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October 27th, 2017: Day of the Dead
Posted 10-27-2017, 06:27 PM |
Doutaini Staff
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Day of the Dead!

October 27, 2017

YAY! Holidays~ Who's ready to get spooky?

Darkness falls across the land, The midnight hour is close at hand
With Halloween creeping around the corner, we're getting amped up Day of the Dead 2017! A long standing tradition on Doutaini, we're given a week to celebrate and revisit our lost, long departed characters. This gives us an opportunity play characters who've died within Doutaini, something left only to those who've ascended to Spirit status.

There are, of course, rules. And we ask that members wait for the Divine Intervention account to announce the opening of Eternity Isle.

Deceased characters would have been drawn into the Spirit's homestead, and once the gates are open and the land bridge has been revealed, the Dead and the Living will be free to interact; reunited loved ones, former rivals, and everything in between. Traditionally, DOTD was held specifically within the Cemetery, but this year Deceased Characters will be rising from the Island across the bridge. They will be allowed to traverse Doutaini at their whim.

This is a short celebration, with members being allowed to begin their DOTD threads by November 3rd at 12:00PM. These threads do not have a deadline.

Activities & Contests
What's a celebration without some games? We see the return of some old favourites. Do participate! Each event carries OOC EP to be earned!
  1. Costume Party: for you, your pets, and babies! Enter to earn a cool 2 OOC EP, and a chance to earn 3 more per each of the 3 categories.

  2. Scare the pants off Joel: Give us your Art! Feed the Elder God of Spookaini Poems and anything creepy and scary! All entries earn 2 OOC EP with the grand prize winner scooping up an extra 3 OOC EP and an artsy star!

  3. Doutaini Costume:: Why should we have all the fun? Let your character be the belle of our ball, and dress them up! Enter to earn a cool 2 OOC EP, and a chance to earn 3 more per each of the 4 categories.

  4. Spooperlatives: YAY! Our time-honoured SDF Tradition is slipping into your goody bags this Halloween. Nominate your favourite characters. Those spooky Random Events? Oh yeah, be sure to rhyme off the ones that really sunk it's teeth into you here. Get 2 OOC EP for nominating, and winners will walk away with 3 EP for every category won!

  5. Wordsearch: Sometimes churning out posts can be exhausting. Shake off a bit of your woes and take a little time to complete! For every word you are able to find, you will receive 1 EP. If you find all 10 words, you will be rewarded a total of 10 EP.

  6. Wicked Riddles: Test your brain! For each correct guess you make, you'll receive 1 OOC EP.

  7. Pumpkin Carving: For entering the competition you will receive 2 OOC EP. All entries will be placed to a vote and the winner will receive an additional 3 OOC EP and the Artsy Star!

  8. DOTD Raffle: Everyone's favourite! Throw you and your character's name in for a chance for some sweet swag made by Dout's resident artists!

By fully participating, any member stands to collect a WHOPPING 25 OOC EP! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and bask in the DOTD Spirit!

Love, Candy & Scares,
- Doutaini Staff