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October 26th, 2017: Many Things. So many.
Posted 10-26-2017, 03:26 PM |
Doutaini Staff
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Long Overdue Update

October 26, 2017

Wow! It has been a long time since Doutaini Staff issued an official update. So buckle in kiddies, it's going to be a long one.

A word on our Staff Team
First of all, we'd like to re-acknowledge that our team has drastically changed in the last month. We've seen some friendly faces go, and in their wake came the arrival of our quartet. Dee, Joel, Hae and Megaman are the new Admins of Doutaini. Our two Moderators who continue to go above and beyond in all things Dout are Intricate and Sea. Rounding out the team are Site-Helpers, Ev, Sylvirr & Tig. As you have guessed, we're all still in a period of adjustment and are all primed and ready to serve the community to the best of our ability. It's a solid team, and we have intentions on adding to it. That's right, folks. We'll be having Staff Auditions once more in the coming weeks to levy the strain and ensure we continue to be a well-oiled machine.

The Long-Awaited Return of the Suggestion Board
Part of the work we're talking thus far include is seeing that the Suggestion Board is returned to the member base. There were many things that had been discussed by the former Staff Team, and while changes have come of it, we're looking at seeing a clean slate being brought forward to all of you. The Suggestion board will be on schedule where members are given their opportunity to bring forward new ideas. It'll be open and closed on this rotating schedule so that we can meet the needs of our community without being overwhelmed with an over-abundance of wanted change. The Staff will be providing you reports with what was discussed and decisions made when the Suggestion Board is reopened. It is our hope that the Suggestion Board will be utilized as a sufficient tool in ensuring the needs of our community are met in a fair, and concise manner.

Community Reminders
Our community is very important, as we all know. It is a tight-knit group, built on inclusion and fairness. That being said, we'd like to reiterate the importance of positivity and conduct in the public spaces. It is easy to forget the importance of being mindful in these areas (OOC and Cbox), and as it's been said before, we have the luxury of being able to consider our words before we post them. Word choice and intent can easily be misconstrued and feelings can be hurt. It is also important that we be mindful of topics and language when in these spaces so not to make others feel unwelcome.

Also, it is to our dismay that we've seen a spike in art theft and plagiarism. While it may seem as though it is a victim-less crime to some, this is entirely unwelcome on Doutaini. Copyright infringement, theft of art, tables and character information is not only frowned upon, but leads to an immediate ban from the community. Don't be that person, don't give us a reason to remove someone from our community. We all just want to play nicely and have fun. Bans are instant and permanent, so please, ensure you have permission to use work that was not put together or created by you, yourself. We are vigilant on this subject, and we do reach out to artists when it's not clear that intended artwork is for you.

In other news, that is much more fun, we now have an Official Doutaini Discord! YAYYYY! This is a public, live chat for our members to enjoy. A cool place to hangout. Do make use of the music channel (when Dee is not fighting to make your ears bleed with her weird tunes). There are many channels on there to help you reach out to others, including one for roleplay and questions. While there are Doutaini Staff on that channel, you are still encouraged to reach out to them by either PMing the Staff Account, or reaching out individually. We don't always check discord, but we do habitually check the inbox on the Staff Account. In addition with the introduction of the Discord, there are Server Staff. This is just a reminder they are not on the Official Staff Team, and are there only to oversee the server. If you have concerns regarding the site, do direct those to a member of Official Staff.

Staff Discussions & Going-On's
Ongoing, Staff continues to work on Rule review. This is a large undertaking as we all understand. Many things have been added and removed over the years and it is a priority that we see everyone on the same page. This includes a discussion of sparring, championing and as we've seen with member consultations, usage of elemental powers. This is a priority, so that everyone can enjoy fair play.

ICYMI: we also have the return of the pack banners. While Pack Alphas have the ability to track their own membership on the designated threads, we too have given Alpha's the freedom to create their pack banners. These are to be displayed on the pack pages. Alphas are encouraged to send the Staff Team a URL to their banners. Please, be mindful of copyright and use only creative commons stock images. Alphas will be required to provide stock providers for these banners, as is customary when entering layout contests. These banners will be changed and removed as Alpha's change over time.

As you may have noticed we have two ongoing member consultations. We would appreciate a thorough response from our members. The topics at hand are fundamental to our site. Firstly, we're discussing the EP Usage in Spars. It has been the understanding of some that this had not worked on a meter system, and before making a firm decision we want input from the member base. This will only enhance the staff discussion on this topic, and allow us to have your needs and wishes in mind as we conclude our review of it.

Secondly, we're discussing the Age Limit of our roleplayers. In the past a parent had come onto Doutaini, and was angry of their child's presence onsite. This is something we need to avoid, given how stringent laws have becoming with young persons using the internet. Apart of this discussion includes the RPG Rating system, as currently our rating system is not clearly displayed.

Please ensure you visit these threads and give us your views. Thank you.

On-Going & Upcoming Events
So, on a final note: what else is happening on the site? To save you another novel to read, here's a list of the fun.
  1. Halloween is around the corner, and we all know what that means! DAY OF THE DEAD will return once more. This will bring assorted goodies, but instead of spilling beans, let's just leave it at that, shall we?

  2. Once more, Staff Auditions are coming. More on that when it comes.

  3. Lightning posts are coming soon to a Writing Prompt Near you.

  4. Suggestion Board !!! Soon, my pretties: soon.

  5. Eternity Isle is still naked. Voting period ends on Nov 2nd!

  6. Characteristic Contest has not been forgotten. Voting's open and staff are working on completing old CC's.

Thanks for reading the novel, and our apologies for the delay in posting!
Love, Howls & Fluffy Paws,
- Doutaini Staff