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December 27, 2017
Posted 12-27-2017, 03:19 PM |
Doutaini Staff
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More Staff Updates & the EP System

December 27, 2017

Please read the following updates to our EP rules carefully, and thank you for your input on the related Member Consultation last month!

Staff Team Shakeup
As you may have seen in the mini updates, the staff team will undergo several changes in the new year! Elle and Dee are leaving us on January 1st, and Ly and Julie have taken on admin roles. Sea's last day is today, December 27th, and Intricate will be leaving at the end of the year, as well. We'll miss everyone greatly, and are extremely grateful for all of their work on Dout!

EP in Sparring
After a fruitful member consultation and extensive discussion by staff, we have finally reached a conclusion on how our EP system works with regard to sparring. Popular member consensus was in favor of a metered system (using a character's EP total to determine how many elemental attacks they could use in a spar). With that in mind, staff has agreed on the following update to Sparring page (under "How To: Using Elements"):

An energy meter is a gauge of your wolf's energy. Whenever you use an attack, some amount of energy is taken from your body. For instance, if a fire wolf uses spark when it's got only 10 EP, it will use a lot of its energy. It will be reduced to heaving, gasping, an unbelievable heart rate and the like. If a fire wolf uses spark and it's got 200 EP, then it won't be so much of a big deal. It will be able to do the 'spark' with a flick of its ear. This does not mean, however, that you will ever be able to completely ignore the side effects. No matter how strong your character is, they will always feel some side effect to every power. Even a wolf with 500 EP will get the smallest twinge of nausea if they use an Earth power, or feel the pressure in their skull if they're in Enigma. Once a wolf has used elemental attacks that match their total amount of EP (ex. a wolf with 200 EP has used two 100 EP powers), the user cannot perform any further elemental magic, but may continue to fight. The side effects of extreme magic use will persist for the remainder of the fight, and continued usage of magic after the EP total is met, even the 0 EP default power, will result in death. Therefore, it is important to keep your energy meter in mind when using elemental attacks.

And the following update to the Ruins & Fighting thread in the Devil's Ruins:

Once a wolf has performed elemental attacks equal to their EP total (ex. a wolf with 50 EP uses two 5 EP moves and two 20 EP moves), they cannot make any more elemental attacks. Physical fighting may continue, but they will continue to suffer the side effects of their element, found on their pack's page. Further usage of elemental attacks (even the default power) after exhausting the energy meter will result in death.

And, finally, the following update to the Rules page, under "Elements":

EP is metered. This means that if your wolf has 50 EP, he can use all powers 50 EP and below as long as the combined points do not exceed 50. Side effects listed on the pack pages must also be roleplayed out each time an element is used. Overuse of powers after the energy meter is exhausted will result in death for that character. The meter resets with each new (non-spinoff) thread. Please see the Sparring page, "How to: Using Elements," for more details.

Behind Closed Doors
As stated in the last update, staff's main focus will be on site content for the near future, including power reviews, judging, and the rule & guidebook page, as well as gearing up for January's Alpha Convening and February's Season of Love. We're also excited to be bringing back a modified version of the Suggestions forum back for the new year, so keep an eye out for updates on that. Dout's heading full steam ahead into 2018, and we hope that everyone has a happy new year!

Other Events
  1. Dout's Winter Festival is ongoing until December 31st!
  2. Help us recruit new members by participating in our Advertising Contest!
  3. Please pick up any SDF & DOTD raffle prizes as soon as possible and let staff know you picked them up!
  4. Vote for our "religion"-themed site banner!
  5. And, last but not least, vote for Dout's most spiritual character!

With love & hot cocoa,
Doutaini Staff