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November 13, 2017: New Staff, Championing, & Spin-off Spars
Posted 11-13-2017, 09:03 PM |
Doutaini Staff
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New Staff, Championing, & Spin-off Spars

November 13, 2017

This is just your standard update, keeping you up to date on what's what with your staff team!

Changes to the roster
When you have a chance and see them around, please congratulate Riv, Julie, and Ly on being brought on to the staff team! Riv is joining staff as a site helper while Julie and Ly will be joining staff as moderators. Please also give congratulations to Ev, who has been promoted to a moderator! We look forward to picking all these beautiful brains!

Staff has discussed and finalized some new rules regarding championing. They are as follows:
  • There is no championing in a death match with the exceptions of elderly (10 years of age) or youth (<1 year of age), which can request a champion at that time if they so wish.
  • An alpha cannot champion for another pack's alpha for any purpose.
  • An alpha may only have a champion if they are incapable of fighting. i.e. severely injured, severely ill, or pregnant and have IC proof. The sub-alpha is the only rank that can champion for an alpha in these conditions. If there is no sub alpha, a beta may champion. No beta, a gamma, and no gamma any wolf so long as they are from the same pack.

Spin-off Spars
While clarifying rules on championing, staff also finalized some new rules on spin-off spars. Those are:
  • There will be a 3 week time limit for a request for a spin-off spar to be sent to staff. Once a spin-off spar is approved there needs to be a timestamp in place with a link to the spar it is a spin-off from. Staff should try to help move along these threads as much as possible.
  • A spin-off spar can be a rank challenge or a death match provided it follows the current rules. i.e. cannot challenge an alpha after a rank match until 3 OOC weeks is up and cannot challenge a wolf to a death match for 3 OOC weeks.

Behind Closed Doors
Just to keep the connection open, staff would like to let you know what we are currently working on shaping up behind the scenes. We currently are deciding on the age limit and rating for Doutaini with consideration of all the opinions voiced on the age limit consultation. We are also going over the EP system and coming to a decision on how that will work for the site. With the EP system in mind the sparring rules and page will be revamped and we are working to make all information inclusive in one area and perhaps make judging a bit easier on our judges.

Other Events
  1. Many of you may have noticed there are some wolves coming own with a bit of a cough. Stay tuned to see what else develops from these odd happenings.

Much love,
- Doutaini Staff

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