of Kaede and the gods; of magic and its use. Exploring the Gaia. Looking for her mother (oh, how she missed her). She had even been gifted a name: Alani. It was a beautiful name. In fact, it meant beautiful. The girl had taken the name with open arms. She was happy to be called something. Her mother hadn't even given her a name. And yet the woman whom she had hated so much seemed to be so... Kind?

Theodosia, the woman who had tried to claim her first, had abandoned Kaede. It was disappointing. But she was a grown woman, and she could do what she wanted. But when she heard the call and Badr motioned for her to follow, she knew something was wrong.

Alani followed the woman of Earth to a place of ruins. It reminded her a bit of the Pits. But who was there was what seemed to make her legs weak. "P-Philippa!" The girl looked to Badr for a ok, but couldn't wait. Long legs threw her at Philippa. She buried her head in her tan fur, inhaling the scent of the rain and flower smelling woman. But as she stood back she noticed another.

"Alani, this is Seacca. " She looked at the black queen in awe. She was so... Magnificent? This Seacca carried herself with elegance and seemed to float instead of walk. She really was a divine sight. Respect filled into her every bone, and Alani felt herself staring wide eyed.

"My name is Alani. Nice to meet you Seacca." But she is caught off guard by the question she had dreaded since she had been caimed. "What will it be dear child?" The multicolored girl sits with a thud. Her body sinks to the ground and she lays her head onto her paws, ears drawn back.

I can't choose. I can't. Badr is so nice and sweet; she treats me like I'm important. I've learned so much while I've been with her. But... Philippa? She had felt the connection she had felt with no other. A tie strong and thick with unknown love. She felt so much promise with Philippa. Follow your gut Alani. Follow it. Please make the right choice!

She sits up, propping herself on strong legs. She shakes her head and stands, walking to Badr. She pushes her muzzle deep into the chest of this woman, bending her head down so her temple is rested on the Earth Gamma. She can feel her heart beat as she struggles to word what she feels. What did she feel?

"I love you so much Badr." Her voice chokes and tears stream down her face. "You've taught me so much, and I promise, I will return to the Gaia one day. I just want to stay with Philippa for now. My gut keeps telling me. Please don't be mad at me! Please. Please? I love you so much. I'll visit you every moon. Every. Single. Moon." Alani could feel her body shake as she calmed her crying.

I've made the right choice. Gods warn me if I have not.

speak think
Badr & Philippa

probably the hardest decision I've made since joining Doutaini D;

Posted 01-15-2018, 08:46 PM |
Storm Wolf
Female, 4.75
32 in, 100 lbs
294 ep
© Julie

Patience did not sit well on her in this state and with each passing second, Philippa seemed to convince herself that the child had not survived. There was a vice tightening around her heart at the fear that manifested within her, when her gaze caught sight of an approaching wolf. She was a shadow that moved like a panther, and despite their brief encounters, Philippa had come to admire the queen of the Valley. A tilt of her head offered towards Seacca marks her submission; Philippa should have met with Seacca first, but given the uncertainty of the child’s living conditions in Earth, there had been little time to waste. She would tell of what happened that day at Kuro Pit in due course, but overcome by the instincts of a mother, the wildflower could hardly think straight until she knew Alani was safe. The silent presence of the queen eased Philippa in her plight, however, as though it were a mark of approval for the task ahead.

That day still haunted her. From the day Badr ripped the child away from the warmth of Philippa’s care and ferried her away past the borders of Earth. The terrible cries of a protesting child had burned their memory into her mind and made her nights a restless fit. It could be seen in the haggardness of her appearance, sunken bags situated under the preeminence of rose-gold eyes. Would that be her last memory of the child, a girl she had not even had the chance to ask her name? The haunting recollections bury her further into the fury that consumed her view, when the woman in question arrived next—and the girl was not far behind! Relief rushed through her and her limbs felt weak, taming the wildflower with a joyous smile. The child called out to her, but hesitated as she cast a look to Badr—it was a fleeting glance, and before Philippa knew it, Alani buried her head into the tangled curls of her body. “My sweet child, I have missed you dearly! Not a day has passed that I have not thought of you and wished that you were by my side.” She cooed softly with her neck lowering to embrace Alani while aiming to place a kiss upon the girl’s temple with tender affection.

Knowing Alani was alive and well, her attention returned towards the woman of Earth; the Izaak woman had been unprepared when Badr stole Alani away at the pit, but she would not make that same mistake again. The tension returned in anticipation, Philippa feeling her body return to its defensive state when the earthen gamma announced she had no intention to fight—that Alani would have the freedom to choose. “She made that decision once before and you ignored her wishes.” Philippa countered instantly with narrowed eyes. If Badr had intended for the child to choose after all this time, she could have spared them all the heartache and misery they had endured in the meanwhile. Regardless, her features softened as she turned towards Alani, a sudden uncertainty rising within her as the girl proclaimed her love for Badr. It was not what Philippa expected, but as the girl continued through the stream of tears, she expressed the same opinion that she had at Kuro Pit. Alani wanted to stay with Philippa in Storm. She had not realized before now, but her breathing had stopped in the anticipation of the moment; with a great sigh of relief, Philippa inhaled sharply and allowed a smile to settled across her darkened muzzle. “Come, my flower. We should get you home before the storm hits.” The woman urged with a thoughtful look cast to the skies and their impending doom, allowing the two a moment to say their goodbyes.

Seacca Badr Alani