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Read-Only resignation and departure.
Posted 10-13-2017, 10:04 PM |
Male, 4.50
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424 ep
© Hae

He slowly picked his way up the mountainside to the precipice, uncharacteristically foregoing the thrilling power of flight, though as if to make up for this breach in normalcy his lips were pulled into a contemplative frown of the darkest quality. Tyrus had long since drawn into himself as he warred with past and present, and Philippa's tantalizing dare to focus on the future and what memories may come rather than what lie behind him. He had long since found how heavy the burden of detached loyalties and loves settled on his shoulders. The holes in his memory may have slowly been returning, but they no longer stitched the patchwork of his character. He sighed into the horizon, the magnificent view a gift only made possible by the height of the Goddess' Hill, his shoulders hunching as if all strength had left him. The wolf he was is not who he had become, the image filled with too much grandeur and shine, and that fact had become damningly apparent to him.

Wresting the courage from his deep chest, his muzzle thrust backward as he announced his resignation and departure from the Wind. He used the magic only once more as he raced down to the base, losing himself in how effortlessly the air bent to his will. Once he arrived, he lowered his head and let the amulet fall from his neck to crack on a rock below. It was time to truly become someone else - or rather, simply himself.

Posted 10-16-2017, 01:01 PM |
in, lbs
She is disgruntled by the departure of one of her oldest friends and discontent by Lyra's absence on the Hill. There is a resonating indifference that spreads through her at the lull Xyntanza's has taken since her reign ended, shattered against the gods' gift of Clarke born into the world. No longer the woman she once was, once filled with wonder and spunk, and life, she finds that there has been some internal collapse of the foundations of who she once thought she was, mainly due to the collapse of the empire she had worked hard to give a foundation to. Lips purse against the shattering of she and Clarke's necklaces, as she lay beside the napping pup, and found that the entirety of the pack had been disbanded to Tyrus's will. A destructive feat as he scatters his family and a rising panic swells within her breast as she realizes she must find a place to take her beloved child for protection, as she did not wish to rise to the throne again. A hefty sigh falls upon her lips as she noses the child awake and pushes against her paws in a rush. "Come, Clarke, we must find a place outside of Xyntanza's." A trial for someone so young, to be pushed from the only home she'd known into the open world, and yet, Niyole feels a release of the chains that had bound her to Wind. She must start anew. "Haruko, we have failed you," a murmur against the whistle of autumnal wind as they step out into the open of the mountain's ample valley and begin their trek elsewhere. "We must leave the love of our god and begin anew in our faith. Let us rise, Clarke, to a potential outside of this damnable place." Where once Xyntanza's had been profitable and whispered undercurrents of great success, all of that was shattered now.

Posted 10-18-2017, 05:00 PM |
Female, 7.25
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© Julie
Paranoia had consumed her at last with the disappearance of her daughter, and through the plight of trying to uncover the missing girl, Davida had neglected the care of her son and her position of loyalty to Haruko and Wind. She had been scarce as a worried mind descended into tomes of madness, fighting with the whispers that spoke a conspiracy into the neural fibers of her brain. Someone had taken Nephele from this place, stowing her away as leverage for what they aspired to achieve. They had discovered that her children were born from a god, and after the destructive wave having consumed Doutaini, the conspirers wanted their revenge. They also questioned her standing, questioned her capability to continue on—but Davida had no choice in the matter. She had been a survivor since her days as a pup when malnourishment and neglect from her mother nearly brought an early death to her doorstep, yet she fought the looming threat to arise each day. Nevertheless, after all she had seen and done in her lifetime, she was not prepared for the spontaneous fragmentation of her necklace. The diamond gem fell unceremoniously to the earth before it was sent into the atmosphere by a crazed vortex of winds as Haruko called the pieces home.