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Posted 01-06-2018, 04:55 PM | This post was last modified: 01-06-2018, 05:00 PM by Badr
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the cold is something like shock, electrifying almost. but not like the air from when she first entered doutaini. lacking the same static that valley had; the same feeling. though it invigorates her and sparks a sense of enjoyment. her actions reminding her an easier time of child like mindlessness. where you thought you could be invincible, testing the very boundaries around you. she feels the weight release from her as the heavy water finally sets it way off. finding a lightness in her step which is only a relief to her. (numb finger tips reaching out to his face, run lightly along his jaw as she looks at his own chilled face. a slight frown as she appears sorry for him helping her. retracting her touch quickly as she averts her eyes.) he speaks, breaking her own silence as she lets out a slight huff, rolling her eyes in a playful manner. perhaps that’s a lesson best saved for next time? letting out a slight breath she stays close to him; shivering from the bitter winds, there’s a sense of comfort by his side. remaining silent for the most part as she trailed alongside him up the steep cliff. eyes flittering every now and then to take in her surroundings.

- - after the travel.

as they finally make their way to his den; a slight smile as she looks to him. it’s apparent he lives the bachelor lifestyle, from the way it felt the second she had walked in. (she’s shed of her coat, hand brushing against her shoulder. a small coil of hair falling over her shoulder and onto her face.) you don’t have to do that. she felt bad for intruding on him, though he had needn’t offer. yet he had. head falling down slightly as the cold hits her body again. lips shivering slightly as she tries to hide it and compose herself.

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